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Introduction to Art

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This book is not designed to teach the reader how to be an artist, nor is it step-by step instruction on how to directly make art. This book is an overview of tools, procedures and creation paradigms for creating art within each of the major artistic disciplines.

Training a person to create art is not a subject that can be easily handled by any one book, at least not effectively. Learning to create art is a process that consists of directed practice and diligent study.

The aim of this book is to give the reader a better understanding for some of the individual components that generally make up artistic creation and the creative process.

Art, an Introduction

What is Art?
How to Use This Book
What is the Creative Process?
Conceptualizing A Work of Art
Art Throughout History
Where is Art Headed?


The Basics of Two-Dimensional Art
Drawing I – Overview, Examples, and Tools Used
Drawing II – Forms of Drawing (i.e. Line Drawing)
Drawing Exercises – Exercises for Learning Drawing
Painting I – Overview, Examples, and Tools Used
Painting II – Forms of Painting (i.e. Water Colors)
Paints (Water-Based) – Important Considerations for Water-Based Paints
Paints (Oil-Based) – Important Considerations for Oil-Based Paints
Paints (Wax-Based) – Important Considerations for Encaustic Paints
Painting Exercises – Exercises for Learning Painting
Digital Art I – Overview, Examples, and Tools Used
Digital Art II – Forms of Digital Art (i.e. Vector Graphics)
Digital Art (Color Schemes) – Important Considerations for Digital Color Schemes
Digital Art Exercises – Exercises for Learning Making Digital Art
Sculpture I – Overview, Examples, and Tools Used
How to Make a Living
Practical Approach for the Artist – Learning how to market your Art, to whom, where and when. Resources.
Legalities Learning copyrights, attribution laws, contractual arrangements. Keeping the books.
Finer points for Contemporary Fine Artists – Overcoming "starving artist" mythology, how to make a living as an artist while you're still alive. Interviews with successful contemporaries.

Art History

See the dedicated text to Art History.

Art History Basics
Art History/Movements


Web Resources