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This demonstrates the fundamentals and advanced topics of hydroculture gardening including: aquaponics, hydroponics, aquascaping/aquatic gardening, aeroponics, passive-hydroponics, plus hydroculture related gardening. Symbiotic aquatic animals are for ornamental purposes, since this book's focus is horticultural.

Food production for consumption, medicinal value and horticultural aesthetics are purposes for building a hydroculture garden. Also included are root zone and aeration basics, along with plant nutrition fundamentals. Ranging in this book is from low cost simple ways to highly complex expensive ways of growing soil-less or water-based gardening. Projects can be used for self-sustainability to reducing food costs, supplementing food, medicinal implementation, aesthetic value or growing food where there is scarcity of resources or income (for example in developing nations).

There is a section on DIY hydroculture projects. The easiest method of maintaining the nutrient solution is to use aquaponics, which can be combined with any other form of hydroculture. Other methods may leave little room for error, and may require expertise in automation, measuring equipment, maintenance and chemistry knowledge.

Contents[edit | edit source]

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Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Physiology

Section 3 - Plant nutrition

Section 4 - Construction projects

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