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How To Beat The Draft Board

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How To Beat The Draft Board is a tutorial on how to be successful in getting an exemption to the United States draft in the event that it should be reactivated.

1969: The draft for the Vietnam War draws student protests

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

  1. Background
  2. Meeting Structure
  3. General Strategies
  4. Claim #1: Conscientious Objector (1-A-O, 1-O)
  5. Claim #2: Hardship (3-A)
  6. Claim #3: Divinity Student (2-D) or Minister (4-D)
  7. Claim #4: Essentiality of Occupation (2-AM)
  8. Other Deferments Or "Options"
  9. Closing

About[edit | edit source]

This guide was written several months ago, based on my official training for becoming a member of a local draft board. As I am an active member of the board, this is being released anonymously.