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Arthur Edwyn Walz - Transcriptions and notes[edit]

Key article copies[edit]

THUMBNAIL SKETCHES ARTHUR WALZ, ex 4AW 1926, VK4AW Arthur, who was awarded Life Membership of the Queensland Division of the WIA in 1932, is without doubt the most knowledgeable amateur of early Queensland's activities because he actively participated in administration, being President of the Queensland Division for 15 years, and was in the forefront of experimentation. Between 1927 and 1940 Arthur was the main force behind 56 MHz (5 metres as it was then known) experiments, ground to ground and air to ground, providing several records of that period. As an active member of the Air Force Wireless Reserve, OC, Queensland , together with very good experience on HF and VHF radio, led to Arthur being called up for service in 1940 with the RAAF. Arthur was promoted to Squadron Leader and was attached to HQ Melbourne before becoming responsible for DF installations in New Guinea, and finally CO 2nd RIMU, Townsville. VK4AW has maintained activity on the amateur bands and of latter years concentrated on satellite working.[1]

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1868 11[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's paternal grandfather Franz Michael Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Franz Michael Walz
  • Marriage date: 29/11/1868
  • Spouse's name: Friedericke Mary Lebherg
  • Registration details: 1868/B/2542[2]
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Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother Franz Peter Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Franz Peter Walz
  • Birth date: 30/04/1871
  • Mother's name: Fredericka Labaez
  • Father/parent's name: Francis Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1871/C/3717[3]
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Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Genovefa Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Genovefa Walz
  • Birth date: 19/04/1873
  • Mother's name: Fredericka Labaez
  • Father/parent's name: Francis Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1873/C/681[4]
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Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Friederike Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Friederike Walz
  • Birth date: 05/06/1875
  • Mother's name: Fredericka Labaez
  • Father/parent's name: Francis Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1875/C/733[5]
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1877 08[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother Carl Wilhelm Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Carl Wilhelm Walz
  • Birth date: 16/08/1877
  • Mother's name: Mary Friedericka Lebherz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1877/C/4172[6]
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Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother John Samuel Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: John Samuel Walz
  • Birth date: 05/09/1879
  • Mother's name: Mary Friedericka Lobherz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1879/C/4577[7]
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1882 01[edit]
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1882 03[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Conrad August Walz
  • Birth date: 07/03/1882
  • Mother's name: Mary Friedericka Lebherz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1882/C/5406[8]
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1884 01[edit]
1884 02[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother James Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: James Walz
  • Birth date: 28/02/1884
  • Mother's name: Mary Friedericke Lebherz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Micharl Walz
  • Registration details: 1884/C/6603[9]
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1886 01[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Kate Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Kate Walz
  • Birth date: 28/01/1886
  • Mother's name: Mary Fredericke Lebherz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1886/C/7538[10]
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1889 01[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother Godfrey Frederick Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Godfrey Frederick Walz
  • Birth date: 08/01/1889
  • Mother's name: Mary Fredericke Lebherz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1889/C/9119[11]
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1891 01[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Florence Sabina Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Florence Sabina Walz
  • Birth date: 08/01/1891
  • Mother's name: Mary Fredericke Lebberz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1891/C/6085[12]
1891 02[edit]
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1892 12[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Genefeva Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Genefeva Walz
  • Marriage date: 28/12/1892
  • Spouse's name: John Hirn
  • Registration details: 1892/C/1578[13]


1893 01[edit]
1893 02[edit]
1893 03[edit]
1893 04[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother George Henry Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: George Henry Walz
  • Birth date: 04/04/1893
  • Mother's name: Mary Friedericke Lebherz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1893/C/9619[14]
1893 05[edit]
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1893 08[edit]
1893 09[edit]
1893 10[edit]
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1895 01[edit]
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1895 03[edit]
1895 04[edit]
1895 05[edit]
1895 06[edit]
1895 07[edit]
1895 08[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother Herman Edward Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Herman Edward Walz
  • Birth date: 23/08/1895
  • Mother's name: Mary Friederika Levherz
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1895/C/7791[15]
1895 09[edit]
1895 10[edit]
1895 11[edit]
1895 12[edit]


1896 01[edit]
1896 02[edit]
1896 03[edit]
1896 04[edit]
1896 05[edit]
1896 06[edit]
1896 07[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother Franz Peter Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Franz Peter Walz
  • Marriage date: 20/07/1896
  • Spouse's name: Margaret Richardson
  • Registration details: 1896/C/1259[16]
1896 08[edit]
1896 09[edit]
1896 10[edit]
1896 11[edit]
1896 12[edit]


1897 01[edit]
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1898 01[edit]
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1898 11[edit]
1898 12[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Fredericka Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Fredericka Walz
  • Marriage date: 26/12/1898
  • Spouse's name: Thomas Andrew Wilson
  • Registration details: 1899/C/1504[17]


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1903 08[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother Carl Wilhelm Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Carl Wilhelm Walz
  • Marriage date: 05/08/1903
  • Spouse's name: Minnie Emma Brischke
  • Registration details: 1903/C/1387[18]
1903 09[edit]
1903 10[edit]
1903 11[edit]
1903 12[edit]


1904 01[edit]
1904 02[edit]
1904 03[edit]
1904 04[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Kate Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Kate Walz
  • Marriage date: 27/04/1904
  • Spouse's name: Frank Rick
  • Registration details: 1904/C/1453[19]
1904 05[edit]
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1906 01[edit]
1906 02[edit]

4AW's father participates in events at opening of new rifle range

COUNTRY NEWS. . . . BEAUDESERT, Feb. 3.— The new rifle range here was opened to-day by Mr. T. Plunkett, M.L.A. A match was fixed be-tween twelve men from the Field Artillery under Major Pinnock and a local team under Captain Walker. The match re-sulted in an easy victory for the visitors, but the local team gave a very good ac-count of themselves, when it is taken into consideration that the majority of them had never previously handled a rifle. An excellent luncheon provided by Mr. G. Jennings was partaken of on the range, at the close of which Mr. T. Plunkett, M.L.A., welcomed the visitors. Major Pin-nock and Captain Darvall responded. Dur-ing the afternoon selections of music were rendered by the Beaudesert Brass Band. The aggregate scores were: Field Artillery, 709 (Major Sankey 82, Staff Warrant Offi-cer Catchpole 79, Lieutenant Allsopp 74, Lieutenant O'Mahoney 73, Lieutenant Grif-fiths 71, Major Pinnock 70, Lieutenant Ure 58, Captain Maddock 57, Quartermaster-sergeant Lacey 43, Sergeant-major White 34, Lieutenant Shand 37, Captain Darvall 31); Beaudesert Rifle Club 565 (J. Dowrie 70, C. H. Joice 66, J. Mulvena 62, J. A. Walker (captain) 61, R. W. Macey 61, W. H. Clarke 58, F. L. Hard-grave 52, A. Winship 39, C. A. Walz 38, B. B. Delpratt 32, F. T. Freshwater 17, H. S. Smith 9). In the evening a smoke concert was given in honour of the visi-tors, and proved most enjoyable. Mr. A. McDonald had charge of the arrangements, and the ladies kindly provided supper.[20]

1906 03[edit]
1906 04[edit]
1906 05[edit]

4AW's father Conrad August Walz, now based in Beaudesert, advertises for an assistant

Professions, Trades, &c. . . . WANTED a good galvanised iron Worker for country town; single man preferred. Apply by letter to C. A. Walz, Plumber, Beaudesert.[21]

1906 06[edit]

4AW's father's business premises to be redeveloped

THIRTY YEARS AGO. FROM OUR FILE, JUNE 30, 1906 . . . NEW BANKING CHAMBERS. During the week Mr. A. Winship sold to the Commercial Bank of Australia allotment No. 53, situated in Brisbane Street, for the sum of £500. The allotment at present is occupied by Messrs W. H. Stephens, E. J. Cuthbert, and C. A. Walz; but we are informed that in a couple of months those are to be pulled down, and subsubstantial banking chambers erected there. The cost will cost something like £1200. [22]

1906 07[edit]
1906 08[edit]
1906 09[edit]
1906 10[edit]
1906 11[edit]
1906 12[edit]


1907 01[edit]
1907 02[edit]

4AW's father attends meeting of reformed Beaudesert Bicycle Club and elected to committee

THIRTY YEARS AGO. FROM OUR FILE, FEBRUARY 23, 1907 . . . BEAUDESERT BICYCLE CLUB. A meeting of members of the above was held on Tuesday evening last, at which it was decided to race for the Plunkett cup, in connection with the old Club on St. Patrick's Day, at the Eelbogan sports. It was also further agreed to hand over the whole of the Club funds, £3/0/6, to the club about to be formed. A further meeting for the purpose of reforming the Club was then held. Mr. LeGrand occupied the chair. It was unanimously resolved to reform the old Club, under the name of the Beaudesert Cycling Club, and the following officers were elected: Patron, Mr. M. Selwyn Smith; president, Mr. T. Plunkett, M.L.A.; vice president, Dr. Beet, Messrs S. R. LeGrand, A. Winship, S. H. Skipper, I. Lahey, W. Collins, J. P. Plunkett, H. Gould, P. Mulcahy, Wm. Burke, J. McGuire, G. Jennings, J. A. Walker, J. W. Ralston, deBurgh Persse, and F. Stretton; committee, Messrs C. A. Walz, W. Gould, Rhode, C. Stretton, J. Moloney, H. Lahey; secretary, Mr. R. Lahey.[23]

1907 03[edit]
1907 04[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz (same day as brother John Samuel, different cities)

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Conrad August Walz
  • Marriage date: 24/04/1907
  • Spouse's name: Gertrude Doherty
  • Registration details: 1907/B/5497[24]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother John Samuel Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: John Samuel Walz
  • Marriage date: 24/04/1907
  • Spouse's name: Elsie Zunker
  • Registration details: 1907/C/1959[25]
1907 05[edit]

4AW's father again advertises for an assistant for his plumbing business in Beaudesert

Professions, Trades, &c. Under this heading 16 words prepaid are inserted once for 6d.; three consecutive times, 1s. WANTED galvanised iron Worker, and Improver to same. Apply to C. A. Walz, Plumber, Beaudesert.[26]

1907 06[edit]
1907 07[edit]
1907 08[edit]
1907 09[edit]
1907 10[edit]

4AW's father places in bicycle race Laravale to Beaudesert

THIRTY YEARS AGO. From our file, October 19, 1907 . . . BICYCLE ROAD RACE. On Saturday last the members of the Beaudesert Cycling Club finished the season with a road race from Laravale to Beaudesert. Places: R. Lahey (3 min.) 1, R. Fuller (4 min.) 2, C. A. Walz (2 min. 30 secs.) third, J. Goostrey (1 min.) 4. Other starters came in in the following order: H. Lahey, S. R. LeGrand, H. A. Lahey, W. Gould, C. Stretton, P. Clark, and M. Malouf. R. Fuller also secured the fastest time (35 min. 30 secs.).[27]

1907 11[edit]
1907 12[edit]


1908 01[edit]
1908 02[edit]
1908 03[edit]

4AW's father again advertises for an assistant for his plumbing business at Beaudesert

Professions, Trades, &c. Under this heading 16 words prepaid are inserted once for 6d.; three consecutive times, 1s. . . . WANTED good Improver, for plumbing. Apply, by letter, stating wages, to C. A. Walz, Beaudesert.[28]

1908 04[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Arthur Edwyn Walz
  • Birth date: 14/04/1908
  • Mother's name: Gertrude Doherty
  • Father/parent's name: Conrad August Walz
  • Registration details: 1908/C/6698 [29]
1908 05[edit]

4AW's father places in another cycle race

THIRTY YEARS AGO. FROM OUR FILE, MAY 2, 1908 . . . RUMOURS AND COMMENTS. A road race under the auspices of the Beaudesert Cycling Club took place on Saturday last. The course was from Markwell's to Beaudesert, and the contestants finished in the following order: J. Massam (limit) 1, P. Clark (30 seconds behind) 2, H. A. Lahey (55) 3, W. Gould (90) 4, R. Fuller (80) 5, C. A. Walz (50) 6, C. Stretton (85) 7. W. Fuller broke down on the road.[30]

4AW's father again places in bicycle races

THIRTY YEARS AGO. FROM OUR FILE, MAY 16, 1908 . . . BICYCLE SPORTS. On Saturday last the Beaudesert Cycling Club held a sports meeting on the Show ground. Following are the results: Novice race, H. Lahey 1, W. Armstrong 2, C. Walz 3; half mile handicap, R. Fuller 1, W. Fuller 2, C. Walz 3; point race (1½ mile), W. Fuller 1, J. Massam 2; half mile Beaudesert Handicap. R. Fuller 1, H. Lahey 2; 2-mile race. W. Armstrong 1, J. Massam 2. H. Lahey 3; slow race, C. Stretton 1, C. Hallam 2.[31]

1908 06[edit]
1908 07[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother James Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: James Walz
  • Marriage date: 07/07/1908
  • Spouse's name: Amy Petersen
  • Registration details: 1908/C/1625[32]

4AW's father elected tyler at local Oddfellows' Lodge

THIRTY YEARS AGO. FROM OUR FILE, JULY 4, 1908. ODDFELLOWS' LODGE. A meeting of the above was held in the Masonic Hall on Monday evening last. The election of officers for the ensuing term took place, the following being elected: N. G., Bro. R. Warren; V. G., Bro. W. E. Wooley; elective secretary, Bro. F. Parker; warden, Bro. S. A. Brook; tyler, Bro. C. A. Walz. [33]

1908 08[edit]
1908 09[edit]
1908 10[edit]

4AW's father wins prizes at the Beaudesert Horticultural Show for his mulberries and collection of herbs, not dried

Horticultural Society. On Wednesday last the second annual show of the above was held in the Agricultural Society's grounds, and from every point of view it may be set down as a most successful function. The exhibits were numerous and of excellent quality, and the many beautiful blooms displayed showed that our little community is not lacking in those who delight in nature's beauties and have a taste for the artistic and refined. On entering the building the table decorations were the first to be noticed, and these formed a most attractive section of the show. There were no less than eleven entries in this section, and flowers of every hue and variety had been pressed into the service of the competitors. To do them full justice all might have had a first prize, but as a distinction was to be given, Miss Massie's table proved the one to secure the extra paints, and she was awarded first prize, second falling to Miss Brown. Miss Massie also carried off the honours for best floral design. Her idea was a bicycle composed of pansies, and this she had worked but in such a way as produced a very pretty effect. Mrs. H. A. Lahey secured second prize for a design in stocks in an enclosure representing a small garden, and the idea was very neatly carried into effect. Little Miss Barker, under ten years, showed evidence of a natural-born taste for neat arrangement by the exhibit of a basket of cut flowers. At future shows we expect to see this little a wholesale prize winner. Roses, carnations, pansies, and other blooms, with names that ill accord with their beauty and sweetness, were displayed in profusion, and in most classes the competition for honours was very keen. The roses were really splendid, and quite surpassed anything shown before. The champion rose, exhibited by Mr. H. A. Lahey, was a thing of beauty and joy, not for ever, unfortunately, but until it faded. . . . Fruits. Lisbon lemons: Mrs. Dew. Oranges: De Burgh Persse 1 and 2. Mulberries: C. A. Walz 1, De Burgh Persse 2. Citrons: De Burgh Persse. Vegetables. Collection of twelve varieties. De Burgh Persse. Broad beans. J. Lahey 1, G. Knight 2. Celery, red beet, leeks, and lettuce. De Burgh Persse. Peas. L. Knight. Table pumpkin. J. W. Massam. White turnips. A. Ind. Vegetable marrow. J. W. Massam. Carrots. Edgar Joyce. Rhubarb. F. Lumely White. Eschalots. Edgar Joyce. Parsnips. J. W. Massam. Collection of herbs, not dried. C. A. Walz. Asparagus. De Burgh Persse. Mr. H. A. Lahey; exhibited one bulb grown in moss fibre without drainage.[34]

1908 11[edit]

4AW's father advertises for sale of plumbing supplies at Beaudesert in local paper

C. A. WALZ, TIN AND IRON WORKER, Brisbane Street BEAUDESERT. Go to him for Sampson Cream Cans; strongest and best on the market. Crown Separators. Churns and Oil; tip top workers; the Dairyman's best friend "Anchor" Iron Gates, double and single "K" Woven Wire in all sizes. Tanks Baths, etc., Tinware of all kinds kept in stock. Acetylene Gas installed. Estimates given for all work connected with the trade.[35]

1908 12[edit]

4AW's father again advertises for sale of plumbing supplies at Beaudesert in local paper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[36]


1909 01[edit]

4AW's father again advertises for sale of plumbing supplies at Beaudesert in local paper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[37]

1909 02[edit]

4AW's father again advertises for sale of plumbing supplies at Beaudesert in local paper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[38]

1909 03[edit]

4AW's father again advertises for sale of plumbing supplies at Beaudesert in local paper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[39]

1909 04[edit]

4AW's father again advertises for sale of plumbing supplies at Beaudesert in local paper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[40]

1909 05[edit]

4AW's father improves the presentation of his plumbing shopfront

Rumours and Comments. (By "Scrutator.") Messrs. Warren and Morgan have now made a start with their contract for the erection of a shop between Darragh's hotel and Fraser's dental rooms. We understand that the premises will be used as a hairdressing and billiard saloon, and other incidentals common to such establishments. Mr. C. A. Walz has also had a nice little front created to his plumbing establishment. At our present rate of progress we shall soon be bidding for municipal honours and looking round for our first mayor. . . .[41]

4AW's father again advertises for sale of plumbing supplies at Beaudesert in local paper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[42]

4AW's father assists with the construction of a new flaggstaff for the local primary school

New Flag Staff at Beaudesert State School. On Friday Iast the school committee met in force at the school and putting their shoulders together in a practical way succeeded, with the assistance of the best engineering experts in the district, in erecting the flag staff and building it in with solid concrete. The staff now only awaits the unfurling on Empire Day of the beautiful 12 by 6 Union Jack, kindly given by the Education Department, to be complete in every detail. The committee have all given their labour and the necessary fittings, and their thanks are due to Mr. J. W. Massam for the main stick, Mr. Pickering for gear for raising, Mr. W. H. Clark for his practical advice, Mr. C. A. Walz for fittings, and to Mr. Bert Cecil for a good share of the hard work.[43]

1909 06[edit]

4AW's father again advertises for sale of plumbing supplies at Beaudesert in local paper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[44]

4AW's father reported having done the plumbing and lighting work at a new billiard saloon at Beaudesert

New Billiard Saloon. The well-known local contractors, Messrs. Warren and Morgan, have nearly completed the creation of a fine hairdressing and billiard saloon at the corner of Brisbane and William streets, which is shortly to be occupied by Mr. Jas. Shepherd. The size of the building over all is 66 feet 22 feet, with walls 12 feet high. A lantern roof, containing 33 feet of glass, gives a maximum of daylight in the interior. The hairdressing saloon will be 14 feet by 10 feet, and the front shop 14 feet by 12 feet, and the fine plate-glass front will give every opportunity for a good display of tobacconist and other goods. The contractors have carried out the work in their usual good style, and the whole constitutes a fine advertisement of their skill and ability as tradesmen. Mr. Shepherd purposes installing two of Heiron and Smith's best billiard tables, so that knights of the cue will be able to go in for the "tearing of the green" to their heart's content. The opening ceremony will take place on Friday, June 18th, and by way of a "house warming" Mr. Shepherd has arranged for matches to be contested on the tables between I. Francis, amateur champion of Queensland, and H. Callow, professional champion, and another between Mr. Danaher, Brisbane, and the best local amateur. Who the latter is considered to be is not at present revealed, but we suppose it will be between "Scrutator" and anybody else who handles a cue, for we are all champions in our own estimation. There should be a good roll up for the opening night, and as an additional enticement, we may mention that free drinks will be supplied next door to all who pay for them. Mr. C. A. Walz has carried out the plumbing work, and the most important part of this has been the installation of the new light — vapour oil gas — which is a real "bonser," and makes both the electric and acetylene lights look mighty small potatoes beside it. Altogether the christening promises to rival the one referred to in song, which took place at Tipperary, and Friday, June 18th, should prove a regular night out for the local billiardists.[45]

1909 07[edit]

4AW's father advertising his store and works in local Beaudesert newspaper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[46]

4AW's father displays his wares at the Beaudesert Show and wins first prize for best sulky turnout

BEAUDESERT SHOW. The nineteenth annual show of the Logan and Albert Agricultural and Pastoral Society took place on Wednesday last and proved a most unqualified. success. The exhibits in most sections both as to quality and quantity, constituted a record, and the same may be said for the attendance. The day was a glorious one, a cloudless sky, and a sun whose beams shone on the just and the unjust with a mild radiance that made one feel glad to be alive. The judges and stewards had a most arduous task in getting through the volume of work imposed upon them in such a short time, but in the arrangements made none of the details that make for success were ommited, and as a result the whole machinery worked smoothly from start to finish. Nevertheless our annual show is developing to such an extent that one day only gives those concerned a much too strenuous time of it to get through the work and we think the committee would be well advised to decide on a two days show in future. Owing to the present state of parties in Parliament the Premier was unable to attend to open the show, and for the same reason our own member was prevented from being present, and at the last moment it was arranged for the Hon. A. H. Barlow to attend as the only representative of the Government. In asking Mr. Barlow to open the show the president of the society, Mr. A. Markwell, expressed his thanks to all who had assisted financially and otherwise in helping to make the show such a success. Mr. Barlow said the Premier, the Minister for Lands, and the Hon. J. G. Appel who so ably represented this fine district were unable to be present owing to the churlish refusal of the Opposition to grant pairs (Shame)! Each of them deeply regretted not being able to attend, and at the last moment he, as a humble representative of the government had been deputed to attend. He had to compliment them on the progress the district was making and on the fine display that was in evidence in the various sections. He had great pleasure in declaring the show open. This part of the proceedings being terminated the building was soon filled with interested spectators. . . . Mr. C. A. Walz had a fine collection of plumbers work and tin ware, including everything from a gas bracket to a milk can. The exhibit was nicely arranged while the quality of the goods showed Mr Walz to be a thoroughly competent tradesman. . . . Mr. A. W. Fraser took first prize for mare or gelding 14 hands or under to be driven. The turnout was a very neat one. Mr. C. A. Walz took first for the best sulky turnout, his spirited little pony looking as pretty as a picture in the new sulky and harness. The jumping events proved most interesting and were keenly competed. The jumping was very good and happily no accident occurred to mar the pleasure of the day's proceedings. [47]

1909 08[edit]

4AW's father advertising his store and works in local Beaudesert newspaper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[48]

1909 09[edit]

4AW's father advertising his store and works in local Beaudesert newspaper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[49]

1909 10[edit]

4AW's father advertising his store and works in local Beaudesert newspaper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[50]

4AW's father wins several prizes at Beaudesert Horticultural Society show and assists as steward

Beaudesert Horticultural Society. The third annual show of the above Society took place in the Technical Hall on Thursday last, and was in every way a most unqualified success. There was a most tempting display of flowers, which for beauty and quality, gave ample cause for justifiable pride, especially considering the dry weather lately experienced. The table decorations were one of the leading features of the show, and the numerous entries and all round artistic excellence noted made the task of awarding the prizes a most unenviable one; nevertheless the awards made met with general approval. The show was opened by the Hon. J. G. Appel (who was accompanied by Mrs. Appel), through whose good offices, 2 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze medals were obtained from the Government, and these were awarded by the judges: Mr. H. A. Lahey secured the gold medal for the champion garden in the district; Mrs. W. Collins (Nindooimbah) had a magnificent collection of flowers of all kinds which came in for a great deal of admiration; the mass of rich colouring presented as pretty a picture as one could wish to see, and the exhibit was well deserving of the gold medal awarded. Mr. W. H. Stephens showed a lovely specimen of flowering cactus for which a silver medal was awarded. Mrs. Tilley, silver medal for cottage garden; Miss K. Brown for best bridal table, the modesty and simplicity of arrangement giving evidence of the true artistic spirit. Mr. J. W. Massam was awarded silver medal for best collection of vegetables. Bronze medals were awarded as follows: H. A. Lahey, champion carnation; J. W. Massam, winner of most prizes in vegetable section; Miss Massie for beautiful Wedding Bell, and in the childrens section, Miss B. Collins for basket of cut flowers. Mrs. Booker carried off first prize for best floral design, the idea being a rustic garden, and it was worked out neatly and effectively. Foliage plants were very much in evidence and served to set off all other exhibits to best advantage. The secretary had everything arranged in apple pie order, and with the assistance of a band of willing and capable workers, exhibitors were afforded every opportunity of arranging their exhibits to best advantage. During the afternoon and evening vocal and instrumental items were rendered at intervals by local players and singers, including orchestral pieces, choruses, and songs. Two or three very effective settings of tableaux were presented and met with much approval. The boys of St. Thomas' Gymnasium Club, under instructor Victor Birkbeck gave a really excellent display and succeeded in turning themselves inside out, upside down, and assuming other remarkable attitudes with the greatest ease and facility. Their splendid turn was loudly applauded by the audience. Miss Feez (Brisbane) also contributed two piano solos, in which she displayed artistic talent of the very highest order. We would like to say a great deal more about the show but the "printer's devil" has just looked into the editorial sanctum and made the peremptory demand to shut down, or shut up, we forget which just now, but anyway he runs the show and has to be obeyed. Though space.is limited we cannot close without saying that the show proved the most successful yet held by the society and the financial result should yield a nice credit balance. We shall have something more to say in our next issue. The following is a list of the awards: Section I.— Floral Work; open to amateurs Logan and Albert electorates. Judge, Mrs. Graham Hart; steward, Rev. H. E. Hone. Table decorations, Miss V. Hinchcliffe 1, Mrs. Dowrie 2, Miss Eileen Mulrooney 3; eleven entries. Bridal Table Decorations, Miss K. Brown; five entries. Floral design, Mrs. Booker 1, Miss E. M. Bycroft 2. Hand bouquet, Mrs. Booker. Two ladies' sprays, Mrs. H. A. Lahey. One Lady's spray, by child under 10 years. Miss Ruth Stephens. Three buttonhole bouquets, Mrs. H. A. Lahey 1, Miss E. M. Bycroft 2. Small basket of cut flowers, Miss D. Collins. Basket of cut flowers, arranged for effect, by child under 14 years, Miss S. Joyce and Master B Joyce, divide. Basket of cut flowers arranged for effect, by child under 10 years, Miss B. Collins. Bowl of roses, arranged for effect, Mrs. Dowrie 1, Miss Massie 2. Three specimen vases, arranged for effect, Miss Persse, Mrs. H. A. Lahey 2. One Vase of sweet peas, one variety (named) to consist of not less than 12 spikes, artistic arrangement also to count, ferns, grasses, etc., allowed, Mrs. B. B. Persse. Wedding bell, Miss Massie 1, Robert Mackay 2. Section II.— Gardens (to apply as in section I.) Judge: Thomas O'Neill. Best flower garden within a three mile radius of Beaudesert Post Office. H. A. Lahey 1; Mrs. Tilley 2. (4 entries) Best kept cottage garden, no garden having previously won a first prize allowed to compete, Mrs. Tilley 1; Albert Stretton 2, (7 entries) Section III.— Roses, Cut Flowers, and Bulbous Plants (open to all). Judge, Mr. J. F. Bailey; stewards, Messrs. J. W. Ralston and G. A. Campbell. Champion rose, Albert Stretton. Roses, 24 distinct, A Markwell; tea roses, 12 distinct, R. M. Collins and H. A. Lahey (divide) 1; Roses, white, 3 of one kind, A. Markwell; roses, pink, 3 of one kind, A. Markwell; roses, yellow, 3 of one kind, A. Markwell 1, C. A. Walz 2. Section IV.— (Amateurs). Roses, 12 distinct, H. A. Lahey 1, V. Hinchcliffe 2. Roses (Tea, Hybrid, Noisette, and Bourbon), 12.distinct, H. A. Lahey. Roses, tea, 6 distinct, H. A. Lahey. Roses, 3 blooms of any one variety, Mrs. P. Doy!e. Roses, white, 3 of one kind, De Burgh Persse. Roses, pink, 3 of one kind, Mrs. Dowrie. Roses, yellow, 3 of one kind, C. A. Walz. Roses, red, 3 of one kind, Mrs. Dowrie. Rose, best single bloom, to be shown separately, H. A. Lahey. Roses, best collection, named, V. Hinchcliffe. Section V.— Miscellaneous Cut Flowers, 24 distinct varieties, not more than 3 spikes or blooms of each. Spikes or blooms in each variety not necessarily of the same colour. R. M. Collins 1. Carnations (8 distinct) — H. A. Lahey 1; R. M.Collins 2. Carnations, 6 distinct, R. M. Collins 1; H. A. Lahey 2. Carnations, Champion Bloom, H. A. Lahey. Pansies, 12 distinct, H. A. Lahey. Pansies, 8 distinct, H. A. Lahey. Dianthus, 3 distinct, double, H. A. Lahey. Section VI.— Amateurs: Miscellaneous Cut Flowers, 24 distinct varieties, not more than 3 spikes or blooms of each, spikes or blooms in each variety not necessarily the same colour, H. A. Lahey 1; J. Markwell. Antirrhinums, 6 distinct, R. M. Collins. Camellia, 1 bloom, Mrs. V. Hinchcliffe. Carnations, 6 distinct, R. M. Collins 1; H. A. Lahey 2. Carnations, 3 distinct, H. A. Lahey. Carnations, 1 bloom to be shown separately, H. A. Lahey. Dianthus, double, 4 distinct, H. A. Lahey. Dianthus, single, 4 distinct, H. A. Lahey. Geranium, double, 4 distinct, Mrs. V. Hinchcliffe. Geranium, single, 4 distinct, H. A. Lahey. Pansies, 8 distinct, Mrs. V. Hinchcliffe. Pansies, 4 distinct, G. Stretton. Pelargoniums, Ivy Leaf, 3 distinct, E. Joyce. Pelargoniums, show, 3 distinct, E. Joyce. Petunias, double, 3 distinct, R. M. Collins. Petunias, single, 3 distinct, R. M. Collins. Phlox Drummondi, 6 distinct, R. M. Collins. Stocks, 3 distinct, Mrs. V. Hinchcliffe. Sweet Peas, 1 vase, E. Joyce 1; H. A. Lahey 2. Sweet Peas, 3 varieties, distinct, H. A. Lahey. Sweet Peas, 6 varieties, not less than 6 blooms of each variety to be shown, R. M. Collins. Section VII.— Plants in Pots (Amateurs). Collection of flowering or foliage plants, 6 varieties, distinct, H. A. Lahey 1, Mrs. P. Doyle 2. Cactus in Flower, W. H. Stephens. Ferns, 3 distinct, Mrs. A. V. Cuthbert. Fern, specimen plant, C. Stretton. Bogonias, 3 in foliage, Mrs. A. V. Cuthbert. Begonias, 3 in flower, Mrs. A. V. Cuthbert. Primula, one distinct, H. A. Lahey. Specimen plant in flower, Mrs. P. Doyle. Specimen foliage plant, H. A. Lahey. Cineraria, H. A. Lahey. Palm, H. A. Lahey. Fuschias, A. Sidey. Section VIII.— Vegetables. Judge: T. H. Wood. Steward, C. A. Walz. Collection of not less than 12 varieties of vegetables grown by exhibitor in the Logan and Albert districts. To be judged by quality. J. W. Massam. Cabbage, 3 head, E. Joyce. Lettuce, 3 head (cabbage), De Burgh Persse. Lettuce, 3 head, "Cos.", O. Schmidt. Cabbage (red), 3 head, J. W. Massam. Peas (1 plate), A. Ind. Beans, French (1 plate), A. Ind. Beans, broad (1 plate), J. Lahey. Beans, Madagascar, J. W. Massam. Pumpkins, table, J. W. Massam. Squash, one, J. W. Massam. Chokos, three, De Burgh Persse. Turnips white, one bunch, E. Joyce. Turnips Swede, three, De Burgh Persse. Radishes, round, 1 bunch, J. W. Massam. Radishes, long, 1 bunch, A. Ind. Carrots, 1 bunch, E. Joyce. Parsnips, 1 bunch, De Burgh Persse. Jerusalem Artichokes, 1 plate, De Burgh Persse. Kohl Rabi, three, De Burgh Persse. Beetroot, long, three, E. Joyce. Beetroot, round, three, De Burgh Persse. Celery, 3 sticks, J. W. Massam. Leeks, 3 head, De Burgh Persse. Eschalots, one bunch, E. Joyce. Onions, 1 bunch, J. W. Massam. Garlic, 1 bunch, De Burgh Persse. Asparagus, 1 bunch, E. Joyce. Collection of green herbs, C. A. Walz. Fruit Section IX.— Judge: T. H. Wood. Steward: O. Schmidt. Lemons, 6 rough skins, H. Gould. Oranges, 6, H. Gould. Strawberries, plate, I. Lahey. Capsicums, 1 dish, E. Joyce. Mulberries, 1 dish, C. A. Walz. Passion fruit, 1 plate, A. Winship.[51]

1909 11[edit]

4AW's father advertising his store and works in local Beaudesert newspaper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[52]

1909 12[edit]

4AW's father advertising his store and works in local Beaudesert newspaper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[53]



1910 01[edit]

4AW's father wins tender to install water tank at his club rifle range

Beaudesert Rifle Club. The adjourned monthly meeting of the committee of the above was held in the School of Arts reading room on Monday evening last, when there were present: Capt. J. A. Walker (chairman), Dr. Beet, Jas. Dowrie, G. A. Campbell, and G. Ellis. The minutes of the previous meeting were read, and confirmed on the motion of Dr. Beet and Mr. Dowrie. The outward correspondence was read, and adopted on the motion of Messrs. Ellis and Campbell. Only one tender was received for erection of tank and stand at 500 yards range; Mr. C. A. Walz submit-ted the following: 200-gallon tank and stand, £2 12s; 400 gallon tank and stand, £3 4s; spouting, 6d per foot completed. Mr. Campbell moved and Mr. Ellis seconded that Mr. Walz's tender for 400 gallon tank be accepted. Carried.[54]

4AW's father advertising his store and works in local Beaudesert newspaper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[55]

1910 02[edit]

4AW's father advertising his store and works in local Beaudesert newspaper

C. A. WALZ, The PLUMBER, Tin and Iron Worker, William-street, BEAUDESERT. DAIRY UTENSILS of all kinds always on hand. TANKS, BATHS, PIPING, SPOUTING Supplied at Lowest Rates. Agent for TITANIA CREAM SEPARATOR and "METTER'S" STOVES. The Best on the market. Call and see them.[56]

4AW's father sells his Beaudesert business in preparation for relocating

Change of Business. MR. C. A. WALZ, in thanking his patrons for past support, wishes to notify that he has disposed of his Plumbing Works to Mr. D. H. DUTT, and asks that his successor be given the same measure of support accorded to him. The business will be carried on in the same promises at William st., Beaudesert. C. A. WALZ. . . . Auction Sale OF STOCK IN TRADE OF Plumber, Gasfitter, etc., IN BEAUDESERT, ON Thursday, 17th February, at 2.30 p.m. At C. A. Walz's Shop, William-street. Mr. Con. Walz, having sold the goodwill of his business and owing to his departure from Beaudesert has decided to submit the whole of his Stock in Trade and Sundries at auction at time and place as above, viz:— STOCK IN TRADE OF PLUMBER, GASFITTER, &c. Sundries include Tinware, Cream Cans, Pot Plants, &c., &c. One Quiet PONY. Prize Pointer SLUT. TERMS CASH. M. SELWYN SMITH, AUCTIONEER. [57]

As previous, further expansion

Rumours and Comments. (By "Scrutator.") . . . In last issue we advertised that Mr. C. A. Walz had disposed of his plumbing business to Mr. D. H. Dutt. We have since learnt that a mistake has been made, it should have been Messrs. C. A. Thams and D. H. Dutt.[58]

1910 03[edit]
1910 04[edit]
1910 05[edit]
1910 06[edit]
1910 07[edit]
1910 08[edit]

4AW's father now based in Northgate, Brisbane

POINTER Pups tor Sale, by special prize stock. C. A. Walz, Northgate Junction.[59]

1910 09[edit]

4AW's father now carrying on a plumbing business at Northgate Junction

CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. . . . WANTED two good roofing and spouting Hands; also Boy for trade, C. A. Walz, Northgate Junction. [60]

1910 10[edit]
1910 11[edit]

4AW's father selling Pointer pups

POULTRY, DOGS, BIRDS, BEES, ETC. Up to 16 words (not to exceed 3 lines), 6d. once, or three consecutive times 1/ PREPAID. . . . POINTER pups for sale, 5 months old, special breed. Apply C. A. Walz, Nundah.[61]

1910 12[edit]


1911 01[edit]
1911 02[edit]

NSW BDM marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Florence Sabina Walz

  • Marriage registration
  • Registration Number: 2260/1911
  • Groom's Family Name: Walz
  • Groom's Given Name(s): John Martin
  • Bride's Family Name(s): Walz
  • Bride's Given Name(s): Florence Sabina
  • Registration District: Murwillumbah[62]
1911 03[edit]
1911 04[edit]
1911 05[edit]
1911 06[edit]
1911 07[edit]

4AW's father receives Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board's water supply plumber's license

Water Board. Storage Dam. Purification Works. The Weekly meeting of the Water and Sewerage Board was held yesterday. There were present Mr. E. J. T. Manchester (president), Sir Alfred Cowley, Dr. A. C. Halford, Ald. T. Wilson, Messrs. A. M. Hertzberg, A. J. Lamont, and A. Overend, also the secretary Mr. G. Johnston). CORRESPONDENCE. Stephen Pill applied for permission to obtain a supply of water from the main in Gympie road, for his premises at Kedron, if not to the whole of his premises, then to the tannery alone. With this application was a memo from the engineer for Water Supply, reporting that the tannery was distant between 800 and 900 feet from Gympie road, that about 700? gallons per week would be required, that a half-inch service with meter would meet Mr. Pill's requirements, and that if the supply were restricted to night time, it could be given without detriment to present consumers on this line of main. It was decided to defer consideration of the application until further information was obtained. The board's consulting electrical engineer wrote commenting on the electric tester's report and map showing the mean and maximum values of about fifty pipe to rail tests taken in Brisbane between 21st March and 8th June, 1911, also stating that the curves did not show a satisfactory state of affairs at the end of the Clayfield, Ascot, New Farm, and Bulimba lines, and suggesting that the Brisbane Tramways Company's engineer be asked to inspect the map with a view to reducing the difference of potential to that allowed by the Act, the company's attention also to be called to the apparently defective state of the bonding of the rails on these lines. The secretary was instructed to request the Tramways Company to comply with the requirements of the Act. . . . The engineer for water supply reported that the following five candidates, who submitted themselves for examination for a water supply plumber's license, did their work in a satisfactory manner, and recommended that a license be issued in each case: A. Flaherty, James Totton, William Johnson, William Hood, and C. A. Walz. The recommendation was approved of. . . .[63]

1911 08[edit]

4AW's father's application to Water Board for extension of water supply is refused

Water Board. Weekly Meeting. President and Member. The weekly meeting of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board was held yesterday afternoon. There were present: Messrs. E. J. T. Manchester (president), A. M. Hertzberg, A. Overend, A. E. Walkeden, R. D. Frew, A. J. Lamont, Ald. T. Wilson, Dr. Halford, Sir Alfred Cowley, and the secretary (Mr. George Johnston). A letter was received from the Under Secretary for Public Lands, intimating, with reference to the proposed resumption of parts of portions 89, 104, and 115, parish of Kholo, that a proclamation, vesting the land in the board, would appear in the issue of the "Government Gazette" of the 19th instant. The following applications for extensions of the water supply were refused, on the ground that the prospective return did not reach the required 10 per cent on the outlay: From C. A. Walz and others, to Eton street, Toombul; from T. G. Coombs and others, to Nudgee road, Lamington avenue, Hopetoun street, and Brassey street, Hamilton; from T. H. Jensen, to Rosemount terrace, Windsor; from C. C. Samuel and others, to Park road, Windsor; from Isles, Love, and Co., to Abbott street and Mayfield street west, Hamilton.[64]

4AW's father again advertising for staff for his plumbing business

Professions, Trades, &c. Under this heading 16 words prepaid are inserted once for 6d.; three consecutive times, 1s. . . . PLUMBERS and galvanised iron Workers wanted, highest wage paid. C. A. Walz, Nundah.[65]

1911 09[edit]
1911 10[edit]

4AW's mother wins prizes for her Pointers at Ladies' Kennel Club

LADIES' KENNEL CLUB. FIRST PARADE. The first parade in connection with the Ladies' Kennel Club took place on Saturday afternoon at the Exhibition Grounds, in the presence of a number of interested spectators. The championship cups and other prizes were presented by Lady Morgan. The prize list was as follows:— . . . POINTERS.— Dog: Mrs. Walz's Duke 1, Mrs. Walz's Billy 2.[66]

1911 11[edit]

4AW's father included in a list of of licensed gas-fitters for Brisbane Gas Company


4AW's father seeking assistants for his plumbing business, now at Nundah

WANTED. two good roofing and spouting Hands. C. A. Walz, Plumber, Nundah.[68]

1911 12[edit]


1912 01[edit]
1912 02[edit]
1912 03[edit]
1912 04[edit]

4AW's father again advertising for assistants in his plumbing business

WANTED. roofing and spouting Hands, also Boys for trade. C. A. Walz, Plumber, Nundah.[69]

1912 05[edit]

4AW's father advertising for assistants in his plumbing business

WANTED. roofing and spouting Hands, also Boys for trade. C. A. Walz, Plumber, Nundah.[70]

4AW's father advertising for a licensed plumber for his plumbing business

WANTED. licensed Plumber, high wages. C. A. Walz, Plumber, Nundah.[71]

1912 06[edit]

4AW's father and staff donate to Children's Hospital appeal for funds

Children's Hospital. Special Appeal. Public's Handsome Response. . . . Ten shillings came from Nundah. It was the joint contribution of C. A. Walz and his employees.[72]

1912 07[edit]
1912 08[edit]

4AW's father now operating from Cnr Wickham and Bridge Sts, Fortitude Valley

WANTED. good bench Hand. C. A. Walz, Plumber, Wickham and Bridge streets, Valley.[73]

4AW's father advertising for additional staff for his new premises

WANTED. galvanised iron Workers; also shop Hand and Boys to learn trade. C. A. Walz, Plumber, Wickham street, near baths.[74]

1912 09[edit]
1912 10[edit]

4AW's father again sells up his plumbing business in preparation for relocation

TO PLUMBERS. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11. At 11 o'clock. ON THE PREMISES. CORNER OF WICKHAM AND BRIDGE STREETS, VALLEY. Under instructions from Mr. C. A. WALZ, who is leaving Brisbane. COMPLETE PLANT, MACHINERY, AND STOCK-IN-HAND OF A PLUMBER. Comprising, Curving and Plain Rollers, 2ft. Folders, Guillotine, Jinny, Wiring Machine, Stock and Dies, Pipe Cutters, Tongs, and Vices, and Stock-in-trade. Also 4 CYLINDER 15-20 H.P. HUMBER MOTOR CAR, in good running order. WITHOUT RESERVE. Also To be Offered Prior to the above, SPLENDID FREEHOLD PROPERTY, AT CORNER OF WICKHAM AND BRIDGE STREETS, DIRECTLY OP-POSITE GREEN'S TIMBER YARDS, with 33ft. frontage, by a depth of 132ft., carrying PLUMBER'S WORKSHOP of Iron (35ft. x 30ft.), with Office Partition, Telephone, Gas and Water, Fencing, &c. ISLES, LOVE,. & CO. will sell as above, TERMS AT SALE. NOTE.— If required, the Auctioneers will submit the whole of the above as A GOING CONCERN.[75]

1912 11[edit]

4AW's father listed as approved gas-fitter by the Brisbane Gas Company


4AW's father also selling his new residence

By order of Mr. C. A. Walz, who is leaving Brisbane. NEW VILLA RESIDENCE, FRONTING EATON-STREET, NUNDAH, ONE MINUTE FROM RAILWAY STATION. Subs. 88 and 91 of Resub. 1 of Sub A of Allotment 7 of Portion 6, Toombul; 1 rood 24 perches. THE HOUSE, which is all built of first class timber, consists of 4 rooms, kitchen, servant's room, base-ment, bathroom, verandas on all sides, de-tached workshed (26 x 26), two stall stable, etc. ISLES, LOVE, & CO. will sell as above, TERMS AT SALE. 11838.[77]

1912 12[edit]


1913 01[edit]
1913 02[edit]
1913 03[edit]
1913 04[edit]
1913 05[edit]

4AW's father and family now based at Palmwoods and attend a social at the School of Arts

PALMWOODS. SOCIAL. A very successful social was held in the Palmwoods School of Arts on the 3rd instant, in aid of the Palmwoods tennis club. About 35 couples were present, a record for Palmwoods. Refreshments were provided by the lady members of the club, and dancing was kept up till midnight, to excellent music supplied by Mrs. Walz. Messrs. Frawley and S. Major carried out the duties of M.C.[78]

1913 06[edit]
1913 07[edit]
1913 08[edit]

4AW's family involved in tennis at Palmwoods

PALMWOODS. SCHOOL OF ARTS. The School of Arts committee held their usual meeting on the 25th inst., there being present Messrs. D. Mowat (chair). F. Duffield, W. Brown, S. J. Hobson, S. Major, C. Remmington, H. Lingard, and A. S. McBaron. In the absence of the secretary, Mr. F. Duffield acted in that capacity. Minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed, and correspondence dealt with. It was decided to hold a concert and ball on the 19th September, same to be duly advertised. A sub committee consisting of Messrs. W. Brown, P. F. Frawley, D. Mowat, S. J. Hobson, and A. S. McBaron was appointed to carry out the arrangements. RECOVERING. Mr. Fewtrell's many friends will be pleased to learn that he is now on the road to recovery. TENNIS. The following team has been picked to represent the local tennis club in a match against Eudlo at Eudlo on the 29th inst. Messrs. Clark, J. Inall, and C. Major and Misses Doherty, Walz and Dawes. WEATHER. The weather still remains fine, with frosty nights although only 2 or 3 heavy frosts have been seen.[79]

1913 09[edit]

4AW's parents removed from the Nundah electoral list, having left the district

GOVERNMENT ADVERTISEMENTS. "THE ELECTIONS ACTS, 1885 to 1905." THE ELECTORAL DISTRICT OF NUNDAH (NUNDAH DIVISION). LIST of Names of all Persons appearing on the Electoral Rolls now in force and on the August Bi-monthly Electoral List, against which I have placed the word "Dead," "Left," or "Disq." for "Disqualified." The name of any Person included in this List who has not a qualification will be omitted from the Electoral Roll. Dated at Sandgate this Tenth September, 1913. JNO. MCCARTHY, State Electoral Registrar . . . Left — 4091 Walz, Conrad August; Left — 4092 Walz, Gertrude [80]

1913 10[edit]
1913 11[edit]
1913 12[edit]


1914 01[edit]

4AW's father involved with the Palmwoods Qld Fruitgrowers Union

The Chronicle. Nulius addictus jurare in verba magistri. Nambour, Friday, Jan. 23, 1914. District Notes. (From Our Correspondents.) PALMWOODS. Q.F.U. The regular meeting of the Palmwoods Branch of the Q.F.U. was held in the School of Arts, on the 17th instant, when Mr. S. J. Hobson occupied the chair. Others present were Messrs. H. Lingard, C. Remington, A. Humphries, G. W. Major, G. Fewtrell, W. Smith, C. Walz, and the secretary (A. S. McBaron). The correspondence, which was very lengthy, was received. The secretary was instructed to obtain prices for printing 100 copies of the By-laws. A request from the Central Executive for suggestions for improving the rules of the Union, brought about a lengthy discussion, chiefly with reference to sons and daughters of members obtaining all the privileges of the Union upon payment of an annual subscription of 1s.; eventually the following resolution was carried, that it is the recommendation of this branch, that in section 7 Clause A after the words 14 years, be inserted the words, and under 21 years. The secretary was instructed to write to the Department of Agriculture for a copy of the recent regulations whereby after June it is proposed to prohibit the use of second-hand fruit cases. It was pointed out. that there is a great difficulty now in procuring new fruit cases, and if the Act is enforced fruitgrowers will be unable to send away their fruit. The secretary was instructed upon receipt of reply to call a public meeting of fruitgrowers to consider the matter. The secretary was instructed to write to Montville and Buderim branches of the Union asking them to co-operate wiih Palmwoods in forming an Agricultural and Horticultural and I. Society at Palmwoods, with the object of holding a fruit show in the near future. The delegate was instructed to bring before the District Council the high expenses per member levied. The amount is 5s. 6d., and as only 2s. 6d. is forwarded to the Central Executive the amount retained by the District Council appears exorbitant. It means that the progress of the Union is retarded in regards to membership. It was further suggested that the system adopted in New South Wales would be a better means of raising funds, that is each member to pay say 1 p.c. of his income in a given month to the fighting fund of the union. The secretary was instructed to lay on the table at next meeting the previous correspondence with the Shire Council relative to the spending of a proportion of rates on the roads. The meeting closed at 5 p.m. NEW RESIDENTS. Constable Wilson has arrived here and has settled down to business in this locality, and Dr. Hone has commenced to practice his profession here. The new school on Lander's Chute road is now complete, but no information is yet to liand as to the appointment of a teacher.[81]

1914 02[edit]
1914 03[edit]
1914 04[edit]

4AW's father delegated by Palmwoods School to the Excursion Meeting

PALMWOODS. SCHOOL MEETING. The 18th instant was an afternoon of meetings at Palmwoods, no less than four being held in the afternoon. The new school committee met for the first time. Messrs. A. S. McBar-on and C. Walz were elected as delegates to the Schools Excursion Meeting on the 25th.[82]

1914 05[edit]

4AW's father represents Palmwoods School at the excursion committee meeting

North Coast Schools' Association. The meeting of delegates in connection with the North Coast Schools excursion was held in the Mooloolah State School on Saturday (writes our Mooloolah correspondent). There were present, Messrs. W. J. Redfern, president (Glenview), W. Ellison (Glenview), E. O. Perkins and W. Mallett (Nambour), A. S. McBaron and C. Walz (Palmwoods), S. J. Britten, J. S. Best (Fairhill), John Beaton, John Hamilton (Yandina), M. Thompson, O. Youngman (Maroochy River), W. Tomlinson, C. Freier (Eudlo), A. Telson, D. Sawrey (Ilkley), A. V. Lindsay (Buderim Mountain), G. H. Jones (hon. secretary), W. J. Knox (Mooloolah), J. Simpson and W. Simpson (Beerwah). Altogether 21 schools were represented personally and by letter. Mr. S. J. Britten moved. — "That we form ourselves into an an sociation, to be called the North Coast State School Committees Association, to comprise the Shires of Maroochy and Landsborough, with power, if necessary, to extend the boundaries at any time if other committees wish to join. This was carried unanimously. A subcommittee of Messrs. G. H. Jones, W. Ellison, E. O. Perkins, W. J. Redfern and S. J. Britten, was appointed to draft rules. On the motion of Mr. E. O. Perkins, it was resolved. That this meeting marks with disapproval the minute passed at the last Teachers' Conference with reference to school committees having outlived their usefulness, and think that committees are essential to the proper working of the schools, this minute to be forwarded to the department. Tlie Glenview School Committee write requesting that a copy of the Balance sheet should be sent to every school interested in the excursions each year. The extra work that this would entail was referred to, and eventually on the motion of Mr. Perkins it was resolved, "That the letter be received with regret, and that this meeting considers that the confidence in the delegates who select the auditors should be sufficient guarantee of a correct balance-sheet, and that in future the balance sheet will be published annually. It was decided that the association should act as an Excursion Committee within the previous limits. The destination was selected as the same as before (Sandgate). Mr. W. J. Redfern was unanimously elected president of the new association. Other officers were elected as follows.— Vice-presidents, Messrs. E. O. Perkins and A. S. McBaron; hon. secretary, Mr. G. H. Jones; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. J. Knox; Executive Committee, Messrs. J. S. Best, and A. Tolson; auditors, Messrs. W. Ellison, and M. Thompson. It was agreed that all expenses of the Executive Committee delegates' train fares to meetings, teas, etc., should be defrayed out of the funds of the association. The details of the next excursion were left in the hands of the executive.[83]

1914 06[edit]

4AW's parents join Palmwoods Tennis Club visiting Nambour's White Rose club

Tennis. PALMWO0DS BEATS WHITE ROSE. On Saturday (June 13) members of the Wlhite Rose tennis club visited Palmwoods, and were defeated by the local players by 15 games. A very enjoyable afternoon was spent, the Palmwoods club treating the visitors in their usual cordial manner. Fol-lowing are the scores: Mr. Major and Miss Watson v. Mr. W. Lanham and Miss Hilliam 6 — 1; v. Mr. D. Perren and Mrs. Bendixen 6 — 2; v. Mr. Bendixen and Miss Higginson 6 — 1. Mr. and Mrs. Russell v. Mr. W. Lanham and Miss Hilliam 6 — 4: v. Mr. D. Perren and .Mrs. Bendixen 6 — 3; v. Mr. Bendixen and Miss Higginson 6 — 1; Mr. and Mrs. Hobson v. Mr. W. Lanham and Miss Hilliam 3 — 6; v. Mr. D. Perren and Mrs. Bendixen 3 — 6; v. Mr. Bendixen and Miss Higginson (incomplete) 2 — 2. Palmwoods 44 games, White Rose 29 games. WHITE ROSE BEATS PALMWOODS. On Saturday last (June 10), a B team of the Palmwoods tennis club visited Nambour and played B team of the White Rose tennis club. A very enjoyable afternoon was spent, and the White Rose team reversed the defeat they suffered at Palmwoods, by winning by 4 games. The following are the scores: H. Bendixen and Mrs. H. E. Lowe v. Mr. and Mrs. Walz 3 — 6; v. Mr. Frawley and Mrs. McBaron 2 — 6; v. C. Major and Miss Frawley 6 — 3, Mr. Shearer and Miss Lanham v. Mr. and Mrs. Walz 6 — 5; v. Mr. Frawley and Mrs. McBaron 6 — 2; v. C. Major and Miss Frawley 6 — 1; Mr. G. Fewtrell and Miss Shearer v. Mr. and Mrs. Walz 5 — 6; v. Mr. Frawley and Mrs. McBaron 6 — 4; v. C. Major and Miss Frawley 3 — 6; White Rose 5 sets 43 games; Palmwoods 4 sets 39 games.[84]

1914 07[edit]
1914 08[edit]
1914 09[edit]
1914 10[edit]

4AW's parents added to the electoral list for Murrumba

Bi-Monthly Electoral List. BI-MONTHLY List of Persons appearing to be qualified to vote at the Election of a Member of the Legislative Assembly in the year 1914, for the Electoral District of Murrumba and Cooroora (within the Division of Maroochy). Objections to Names on this List must be sent to the State Electoral Registrar at Nambour, and to the Persons objected to not later than the 26th day of October, 1914. Dated this 6th day of October, 1914. J. Gillies. State ElectoraI Registrar.

  • Name, Residence, Occupation, Freehold or Leasehold, Date of Claim, Sex.
  • Walz, Conrad August; Palmwoods, Farmer, 29 July 1914. M.
  • Walz, Gertrude; Palmwoods, Housewife, 29 July 1914. F.[85]
1914 11[edit]

4AW makes his debut newspaper appearance, recorded as donatin one shilling to a Courier Patriotic Fund

"COURIER" PATRIOTIC FUNDS. MONEY FOR THE NURSES. A GENEROUS RESPONSE. OTHER FUNDS ALSO BENEFIT. TOTAL CONTRIBUTED TO LAST NIGHT, £31,541/3/11. A total of £185/10/8 was received for the "Courier" Patriotic Funds yesterday, and of this sum £44/15/6 went to the Nurses' Equipment Fund, which would appear to be a very good start. The Foodstuffs Fund was augmented by £73/-6/8, the Belgian Fund by £48/2/6, the Volunteer Fund by £10, and the Milk Fund by £9/6/. . . . Arthur Walz 1/ . . . [86]

1914 12[edit]


1915 01[edit]
1915 02[edit]
1915 03[edit]
1915 04[edit]
1915 05[edit]
1915 06[edit]

4AW's father's chickens win prizes at Woombye Show

WOOMBYE SHOW. BIG PATRIOTIC SUCCESS. GREAT FRUIT DISPLAY. NAMBOUR, Thursday Night. The fifth annual show of North Coast A. and H. Society was held, at Woombye yesterday and today, in fine but windy weather. Yesterday was observed principally as judging day, and at noon today the show was officially opened by the Minister for Agriculture (Mr. W. Lennon). The society has this year decided to give the whole of the profits towards the patriotic funds, and everyone worked in harmony to make it a big financial success. A special patriotic certificate had been prepared, and will be awarded in lieu of cash prizes to such exhibitors and contributors as so desired. The society is run without Government endowment, and at past shows a handsome profit has resulted. It is expected that this year's profits will be considerably good, thereby swelling the patriotic funds. The membership is 600 as compared to 502 last year. The citrus fruit exhibits were of exceedingly high standard, and record entries had been received in this section. The Montville fruitgrowers exhibited a non-competitive display of citrus fruits which were worthy of high praise. Glass House Mountain farmers exhibited products for the first time. The newly-appointed instructor of agriculture (Mr. S. R. Harold) gave a demonstration in packing and grading: fruits. The ring events were watched with great Interest, the high jump being particularly exciting. The winning horse, Orical, owned by Mr. Wilson, of Ipswich — cleared the bar at 5ft 11¼in, this making his fifth win in succession. The gate takings amounted to £55. THE AWARDS. . . . Poultry (Judge, Mr. S. Lamont).— Plymouth Rock cock, C. A. Walz; pullet, E. Taylor 1 and 2; hen, E. Taylor 1, R. McClintock 2, C. A. Walz h.c.; game cock, also hen, O. Jensen; Wyandottes, golden-laced. Cock, cockerel, hen, or pullet, W. S. Smalley; silver-laced Wyandotte, cock, F. Shurvell; cockerel, A. V. Lindsay 1, G. A. Reynolds 2; hen, C. J. Fuller; pullet, R. McClintock 1, G. A. Reynolds 2; buff Orpington, cock, cockerel, hen, and pullet, J. McKinnon 1 and 2; black Orpington, cock, W. E. Smalley 1, S. Fairley 2; [87]

1915 07[edit]
1915 08[edit]
1915 09[edit]
1915 10[edit]

The Walz family again relocating, leaving Palmwoods

SOCIAL. . . . A tennis evening was given by Mr. and Mrs. Walz on Saturday, before their departure from Palmwoods (writes our Palmwoods correspondent). Among the invited guests were Mr and Mrs. Simpson. Mr. and Mrs Duffield. Mr. and Mrs. Barber, Mrs. Hobson, Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn, Mrs. Cannon, Misses. Doherty, Frawley (2), Reynolds, Duffield, Francis, and Messrs. Temple, Frawley, and Stemp. During the evening Mr. Frawley on be-half of the Canberra Tennis Club, presented Mrs Walz with a sliver teapot. Mr. Walz responded on behalf of Mrs. Walz.[88]

1915 11[edit]
1915 12[edit]


1916 01[edit]
1916 02[edit]
1916 03[edit]
1916 04[edit]
1916 05[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's sister Gertrude May Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Gertrude May Walz
  • Birth date: 04/05/1916
  • Mother's name: Gertrude Doherty
  • Father/parent's name: Conrad August Walz
  • Registration details: 1916/C/4456[89]
1916 06[edit]
1916 07[edit]
1916 08[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother Godfrey Frederick Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Godfrey Frederick Walz
  • Marriage date: 02/08/1916
  • Spouse's name: May Jane Elizabeth Garnham
  • Registration details: 1916/C/2336[90]
1916 09[edit]
1916 10[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother Edwin Herman Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: Edwin Herman Walz
  • Marriage date: 25/10/1916
  • Spouse's name: Dorothy Madeline Blann
  • Registration details: 1916/C/3205[91]
1916 11[edit]
1916 12[edit]


1917 01[edit]
1917 02[edit]

4AW's father, now at Telko Siding, Buderim, advertises farm goods for sale

FOR SALE, Fruit Waggon good repair, cheap. Disc Plow (John Deere) cheap. C. A. Walz, Telko, Buderim Line. [92]

1917 03[edit]
1917 04[edit]
1917 05[edit]
1917 06[edit]
1917 07[edit]
1917 08[edit]
1917 09[edit]
1917 10[edit]
1917 11[edit]
1917 12[edit]


1918 01[edit]
1918 02[edit]
1918 03[edit]
1918 04[edit]

4AW's father again sells off his Buderim possessions and farm in preparation to relocate

Clearing Out Sale. TELCO SIDING BUDERIM MOUNTAIN. Saturday, April 20th, at 1 o'clock. C. J. SHURVELL has received instructions from C. A. WALZ Esq., who has sold his Farm, and is leaving the District, to sell the whole of his Household Furniture & Effects, Stock, Vehicles, Implements & Poultry Comprising — Bamboo Sitting Room Suite, Bedroom Suite, Silky Oak Bedstead, Double and Single Iron Bedstead and Bedding, 2 Washstands, and ware, 3 small Tables, Chairs, and Writing Desk, Cedar Book Case and Writing Desk combined, quantity Crockery, Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Table and Dresser. Young Jersey Cow, Steer 12 months old, good quiet Pony suitable for children. Single Seated Buggy, Harness, Saddle and Bridle, Spring Tooth Sulky Cultivator, small Separator and small churn. 150 feet of 1½ ins. Galvanised Piping, 100 pot plants and ferns, 60 Rhode Island Red Fowls, 2 broods Rhode Island Red Chickens, 40 Black Orpingtons, 50 White Leghorns, 3 tons Lime. All goods placed on tram free of cost. Special Cheap Excursion will run on Tram to Buderim leaving Palmwoods at 11.15 and returning from Buderim at 4 p.m. C. J. SHURVELL, AUCTIONEER, PALMWOODS. Realisation Sale.[93]

1918 05[edit]

4AW's father receives council approval to acquire road access for his Buderim property

MAROOCHY SHIRE COUNCIL. GENERAL AND SPECIAL MEETINGS. A full board of above Council started business on Monday last at 11.20 a.m. First there was a special meeting to formally handle. . . . Inwards Correspondence . . . From C. A. Walz re purchase of road access to his property at Buderim — Cr. Rose explained that it involved resuming a few perches of Wiltshire's. He moved for £5 towards the cost of purchasing the land required. carried. [94]

1918 06[edit]

4AW's father, now based in Killarney among other extended family members, wins prizes for his chickens at Killarney Poultry Show

KILLARNEY POULTRY SHOW. FRIDAY'S AWARDS. The second annual show in connection with the Killarney Poultry and Kennel Club was held in the Show Pavilion on Friday. The number of birds shown was not as numerous as last year, when 300 birds were penned, but nevertheless the quality was as good. The day was a beautiful one (says the "Border Record" of Friday). Mr. F. Fanning, Brisbane, acted as judge, and gave general satisfaction. The following are some of the results:— . . . Rhode Island Reds.— Single comb, cock: J. E. Crichton 1, J. Fisher, Chelmer 2. Single comb, hen: J. Fisher 1. Single comb, cockerel: C. A. Walz 1 and 2, J. Fisher 3. Langshan.— Hen or pullet: Roy Dumigan 1, Jack Dumigan 2. Any other variety.— Cock or cockerel: Mrs. W. Arbuthnot 1, C. A. Walz 2. Hen or pullet: Mrs. W. Arbuthnot 1 and champion, C. A. Walz 2. Leghorns.— White hen: H. Beach, Warwick, 1, C. H. White 2 and 3. White cockerel: Gordon J. Brauer, Tenterfield 1 and 2, G. L. Brauer 3. White pullet: H. Beach 1, Gordon J. Brauer 2, Joe Purvis 3. Brown hen: G. L. Brauer 1, Mick Quinlan, Warwick, 2. Brown cockerel: Gordon J. Brauer 1. Brown pullet: G. L. Brauer 1, Gordon J. Brauer 2. Andalusian.— Cock or cockerel: Andy Miller, Tenterfield, 1, J. A. Dumigan 2. Hen or pullet: Andy Miller 1, Mrs. J. Lamb 2 and 3. Hamburgs.— Black cock or cockerel: Gordon J. Brauer 1. Black hen or pullet: J. Williams 1 and 3, Gordon J. Brauer 2. Silver hen or pullet: J. Williams 1 and 2. Buttercups.— Cock or cockerel: C. A. Walz 1 and 2. Hen or pullet: C. A. Walz 1. Any Other Variety Game.— Cock or cockerel.— Mick Quinlan 1, Mrs. Wheeler 2. Hen or pullet: Mick Quinlan . . .[95]

1918 07[edit]

4AW's father appointed to the show committee of the Killarney Agricultural Society

KILLARNEY (From our own correspondent.) The committee of the Agricultural Society held their usual monthly meeting on Monday night. The president (Mr. T. J. Howell) presided. It was decided to hold the next annual show on the 26th and 27th of February. Accounts to the amount of £2 13s were passed for payment. The president said he wished to propose a vote of condolence to Mr. A. Osterman in the loss of his son, who had paid the supreme sacrifice at the front. Mr. Howell said that Mr. Osterman had been connected with the soeiety for a number of years, and his son went away, with several others, to uphold the liberty of the Empire. The president later, said he was pleased to see several new committeemen present, and expressed a hope that they would be of great assistance to the society. It was decided to close the entries one week before the show, with no late entries, and it was agreed to interchange advertisements with the surrounding shows. A schedule committee, consisting of the president, secretary, treasurer, Dr. Harlin, Messrs. O. Spreadborough, H. G. Hughes, C. A. Walz, C. A. Weisman, E. Homan and A. A. Walker, was appointed. The ladies will be asked to take over the manufactured articles — household and horticultural sections.[96]

1918 08[edit]

Qld birth registration for 4AW's wife Hazel Edna Walz nee Giles

  • Qld BDM
  • Birth registration: Hazel Edna Giles
  • Birth date: 08/08/1918
  • Mother's name: Maud Burnell Barrow
  • Father/parent's name: Percival Norman Giles
  • Registration details: 1918/B/52938[97]
1918 09[edit]

4AW's mother dislocates her ankle while playing tennis at Killarney

ACCIDENTS AT KILLARNEY. KILLARNEY, September 9. While practising on Saturday afternoon on the Church of England tennis court Mrs Walz fell and dislocated her ankle and broke the leg just above the dislocation. Mrs Walz recently came to this district from Buderim.[98]

1918 10[edit]
1918 11[edit]
1918 12[edit]

4AW's father, operating a cordial factory, has business impacted by fire

DISASTROUS FIRE AT KILLARNEY. HOTEL AND OTHER BUILDINGS WIPED OUT. DAMAGE BETWEEN £5000 AND £6000. TWO EXPLOSIONS. Another disastrous fire has occurred at Killarney, with the difference that it has taken place this time on the south side of the Condamine River. Just below the hill where Backhouse Ltd. carry on business there are a number of practically contiguous premises, the principal of which, until yesterday, was the Imperial Hotel, the licensee being Mrs. Clifford, and the owner Mr. A. D. Wright. Between 2 o'clock and 2.30 yesterday morning a fire broke out in the hotel. The origin is a mystery, but it is supposed that the flames first commenced to run their ruthless course either in the dining-room or in the pantry. At such an early morning hour there were naturally few people about. Owing to the dry weather, which had made all woodwork — and the whole of the buildings destroyed were constructed of wood — highly inflammable the spread of the flames was alarmingly rapid. Indeed, those who were sleeping in the first storey of the hotel were unaware of their danger before the lower portion was caught up by the flames. An easterly wind was prevailing, and this fanned the flames. Rudely awakened the dwellers on the first floor had a narrow escape, especially before the stairway fell through. One person had to climb to safety by way of one of the front awning posts. The difficulty of obtaining egress was increased by reason of the fact that the back stairway was either obscured by smoke or enveloped in flames. Happily, all were able to reach safety. The roaring flames then seized upon an empty shop owned by Mr. O. Spreadborough, and leaping forward again caught hold of another unoccupied place, with a cordial factory at the rear conducted by Mr. C. A. Walz. Sweeping onward the fire seized in its devastating embrace the premises of I. W. Spreadborough, butcher, and H. S. Guy and Co., auctioneers. Then sensational developments occurred, two explosions occurring, the severity of which may be gauged from the fact that they were distinctly felt at Kable's Hotel some considerable distance away on the north side of the Condamine River. The first explosion was due to the ignition of a benzine tank attached to an engine in the butcher's shop. This blew the back wall of the shop out. Then an ammonia tank exploded, and a sheet of iron was whirled 200 feet in the air. So severe was the concussion that Guy aud Co.'s wall was blown down. These explosions largely prevented salvage operations. Guy and Co. were able, prior to the explosions, to save much of their machinery housed in . the building as well as their books, but a reaper and binder, a mowing machine, and spare parts were destroyed. From the cordial factory there were salved 50 dozen bottles, and the "Gloria" lighting apparatus. The Central Hall, which is owned by Mr. R. A. Howell, had a very narrow escape, the exterior wall contiguous to the hotel, being badly charred. The total damage is estimated between £5000 and £6000. Particulars of the insurances are meagre.[99]


1919 01[edit]

4AW's father resigns as committee member on the Killarney Agricultural Society

NEWS FROM THE COUNTRY. . . . KILLARNEY. . . . The committee of the Agricultural Society held its monthly meeting on Monday night. Mr. T. T. Howell presided over a good attendance. The resignation of Mr. W. D. McGilvray, as secretary, was received with regret. On the motion of Dr. Harlin, Mr. S. C. Chrichton was appointed in his place. The resignation of Mr. C. A. Walz, as a committeeman and member, was also received with regret. The secretary reported that there were only 25 financial members. It was agreed to request Mr. C. Doyle (Tamworth) to act as horse judge.[100]

4AW achieves a pass in Freehand Drawing at the Warwick Technical College

WARWICK TECHNICAL COLLEGE. EXAMINATION RESULTS. The following are the results obtained by students of the Warwick Technical College at the examinations of technical colleges held during November and December 1918:— . . . DEPARTMENT OF ART. Freehand Drawing, Stage I.— Kennedy Hyslop, 73, credit; Dudley Emerson Reid, 72, credit; Mildred Watt, 70, credit; Walter Daniels, 69, credit; Noel Gillam, 67, credit; Lester Dickson, 65, pass; George Grayson, 64, pass; Kenneth Gillam, 61, pass; Arthur Walz, 60, pass; Annie McConville, 58, pass; Allan Daniels, 57, pass; Marion Mackay, 55, pass; Willie Purvis, 54, pass; Edwin Maher, 54, pass; Russell Skerman, 53, pass; Miriam Kohler, 51, pass; Elizabeth Hyslop, 50, pass; George Brant, 50, pass; Edward George Chandler, 50, pass; Horace Reedman, 50, pass.[101][102]

1919 02[edit]
1919 03[edit]
1919 04[edit]
1919 05[edit]
1919 06[edit]

Young 4AW at Wooloowin primary school wins great merit in the junior drawing competition of the Daily Mail

DRAWING COMPETITION. WEEKLY PRIZES. The drawings this week have been numerous, and of unusually good quality, both in the senior and junior division, so that it has been most difficult to adjudicate. I am pleased to note a great improvement in the finish of the work submitted, but there is still much to be desired in this direction. To obtain good marks a careful, clean, well-lined drawing is necessary. You must remember that "lining in" not only improves the shape, but it gives a good finish to the work. Among the outstanding features in the senior division are the pen-and-ink drawings of C. B. Barnett, the Southport School; A. K. Brown, Wellington Point; and E. Baartz, Toowoomba. The pencil drawings of D. Smith, Hamilton; N. Mahony, Benobble, and the sisters Irving, Mayne Junction, are highly commendable. In the junior section A. Worley, Ipswich; A. B. Scougall, Bauple; A. McBaron, Cooloolabin; C. Lambart, Wellington Point; A. Walz, Wooloowin; L. Jackson, Mt. Bauple; L. Thiele, Pinkenba; Joyce Da Costa, Sandgate; K. Lord, Morven; and E. Berglin, Albion, have forwarded work of great merit, and I am very pleased with their efforts. The senior-prize is awarded for the following drawing to Sybil Wood (age 15), Seattle, Bank-street, West End:[103]

1919 07[edit]
1919 08[edit]
1919 09[edit]
1919 10[edit]
1919 11[edit]

4AW's father again listed as licensed gasfitter for the Brisbane Gas Company


1919 12[edit]



1920 01[edit]
1920 02[edit]
1920 03[edit]
1920 04[edit]
1920 05[edit]

Qld marriage registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's brother George Henry Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Marriage registration: George Henry Walz
  • Marriage date: 18/05/1920
  • Spouse's name: Emma Elizabeth Copp
  • Registration details: 1920/C/1464[105]
1920 06[edit]
1920 07[edit]
1920 08[edit]
1920 09[edit]
1920 10[edit]
1920 11[edit]
1920 12[edit]


1921 01[edit]
1921 02[edit]

4AW's father and brother-in-law Johann Martin ("Martin") Walz dissolve their plumbing partnership

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. C. A. & J. M. WALZ, plumbers, NUNDAH. The Partnership existing between Conrad August Waiz and Johann Martin Walz, carrying on Business as Licensed Plumbers, at corner of Sandgate road and Eton street, Nundah, is to be Dissolved as from 1st day of March, 1921. All persons having any accounts against the firm are requested to send in same before 28th February, 1921. C. A. WALZ. J. M. WALZ. [106]

1921 03[edit]
1921 04[edit]
1921 05[edit]
1921 06[edit]
1921 07[edit]
1921 08[edit]
1921 09[edit]
1921 10[edit]
1921 11[edit]

4AW's father and uncle included in list of gasfitters licensed by the Brisbane Gas Company

PUBLIC NOTICES. . . . THE BRISBANE GAS COMPANY. LIST OF GASFITTERS LICENSED BY THIS COMPANY. . . . Walz, C. A., Sandgate-rd., Nundah. Walz, J. M., Nundah-st., Nundah. [107]

Brief biography of 4AW's paternal grandparents

A Fine Pioneering Family. Recently Mrs. G. H. Walz, gave birth to a baby girl in Lister Hospital, Mackay, which made the fiftieth grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Walz, North-street. The grandparents also have six great children. The aged couple have a family of 12 children, all of whom are married, and with the exception of four are settled in this district. Mr. and Mrs. Walz are very old colonists, having arrived in Queensland 58 years ago, and next month they are looking forward to celebrating the 53rd anniversary of their wedding. For over 30 years they were settled in the Brisbane district, and engaged in farming at the Seventeen-mile Rocks, and would probably have remained there had it not been for the big flood of 1893, which destroyed the farm and caused Mr. Walz to seek fresh fields and pastures new. He came North and settled in Mackay. "If every farmer in Queensland today," said Mr. Walz, when referring to his younger days, "had cleared as much land as I have done there would be few trees standing in the State." Although somewhat enfeebled he looks remarkably robust for a pioneer of 82 years and his wife, who has also passed the allotted span, is as active as folk many years her junior. They are both very pleased with having been the means of introducing so many colonists — grandchildren — into Queensland, but Mrs. Walz remarked that she had yet a long way to go to reach the record of her mother, who had no less than 72 grandchildren.— "Mackay Mercury."[108]

1921 12[edit]


1922 01[edit]
1922 02[edit]
1922 03[edit]
1922 04[edit]
1922 05[edit]

4AW's father's former partner still operating as a plumber at Nundah (Johann Martin Walz would be Martin)

SELL, curving Rollers; apply M. Walz, Plumber, Nundah. [109]

1922 06[edit]

4AW awarded state scholarship to secondary school

State Scholarships. To Secondary Schools. Examination 1922. Results 69.5 Per Cent Passed. At the recent examination for State scholarships, 2,421 candidates sat, of whom 1,684, or 69.5 per cent, passed. The conditions provide for the granting of a scholarship to each candidate who gains not less than 50 per cent of the total number of marks. The scholarships entitle the holders to free education in any approved secondary school in the State, and are tenable during good behaviour and the pleasure of Parliament for a period of 2½ years from the 1st July, 1922. They may, however, be extended for two years provided that the holders secure an approved pass in the Queensland junior public examination. In addition to free tuition, allowances at the rates specified hereunder will be paid to every scholarship holder the income of whose parents does not exceed £156 per annum, or £30 per annum per member of family:— Holders of 2½ year and 4½ year scholarships who must live away from home to attend a secondary school, £30 per annum. Holders of 2½ year and 4½ year scholarships who can live at home and attend a secondary school, and the income of whose parents does not exceed £156 per annum, or £30 per annum per member of family entirely dependent thereon, be supplied free of cost, by the department, with the necessary textbooks, and be fronted a cash allowance at the rate of £4 per annum. The Lilley gold medal, which is awarded annually to the candidate who gains the highest place in the scholarship examination, has been won by Robert Emmuel Kelly, who secured first place in order of merit with 90.3 per cent of the maximum marks. The following is a list of the names of the first ten successful candidates in order of merit:— (1) Robert Emanuel Kelly, (2) James Gordon Felgate, (3) David John Morris, (4) Edwin Louis Johnson, (5 and 6) Marguerite Grace Penny, Lawrence Gordon Miles, aeq., (7) Veronica Helen Stellmach, (8) Charles McCulloch, (9) Millicent Edith Thynne, (10) Nelson James Peel. The remaining successful candidates are:— Males. BRISBANE. . . . Wagner, Ernest Walter; Walcott, Henry Pemberton; Waldron, Alfred William; Walduck, Frederick John; Walker, Alfred Ernest; Walker, Harold Ernest; Walker, Norman Victor; Wall, William James; Walthall, Cecil Henry; Walz, Arthur Edwyn; Ward, Alan Victor; Ward, John Charles Eric; Warden, Eric Lionel; Warren, Frederick Thomas Wylie; Watson, Douglas Clark; Watson, Ernest John; Watts, John William; Way, Harold Walter; West, William Henry; Westerman, Robert Bell; Whitchurch, Reginald Charles; White, Lionel Charles H.; Whitehead, Leslie Morgan; Wildermuth, Leslie Bertie; Willmott, Eric Charles; Wills, Robert Arthur Vivian; Wilson, Dudley Bruce; Winders, Charles William; Window, Horace Henry James; Winton, Walter Henry Corbett; Wise, Leslie John; Wishart, Robert Alfred; Wood, Dudley Brewster; Woodrow, David Edward; Woodward, Vivian Thomas; Woolley, Colin Richard; Wyeth, Harold Frederick; Wyeth, Harold James; Wynne, Graham Cardinal. Yates, Stanley Joseph Frank; Young, David. Zillman, Frederick Williamm.[110]

1922 07[edit]

Photo of 4AW's extended family

FOUR GENERATIONS OF THE WALZ FAMILY ON BOTH SIDES. FOUR GENERATIONS IN THE MALE LINE. At the ends of the row are Mr. F. M. Walz, of Mackay (aged 83), and his son, Mr. Frank Walz, of Brisbane, and in the centre his grandson, Mr. Edward Walz, and great grandson, baby Walz. L. P. Collette photo. FOUR GENERATIONS IN THE FEMALE LINE. At the ends are Mrs. F. M. Walz, of Mackay (aged 73) and her daughter Mrs. John Hirn, of Brisbane, while in the centre are her grand-daughter Mrs. F. Wegener, and great granddaughter, Doris Wegener. Ruddle photo.[111]

1922 08[edit]
1922 09[edit]
1922 10[edit]

4AW's father again advertising for skilled staff

Professions, Trades, &c. WANTED good Plumber, also Improver to trade; C. A. Walz, Sandgate rd., Nundah.[112]

1922 11[edit]

4AW's father and uncle listed as licensed gasfitters with the Brisbane Gas Company

PUBLIC NOTICES. THE BRISBANE GAS CO. LIST OF GASFITTERS LICENSED BY THIS COMPANY. . . . Walz, C. A., Sandgate rd., Nundah. Walz, J. M., Nundah St., Nundah.[113]

1922 12[edit]


1923 01[edit]
1923 02[edit]
1923 03[edit]
1923 04[edit]
1923 05[edit]
1923 06[edit]

4AW's father advertises for an assistant in his plumbing business

WANTED. first-class galvanised iron worker. C. A. Walz, Sandgate-road, Nundah.[114]

1923 07[edit]
1923 08[edit]

4AW's uncle elected member of the Master Plumbers' Association

Master Plumbers' Association. At the monthly meeting of members of the Master Plumbers' Association, held in the association's office, Commerce House, Adelaide-street, on August 16, the president (Mr. R. A. Eaton) in the chair, the following were elected members:— Messrs. J. W. Moffatt, Jane-street, Toowong; M. Walz, Nundah-street, Nun-dah; H. L. Duncan, Peterson-street, Woolloon-gabba. Messrs. J. S. R. Wyllie and F. John-son were nominated as representatives on the proposed conference to deal with the standard-isation of pipes and fittings, &c. It was unanimously decided to hold the annual picnic in October, and arrangements were left in the hands of the Social Committee.[115]

1923 09[edit]

4AW's father wins prizes for his chickens at the Zillmere Show

DISTRICT SHOWS. ZILLMERE SHOW. FINE DISPLAY OF HORSES. The 23rd annual show of the Zillmere Agricultural, Horticultural, and Industrial Society, held on the society's show ground al Zillmere on Saturday, was notable for the large number of entries, particularly in the horse section, and for the ring events. The judge of the horses (Mr. C. Broomfield) said that many of the animals that had been previously shown at the Royal National Show were in far better condition than they were a month ago. OFFICIAL OPENING. The official opening ceremony was performed by the Minister for Works (Mr. Forgan Smith), who congratulated the society on the improvements effected to the ground during the past 12 months, notwithstanding which the liability of the society had been reduced by £150, leaving a credit balance of £150. He had pleasure, he said, in granting the request of the committee for the use of the old school to enlarge the School of Arts and Social Hall. Mr. H. E. Sizer, M.L.A., thanked the Minister for acceding to the request, and for complying vvith the wish expressed some little while back for a new State school, the building for which was rapidly approaching completion. The success of the show, which was only slightly marred by the heavy showers that fell during the afternoon, was largely attributable to good organisation, and the untiring work of the hon. secretary (Mr. A. B. Marquis). PRINCIPAL AWARDS. . . . POULTRY (Judges, Messrs. T. McIllwrick, A. Petty, and W. Shaffrey).— Leghorn, white, c., h., cl., and p.: Mrs. A. Lloyd. Brown, c. and h.: C. A. Walz,[116]

4AW's father wins prizes for his chickens at the Toombul Show

TOOMBUL SHOW. THE AWARDS. There was only a moderate attendance at the Toombul A., H., and I. Association's seventh annual show, which commenced yesterday. The gate takings amounted to about £20. However, it is anticipated that there will be a large attendance today. There was a good entry in all sections, and an excellent programme of ring events. Results:— . . . POULTRY (Judge, Mr. A. A. Roberts).— . . . Brown Leghorn, c. and h.: C. Walz. [117]

1923 10[edit]

4AW's father again wins prizes for his chickens at the Ascot Show

FARM NOT RACECOURSE. INTEREST IN HORSES. GOVERNOR AND COUNTRY LIFE. The second annual show organised by the Ascot Horticultural and Industrial Society, assisted by the Hamilton Progress Association, which was held on two successive Saturdays at the Ascot State School, was concluded on Saturday with the ring events and poultry and dog competitions. There was a good display of poultry, and a large number of entries in the dog section. His Excellency the Governor (Sir Matthew Nathan), in officially opening the show, said that he regretted that the only day on which he could attend was that devoted to table birds, and puppies, and not to children and flowers. He trusted that plant life study would continue to be a feature of the curriculum of the Ascot school. There were always some dispositions which, if they had the chance of learning about nature, would want to get nearer to it, and it was those that the training in plant life given at the school, helped on, as he hoped it was, by occasional well directed country rambles, might lead eventually to the healthier country life. He did not know whether the show had partly in view the encouragement to that life. "If so, may interest in horses," he added, "lead rather to the farm than to the racecourse, and may the cattle dogs that are in the programme prove more attractive to the young people than the poms and pugs." Mr. A. H. Whittingham (the patron of the Society) introduced his Excellency and Mr. A. L. Petrie, M.L.A., and the Mayor of Hamilton (Alderman C. M. Jenkinson) also spoke. PRINCIPAL AWARDS. . . . POULTRY (Judge, Mr. R. Murrnay).— . . . Leghorn white, c. and cl.: W. G. Roberts. H.: G. Dutton. Brown, c. and h.: C. A. Walz. Cl.: A. H. Cumberland.[118]

1923 11[edit]

4AW's father and uncle listed as licensed gasfitters with the Brisbane Gas Company

PUBLIC NOTICES. THE BRISBANE GAS COMPANY. LIST OF GASFITTERS LICENSED BY THIS COMPANY. . . . Walz, C. A., Sandgate-rd., Nundah. Walz, J. M., Nundah-st., Nundah. [119]

Funeral notice for 4AW's paternal grandfather

FUNERAL NOTICES. . . . WALZ.— The Friends of Mr. FRANZ MICHEL WALZ are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, to move from his late residence, Cornwall-street, Logan-road, S.B., THIS (Wednesday) AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock, to the South Brisbane Cemetery. CANNON & CRIPPS.[120]

1923 12[edit]


1924 01[edit]
1924 02[edit]

4AW (or possibly his father) is secretary of the newly formed Nundah Radio Club

WIRELESS. . . . A new club has been formed, the Nundah Radio Club. Information concerning this club may be obtained from the secretary, Mr. Waltz (sic, Walz), Nundah.[121]

As previous

WIRELESS NEWS AND NOTES. . . . Nundah Radio Club. A club has been formed in the Nundah district, and inquiries concerning membership, etc., are directed to Mr. Waltz (sic, Walz), Nundah.[122]

1924 03[edit]

4AW's father provides his shop for meetings of the newly formed Toombul Radio Club (renamed from Nundah Radio Club)

WIRELESS NEWS AND NOTES. (By "Reprah"). . . . Toombul Radio Club. The Toombul Club has been formed from the Nundah Club, and covers amateurs resident in Eagle Junction, Northgate, Virginia and Nundah. Mr. Knipe was elected as president at last week's meeting. Mr. Waltz (sic, Walz) has kindly consented to allow use of his shop in Eton-street for meetings. Three new members were accepted. The meeting was well attended, and those present included Mr. J. C. Price. The next will be held on March 12, at 8 p.m. All inquiries should be directed to Mr. Hufschmid, Flower-street, Nundah.[123]

Early meeting of Toombul Radio Club held 12 March 1924 at 4AW's father's shop

WIRELESS NEWS AND NOTES. (By "Reprah"). . . . Toombul Radio Club. A meeting of the Toombul Radio Club will be held in Mr. Walz's shop, Eton-street, Nundah, on Wednesday, March 12, at. 8 p.m. The club is now firmly established and the committee is preparing to handle the matter of fitting apparatus. Further particulars re membership, etc., may be had on application to Mr. Huffschmid, Flower-street, Nundah.[124]

1924 04[edit]

Another meeting of Toombul Radio Club held 9 April 1924 at 4AW's father's shop

WIRELESS NEWS AND NOTES. (By "Reprah"). . . . Toombul Radio Club. A general meeting of the Toombul Club was held in Mr. Walz's shop, Eton-street, Nundah, on April 9. Mr. G. I. Knipe presided, and 11 members were present. Mr. Knipe gave another series of blackboard lectures on wireless and radio parts. The next meet-ing will be held on April 23, at 8 p.m., and anybody interested is cordially invited to attend.[125]

1924 05[edit]

4AW correctly answers a question about an unidentified station

QUESTION BOX. Answers to Correspondents. H. L. Hobler, Rockhampton, asks what advantages have the large loud speakers over the smaller type, and which type is favoured by experimenters? The principal advantage of the larger instrument is volume. The smaller one is little better than headphones, except when you are very near to a powerful broadcasting station. The Amplion is in general use among experimenters on account of its clarity of tone, and because it does not require an accumulator to work it; it is connected straight on to the phone terminals. C. D. Grimes, Spring Hill asks: Is it possible to get Farmers' and Broadcasters Ltd. on one valve Reinartz circuit? This is not considered the best circuit for telephony, but it gives excellent results on C.W. A. E. W., Nundah is correct. 1YA is the Auckland broadcasting station. W. J. Tait, Jandowae, asks for information in regard to Customs duties on wireless sets from England. The duty on component parts is 27½ per cent. On a complete set the duty would be 27½ per cent on all parts. but the accumulator B battery, and cabinet would be charged 50 per cent. To this, of course, must be added about. 15 per cent to cover, freight, packing, insurance, etc. A: G. J., Clayfield, asks how many turns on a 4in former would be required to receive Farmer's broadcasting, using No. 24 enamel wire? The answer is 240 turns. A. J., Beaudesert: What is the meaning of Q.R.S.? It means: "Shall I send slower?" "Send slower."[126]

1924 06[edit]

4AW reports a log of stations heard

ITEMS ABOUT AMATEURS. . . . Mr. A. E. Walz, of Nundah, reports having heard the following using a detector and two stages of audio-frequency amplification:— 2BL, 2FC, 2HM, 2GR, 2CR, 2CH, 2UW, 2CM, 2SO, 2JM, 2OQ, 2ZX, 3AR, 3BU, the New Zealand station 1YA, and the Californian station KGO.[127]

1924 07[edit]

Meeting of the renamed Radio Society of Queensland (Toombul Branch) held 16 July 1924 at 4AW's father's shop

RADIO SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND (TOOMBUL BRANCH). A meeting of the Toombul branch of the Radio Society of Queensland was held in Mr. Walz's shop on July 16. Fifteen members were present, and Mr. G. I. Knipe (president) occupied the chair. Mr. Knipe gave a blackboard lecture on topics of interest to the wireless enthusiasts. All persons interested in radio are cordially invited to attend any of the meetings of this club. The next meeting will be held on July 30, and thereafter on every alternate Wednesday.[128]

1924 08[edit]
1924 09[edit]

Meeting of the Radio Society of Queensland (Toombul Branch) held 10 September 1924 at 4AW's father's shop

CLUB ACTIVITIES. . . . RADIO SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND (TOOMBUL BRANCH). A general meeting of the Toombul branch of the Radio Society was held in Mr. Walz's shop on 10th instant. The president (Mr. G. I. Knipe) occupied the chair, and there was an attendance of 18 members. One new member was elected. After the general business had been dealt with the matter of the wireless section at the Toombul Show, to be held on October 3 and 4, was discussed. The necessary arrangements for the erection of an aerial on the pavilion will be carried out by the club members, on Saturday week. The co-operation of all amateurs with home constructed sets or wireless apparatus is sought, especially in connection wth the competitive exhibits. It is necessary that all exhibits should be available on Thursday, October 2, so as to enable the committee to erect stalls to suit the exhibits. At the close of the meeting the president delivered an instructive blackboard lecture on the cause and prevention of valve interference and causes of aerial oscillation through the indiscreet use of reaction.[129]

4AW submits a log of stations heard

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . ITEMS ABOUT AMATEURS. . . . Mr. A. E. Walz, of Eton-street, Nundah, forwards a list of stations heard at his station. The circuit used is one detector and two stage of audio fre-quency:— New South Wales: 2HM, 2GR, 2CR, 2CQ, 2RJ, 2BF, 2RA, 2CA, 2BK. Victoria: 3ZL, 3BM, 3XF, 3BD. New Zealand: 4YA, 2YM. America: KGO.[130]

1924 10[edit]

4AW wins first place in the Wireless section for valve receivers at the Toombul Show

TOOMBUL SHOW. FIRST DAY. SOME EXCEPTIONAL FEATURES. The first day of the Toombul annual show, held at Nundah yesterday, attracted a fairly large attendance. The number of entries was good — a record in some sections — and the quality in all sections was excellent. . . . The following were the judges for the various sections:— Messrs. S. Harding (Horses), A. A. Roberts (Dogs), Tom Fanning (Poultry), W. Orr and S. Taylor (Farm and Dairy produce, also Vegetables), W. J. Smith (Fruits), J. Wishart (Horticulture), A. A. Roberts (Apiculture), V. Price (Fine Arts), Miss C. Bells (Clothing and Fancy Work), Miss Barton (Homemade Articles), M. Elms (Preserves), T. Henderson (School Section), P. Renshaw (Wireless Classes). THE AWARDS. . . . MISCELLANEOUS (Industrial).— Wireless sets, amateur (homemade as far as possible). Crystal sets: H. Hufschmid, 105 points. Valve: A. E. Walz, 190 points, 1; H. Hufschmld, 155 points, 2. Best assortment of homemade accessories: B. Dalton, 175 points, 1; T. W. Starkie, 125 points, 2.[131]

As previous, a more detailed report

RADIO TOPICS. Toombul Exhibits Society's Show Effort. By "LISTENER" Written for "The Telegraph." A most praiseworthy innovation was introduced by the Toombul Show Society in their schedule for this year's show, which was held on Friday and Saturday. Two sections for homemade wireless apparatus were included, and the display made by the nine competitors was such as to lend the Governor (Sir Matthew Nathan) to say at the official opening that it was one of the most interesting features of the show. He commended the committee for making provision for what is the most fascinating and progressive hobby of the age, and when offering advice on the question of specialisation in some particular section by each disirict show society, suggested, among other things, that Toombul might even specialise in wireless. The judge of the sections was Mr. Phil Renshaw, the New South Wales secretary of the Wireless Institute, who said the exhibits were far superior to those seen by him at the recent Melbourne Royal Show. This is high praise indeed, and a distinct compliment to Queensland amateurs who build their own sets. The Toombul Show exhibits were of the same standard as those seen at the recent wireless exhibition held in Brisbane under the auspices of the Wireless Institute, and of the same efficiency as those to be seen in the homes of most of Brisbane's wireless experimenters. Therefore Mr. Renshaw's comments are applicable to Brisbane and Queensland amateurs in general, and coming from a gentleman who occupies such a high position in Australian wireless circles, they will be doubly valued and appreciated. The wireless sections at the show and winners were: Amateur (homemade as far as possible) sets, no wiring, judged for workmanship, design, and efficiency — (a) crystal sets, first prize £1 is donated by Mr. W. Kelso, M.L.A.; second prize 10s. 6d., (b) valve sets, first prize £1 1s., second 10s. 6d.; crystal, H. Hufschmid, 105 points; valve, A. E. Walz, 155 points, 1; H. Hufschmid, 155 points, 2. There was only the one entrant in the crystal class, but for the valve type the other entrants were Messrs. T. W. Starkie, N. S. Costin, H. and C. Stephenson (two entries). Messrs. T. W. Starkie and B. Dalton entered exhibits in the class for best assortment of homemade wireless accessories, first prize £1 1s, donated by Mr. J. C. Price. Mr. Dalton's accessories were placed first with 175 points, and Mr. T. W. Starkie was awarded second place with 135 points. All exhibitors and the Toombul Radio Society are to be commended for their efforts to advertise and popularise wireless, and it is to be hoped that other radio societies will organise similar displays at the district shows.[132]

4AW's father continues to provide his shop for meetings of RSQ Toombul

WIRELESS NEWS AND NOTES. . . . (By "LOUD SPEAKER.") . . . Radio Society of Queensland. . . . Toombul Branch. A general meeting of this branch was held in Mr. Walz's shop on Wednesday, October 8. Mr. Walz was in the chair. The club had full charge of the wireless in the Toombul Show, which was held on Friday and Saturday last. On Saturday afternoon, the president, Mr. G. I. Knipe, gave a loud speaker demonstration on his seven valve set, and music was supplied by the Head centre. A good impression was made, and it was shown that a club was of some use to the amateur. In the competitive exhibits, Mr. A. E. Walz and Mr. N. Hufschmidt, junr., and Mr. T. Starkie, were successful in winning prizes. Mr. P. Renshaw, general secretary of the Wireless Institute, New South Wales division, was the judge, and was very interested in the exhibit. He congratulated the club on its active work. The vertex aerial loaned to the club by Mr. Knipe, created a large amount of interest. The next meeting will be held in Mr. Walz's shop on October 22, when anybody interested in wireless will be welcomed.[133]

4AW's father again wins prizes for his chickens at the Ascot Show

GOOD COMPETITION. Compact and well-arranged, the third annual show of the Ascot Horticultural and Industrial Society, which commenced on Saturday, compared favourably with the standard set by the district and suburban shows held in the neighbourhood of Bris-bane. Judging was confined to horse and ring events, dogs and poultry, there being a large entry in each, particularly in the dog section, which was a feature of the show. The attendance was large, especially for a first day, and may be expected to be exceeded on Saturday next, when his Excellency the Governor has signified his intention of being present to perform the official opening. The patron of the society is Mr. A. H. Whittingham, the president Mr. E. G. Blume, and the chairman Mr. F. L. South. The very efficient secretary is Mr. F. Bunce, who has as his assistant Mr. A. E. Klingner. Aided by an energetic committee, the gentlemen mentioned were responsible for a finely organised effort. A strong ladies committee also rendered assistance in providing refreshments and in conducting stalls in aid of the funds which will be used for further improving the already well laid out school grounds. The opening ceremony was performed by Mr. A. L. Petrie, M.L.A., in the course of a congratulatory address. Saturday's award were as follow:— . . . white Leghorn, c and h. — Thompson; cl. L. W. Baker; any other colour, cl, W. Bohl 1, C. A. Walz 2; h or cl, W. Bold 1, C. A, Walz 2 and 3; [134]

1924 11[edit]
1924 12[edit]


1925 01[edit]
1925 02[edit]

4AW submits a log of receptions, now reflecting a large number of American amateurs

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . ITEMS OF INTEREST. . . . Mr. R. (sic, A.) E. Walz, of Eton street, Nundah, using the PI circuit with two stages of audio frequency, heard the following stations during last week:— Queensland.— 4EG, 4CU. New South Wales.— 2YG, 2YI, 2WS, 2JT, 2JS, 2AP, 2BK, 2GQ, 2CR, 2GR. Victoria.— 3JR. New Zealand.— 1AA, 4AK, 4AG, 4AA, 1YA, 2AC, 2AP, 3AL. Canada.— 5GO. U.S.A.— 1KC, 1THL, 2AP, 2RK, 3BQG, 5BA, 5LS, 5ZAI, 6EW, 6ALW, 6RN, 6TI, 6CGW, 6AHP, 6LI, 6VC, 6ALF, 6RP, 6EA, 7UU, 7GQ, 7LR, 9ZT, 9CG, KGO.[135]

4AW elected treasurer at the AGM for RSQ Toombul

CLUB ACTIVITIES. The Radio Society of Queensland (Toombul Branch).— At the annual meeting of the Toombul branch held on 10th inst., the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:— President, Mr. G. I. Knipe; hon. secretary, Mr. T. W. Starkie; treasurer, Mr. A. E. Walz; also five vice-presidents. It was decided to hold the meeting night every alternate Tuesday, beginning at 8 o'clock, with a quarter of an hour's Morse practice each evening. The club is now engaged on the con-struction of a typical low loss receiving set. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 24th instant. All interested are invited to attend.[136]

4AW's father elected to committee of Toombul Show

TOOMBUL SHOW. Association's Annual Meeting. The Toombul Agricultural, Horticultural, and Industrial Association held its eighth annual meeting on Monday. The balance-sheet showed the excess of assets to be £330 14s 9d, the last show having given £52 7s 7d profit. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:— Patron, Mr. G. H. Mackay, M.H.R.; vicepatrons, Messrs. W. Kelso, M.L.A.; and Alderman F. W. Bradbury; president, Mr. W. J. Clatworthy; vicepresidents, Messrs. D. Wildermuth, W. F. Schultz, H. C. Wood, T. E. Ham, A. Hewitt, E. Proctor, H. W. Foxlee, A. Tainton, H. W. Pentecost, and W. P. Willman; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. C. Wood; auditor, Mr. E. N. Richardson; committee, Messrs. E. H. Coulter, J. G. Sobey, G. Grauf, E. Rolls, J. H. McDonald, R. Mills, W. Kubler, J. A. Carroll, N. Hewitt, J. Chapman, D. O'Connell, A. J. Thompson, A. E. Schultz, T. Starkie, G. W. Baker, W. J. Cumberland, J. Kerr, Geo. Wood, C. A. Walz, J. J. Gibson, and G. Patrick. The filling of the secretaryship, rendered vacant by the resignation of Mr. A. J. Thompson, was postponed, Mr. John G. Sobey being appointed acting secretary.[137]

1925 03[edit]

RSG Toombul meeting being held at 4AW's father's residence

RADIO SOCIETY OF QUEENSLAND (TOOMBUL BRANCH). During last weekend a few of the members of the club spent an interesting time at Mr. A. D. MacPherson's residence at Woody Point. A five-valve set, employing one stage of high frequency detector, two stages of low frequency amplification and pushpull amplifier, was used on a spring aerial. The aerial, which was kindly lent for the purpose by the Thomas Radio Co., was found to give excellent results. A counterpoise was used in place of the orthodox earth, and proved extremely efficient on shortwave reception, especially as this was the first occasion on which this particular set had been tried on short waves. The following stations were logged on Saturday between 5 p.m. and 11.45 p.m.: Queensland: 4CM, 4CU. New South Wales: 2BL, 2FC, 2CL, 2HM, 2HS, 2JT, 2RT. Victoria: 3YX. South Australia: 5CM. New Zealand: 1AA, 2BM. U.S.A.: 7AHA, and 7LH. During the evening the cricket results were received from 2FC on the loud speaker. Various other experiments were tried including land line telegraphy and telephony. The weekend proved very successful. Further trips are being planned by the club. Persons desirous of joining may obtain full information from the secretary (Mr. T. Starkie, Sandgate-road, Nundah), or at the club meetings, which are held every alternate Tuesday evening. The next meeting will he held on March 10 at Mr. C. A. Walz's residence, corner of Sandgate-road and Eton-street.[138]

4AW submits a log of receptions including a long list of American stations

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . ITEMS OF INTEREST. . . . Mr. A. E. Walz, of Eton-street, Nundah, forwards the following list of American stations heard since January 27. The receiver used is a single circuit with two stages of audio frequency:— U.S.A. 1ARY, 1BES, 1CMP, 1KC, 1THL, 1ZH, 1ZT, 2AG, 2AP, 2BY, 2DN, 2GK, 2KY, 2MK, 2PD, 2RK, 2XAM, 3ADQ, 3BQG, 3BWJ, 3LW, 4DV, 4FZ, 4SA, 4TJ, 4TV, 5AFU, 5AGQ, 5AKN, 5ALS, 5ATX, 5BA, 5GF, 5LS, 5OX, 5SD, 5UK, 5XBH, 5ZAI, 6AC, 6AHP, 6AJH, 6AKW, 6ALF, 6ALW, 6ANB, 6AR, 6BBV, 6BIK, 6BJV, 6BJX, 6BMW, 6BNR, 6BUR, 6BUW, 6BRA, 6CBB, 6CGO, 6CGW, 6CHS, 6CHX, 6CIW, 6CIX, 6CK, 6CMG, 6CMU, 6CP, 6CQE, 6CRS, 6SCO, 6CSW, 6CSX, 6CTO, 6CW, 6DBH, 6EA, 6EW, 6GT, 6JP, 6LI, 6RN, 6RP, 6TI, 6UA, 6VC, 6VO, 6WP, 7ABB, 7ADF, 7AKO, 7AKK, 7DF, 7GJ, 7GQ. 7GR, 7IFO, 7LR, 7LS, 7SE, 7UJ, 8ACM, 8CZY, 8DMA, 8ER, 8UF, 8BKK, 9BQJ, 9BPN, 9CFI, 9CG, 9CLD, 9CUC, 9ON, 9XAX, 9XBP, 9XI, 9ZT; Canada: 5BA, 5GO, KGO. NQG, WGH.[139]

1925 04[edit]
1925 05[edit]

4AW reports have heard 140 American stations

ITEMS OF INTEREST. . . . Mr. A. E. Walz, of Nundah, reports having logged up to date 140 American stations. Last Sunday he heard NRRL and A2BK on 53 metres. The receiver used is an OV2 Standard PI.[140]

Meeting of the renamed Toombul Radio club held at 4AW's father's residence and 4AW announces reception of NRRL

CLUB ACTIVITIES. TOOMBUL RADIO CLUB. At the general meeting held at Mr. Walz's residence, it was decided to change the name of the club (Radio Society of Queensland, Toombul Branch to "The Toombul Radio Club," as the head centre of the Radio Society of Queensland had been disorganised. The club is now known as the Toombul Radio Club. Mr. A. Walz reported having heard NRRL, the American Fleet's experimental station, and that he hears the station regularly. A letter was received from Mr. Macpherson, a keen member of the club, who is holidaying at Kalbar, stating that he is getting very good results on his 2-valve set. The club hopes to honoured shortly by the presence of a lady member, who is a keen enthusiast. the dub will then have the distinction of being the first in Brisbane to have a lady member.[141]

1925 06[edit]

4AW's father requests approval to withdraw a tender for a house connection to the Brisbane Water Supply and Sewerage Board

MISCALCULATED TENDER. APPLICATION FOR WITHDRAWAL. The officer in charge of the house connections branch (Mr. A. Barclay) reporting to yesterday's meeting of the Water Supply and Sewerage Board on an application by C. A. Walz. for permission to withdraw a tender, said it was evident that Mr. Walz had omitted to include certain items in his calculations. Including those figures, Mr. Walz still would be the lowest tenderer. He recommended that Mr. Walz be advised to be more careful in future. Mr. Phillips said it was time they drew the line somewhere. He felt like giving the job to the next lowest tenderer. Mr. Macfarlane: That would penalise the householder. Mr. Frew: What is the difference? The President: £25. The difference between Mr. Walz's tender and that with the omitted items was £5. Ald. Roche asked how they knew that the next lowest tenderer would not put in a similar plea? Mr. Frew remarked that tenderers knew that it was not customary to allow tenders to be amended. On the motion of Mr. Phillips, it was decided that Mr. Walz be not allowed to withdraw his tender, but that he be allowed to amend it on the estimate of the officer in charge, also that he be warned to be more careful in future.[142]

1925 07[edit]

4AW active with Toombul Radio Club: provides his home for club meeting, undertakes to lecture on subject "Batteries", provides a receiver for a field trip

TOOMBUL RADIO CLUB. The general meeting of the Toombul Radio Club was held at Mr. Walz's residence, Nundah, on June 30. There was a good attendance of members and visitors. It was decided that a series of lectures be inaugurated, and the following roster was arranged:— July 14, "Low Loss Apparatus," by Mr. Starkie; July 28, "Batteries," by Mr. Walz; August 11, "The Valve," by Mr. Vining; August 25, "Aerials and Earths," by Mr. Costin. During last weekend a party from the club conducted an experimental trip to Woody Point. The results of these trips are proving very beneficial and interesting to its participants. Using a PI low loss set owned by Mr. Walz, the following stations on wavelength between 20 and 90 metres were logged:— Australia:— 2BB, 2GQ, 2ZN, 3EF, 3BD, 3YY, 3AD, 4CM, 4RB, and 7AA. New Zealand.— 2AC, 1FQ, 3AL, 2AE, 4AG, 2BX, 4AR, 1AO. U.S.A.— 5OX, 9DED, 9AKF, 6AWT, 1FX, KIO, and KEL. Germany.— A station on 20 metres. Experiments were also tried on the boat from Woody Point to Sandgate. Using no aerials or earth. 2CM and 2Yl were logged. The same experiment was carried out in the train.[143]

4AW still active with Toombul Radio Club, contributes to meeting discussions, reports hearing G2NM

CLUB ACTIVITIES. . . . TOOMBUL RADIO CLUB. Before a good attendance of members Mr. Starkie delivered an interesting lecture on "low loss apparatus," describing each component in detail. At the conclusion of the lecture Mr. Walz explained fully the term "specific inductive capacity." He will lecture next meeting night (Tuesday, July 28) after the usual business has been cleared. Last Sunday afternoon, about 5 o'clock, Mr. Walz heard G2NM, an English amateur, on 50 metres at good strength. Persons interested will find it very instructive to attend these lectures. Full information regarding joining may be obtained from the hon. secretary, Mr. T. Starkie, Sandgate-road, Nundah, or come along to the club room, corner of Eton-street and Sandgate-road, Nundah.[144]

4AW again active with Toombul Radio Club, provides portable receiver to assist in locating interference to 2BL, batteries lecture postponed due to business pressures

CLUB ACTIVITIES. . . . TOOMBUL RADIO CLUB. At a meeting of the Toombul Radio Club the "All Clubs" night was discussed. The delegate for the club (Mr. Starkie) gave the members a good idea of what would take place, the date being definitely fixed for August 13. The various clubs around Brisbane working in conjunction are showing at the Albert Hall a film entitled "The Wizardry of Wireless." Vocal and instrumental items also will be supplied. As the Toombul show will be held in September, arrangements are being made by the club for a demonstration, as the wireless section is being looked after by that club. Last year's demonstration was so successful that there is every reason to expect similar success this year, especially with the advent of 4QG. During next Sunday morning a party from the club will endeavour to trace the cause or the QRM from faulty AC mains heard lately around 2BL's wavelength. As some useful information has been given to the members there should be no difficulty in tracing this nuisance. A three-valve set of special design is to be used in conjunction with a motor car. The set is the property of Mr. Walz. The next meeting night is Tuesday August 4, when Mr. Walz will lecture on batteries. This lecture was unfortunately postponed owing to other urgent business. On the same night Mr. Vining will explain the thermionic valve.[145]

1925 08[edit]
1925 09[edit]

4AW's father participates in Nundah fishing club competition and takes fifth place

ANGLING. By "SQUIRE." . . . Nundahites held the first competition of year at One-man Bridge on Sunday last, in which eight members took part. Fishing was very good, and some very fine whiting were accounted for. The total number of fish caught was 256, weighing 89lb. The result of the competition was as follows:— Mr. A. Masson, 52 fish, weight 15lb. 6oz., 82.12 points, 1; Mr. C. Mackay, 44 fish, 18lb. 5oz., 80.10 points, 2; Mr. W. Marshall, 37 fish, 12lb„ 61 points, 3; Mr. F. Jones, 36 fish, 12lb. 2oz., 60.4 points, 4; Mr. C. Walz, 36 fish, 10.4oz., 56.8 points, 5; Mr. J. Gibson, 29 fish, 11lb. 12oz., 52.8 points, 6; Mr. R. McBride, 22 fish, 9lb. 3oz., 40.6 points, 7. One member did not weigh in. Members are reminded, that the monthly meeting will be held in Toombul Motor Company's Garage on Monday night next. Intending members are invited to come along and join up that night. [146]

4AW provides meeting room for Toombul Radio Club and submits a long log of stations heard

TOOMBUL RADIO CLUB. At the meeting held last Tuesday night in Mr. Walz's residence, at the corner of Eton-street and Sandgate-road, Nundah, further discussion took place regarding the wireless exhibit which is being staged by the Toombul Club at the Toombul Show. The wireless section has been left in the hands of the club, and a big show of exhibits is expected. The president of the club (Mr. G. I. Knipe) will demonstrate his 8-valve superheterodyne on the club's behalf. Particulars will be given later regarding the demonstrations. The Toombul Show will be held on October 1 and 2. The treasurer (Mr. Walz) has rather a hefty list of DX station — i.e., 250 U.S.A. amateurs, 3 G.B.'s and a few foreign. The club welcomed six new members last meeting night. It may have been noticed that last week the club's report was not in the wireless column, since then two lectures have been given at the club's room — the "Thermionic Valve," by Mr. Vining, and "Aerials," by Mr. Costin. A fresh roster of lectures is being drawn up and will be published later.[147]

1925 10[edit]

4AW's father on committee of Toombul Show

TOOMBUL SHOW. RING EVENTS. FIRST DAY'S AWARDS. The ninth annual show of the Toombul Agricultural, Horticultural, and Industrial Association was commenced at Nundah yesterday. There was a very fair attendance for the opening day, and a good programme of ring events was given, although the chie attractions are reserved for this afternoon. The official opening by Mr. W. Lennon, Lieutenant-Governor, will take place at noon to-day. Amongst the non-competitive exhibits in the main pavilion, was a fine display from the gardens of Mr. M. G. Rose, Northgate. The officials are:— President and chairman of committees, Mr. W. J. Clatworthy; hon. treasurer, Mr. H. C. Wood; committee, Messrs. E. H. Coulter, Geo. Grauf, E. Rolls, J. R. McDonald, R. Mills, W. Kubler, J. A. Carroll, J. Chapman, D. O'Connell, A. J. Thompson, A. E. Schulz, T. Starkie, G. W. Baker, W. J. Cumberland, Geo. Wood, C. A. Walz, H. Hewitt, J. J. Gibson, Geo. Patrick, Jas. Waugh, R. W. Garsden, H. Hinton, W. L. Childs, W. J. Free, E. Denovan, and B. Egert; secretary, Mr. John G. Sobey. [148]

1925 11[edit]

4AW's father and uncle listed as licensed gasfitters with the Brisbane Gas Company


4AW's father enters a fishing competition

SURE CATCH FISHING. A RECORD ENTRY. Messrs. Mick Simmons Ltd., the promoters of the sure catch fishing competition, advise having received a record entry of 453 competitors. The drawing for the first boat, to be decided next Sunday, took place last night. The motor launches Lapwing and Twilight I. will leave Christie's jetty, North Quay, at 9.45 a.m. Competitors can obtain their tickets from the firm or at the boat. They must provide their own bait and luncheon. Aerated waters will be obtainable on the launches. Appended is the result of the drawing:— . . . C. A. Walz[150]

4AW's father's tender on a sewerage connection accepted by the Water and Sewerage Board

TENDERS ACCEPTED. Sewerage Connections. The following tenders were accepted by the Water Supply and Sewerage Board at a meeting yesterday:— . . . G. A. Walz, £56, A. P. and E. A. Bedwell, Villiers-street, New Farm; [151]

1925 12[edit]

4AW's father's tender on a sewerage connection accepted by the Water and Sewerage Board

SEWERAGE TENDERS. WATER BOARD ACCEPTANCES. The following tenders for sewerage work were accepted by the Water and Sewerage Board yesterday afternoon: . . . G. A. Walz, £37 6s, J. Bergin, 157 Harcourt-street, New Farm; . . .[152]

4AW passes Stage II Plumbing at Central Technical College

Student Apprentices. Annual Examination The Successful Candidates. The following apprentices passed in the annual apprenticeship examinations held in November last, at the Central Technical College, Brisbane:— . . . PLUMBING. . . . Stage. II.— W. R. Anderson, C. B. Bradford, F. R. Brown, F. Brelsford, G. S. Connon, W. N. Cullum, R. A. Doolan, H. G. Foord, E. R. Grant, R. T. Hinton, J. D. Holt, C. D. Kerr, H. Liddle, R. A. Lind, A. Macklin, A. O. Mann, H. C. Moores, I. J. McLeod, W. N. Randall, A. Rimmell, C. A. Schiffer, M. J. Scott-Keane, G. E. Shaw, J. J. Stewart, W. L. Taylor, I. H. C. Thomson, J. D. Turnbull, A. E. Walz, W. Winch, R. C. Wriggles. [153]


1926 01[edit]

Next meeting of Toombul Radio Club to be held at 4AW's home

TOOMBUL RADIO CLUB. A meeting of the Toombul Radio Club will be held at the residence of Mr. A. Woly [sic, Walz], corner of Eton-street and Sandgate-road, Nundah, on January 12 next at 8 o'clock sharp. All members and persons interested are asked to attend. The object of the meeting is to arrange for further field days and weekend trips for experimental purposes.[154]

1926 02[edit]

4AW's father's tender for a sewerage connection accepted by the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board

HOUSE CONNECTIONS. Sewerage Tenders Accepted. At yesterday's meeting of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board, the following tenders were accepted on the recommendation of the officer in charge, house connections branch:— . . . C. A. Walz, £47 (A. Bowers, 101 Annie-street, New Farm); [155]

4AW's father elected to committee of Toombul(now Nundah District) Show

TOOMBUL A., H. & I. ASSOCIATION. The annual meeting of the Toombul A., H., and I. Association was held in the Show Pavilion on Wednesday evening. Mr. W. J. Clatworthy presiding over a very large attendance of members. The financial statement indicated that the show held in October last was a qualified success. Owing to the district being now a part of the Great Brisbane area, the name of the association has been changed to the Nundah District Agricultural, Horticultural, and Industrial Association. The following officers were elected:— Patron, G. H. Mackay, M.H.R.; vice-patrons, Mr. Wm. Kelso, M.L.A., and Aldermen F. W. Bradbury, and W. F. Schulz; president, Mr. W. J. Clatworthy; vice-presidents, Messrs. T. E. Ham, W. Kubler, T. Starkie, A. Tainton, H. W. Pentecost, H. W. Foxlee, E. Proctor, J. R. Macdonald, A. Olsen, and E. Rolls; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. J. Cumberland; hon. auditor, Mr. F. N. Richardson; secretary, Mr. John G. Sebey; commitee, Messrs. P. C. Adamson, G. W. Baker, H. Blenzinger, H. A. Beiers, J. Chapman, W. Chapman, T. Denovan, B. Egert, W. F. Free, Geo. Grauf, F. Grauf, R. W. Garsden, H. Hewitt, H. Hinton, R. Mills, D. O'Connell, A. E. Schulz, L. Stupart, P. Volkmann, Geo. Wood, C. A. Walz, Jas. Waugh, and N. P. Wilmann.[156]

1926 03[edit]
1926 04[edit]

4AW submits a long log of stations heard

ITEMS OF INTEREST. . . . The following stations have been heard by Mr. A. Z. Walz, Eton-street, Nundah, during the month of March on the 40 metre band:— Australia: 2BK, 2BV, 2CM, 2MH, 2RC, 2RV, 2SS, 2XI, 2YH, 2YI, 3AD, 3BD, 3DC, 3LM, 3TM, 3VP, 3WM, 3YN, 4AN, 4CM, 4RB, 4WB, 5DX, 5KN, 5RG, 6AG, 6CJ, 7BQ. New Zealand: 1AA, 2AC, 2BD, 2BS, 2BX, 2GA, 2GC, 2XA, 3AE, 3AL, 4AV. U.S.A.: 1AAO, 1AGS, 1BXG, 1CMP, 1ITI, 1OA, 1VC, 1WP, 2AHM, 2MU, 2PP, 2RM, 3CKL, 3LW, 4BL, 4HU, 4RM 4VQ, 5ACL, 5APH, 5AUA, 5ASW, 5EB, 5JF, 5NK, 5ZAI, 6ABG, 6AJL, 6ALT, 6ANC, 6ANQ, 6APH, 6APK, 6AWT, 6BER, 6BHZ, 6BIL, 6BMW, 6BQ, 6BSC, 6BTM, 6CAE, 6CCL, 6CKV, 6CLS, 6CTD, 6CUR, 6CVK, 6DAH, 6DAI, 6DAL, 6HV, 6KB, 6KM, 6RN, 6SV, 7AP, 7ARO, 7EK, 7HB, 7HL, 7HO, 7LU, 7OK, 7PU, 7TK, 7VH, 7WU, 8ADM, 8AKS, 8BAU, 8BFO, 8BGN, 8BKN, 8BPL, 8BSC, 8BZT, 8DEM, 8GZ, 8KW, 8XE, 8ZG, 9ADK, 9AKF, 9AXQ, 9BDH, 9BJN, 9BND, 9BSZ, 9BWS, 9BZI, 9CAJ, 9CBY, 9CDE, 9CGN, 9CUR, 9DAW, 9DDH, 9DJW, 9DKA, 9DPW, 9DXR, 9EK, 9ELI, 9ELT, 9HP, 9MB, 9PU, 9UI, 9WI, 9WQ, 9XI, 9YRZ, 9ZT. Ha-waii: 6AFF, 6CFQ, 6DBL, 6TQ, C3N, WYQ. England: 2DX, 2FU, 2KF, 2NM. Philippine Islands: 1AR, 1AT, 1AU, 1CW, 1HR, 3AA CDS. Canada: 3BY. France: 3CA. Ceylon: 8LBT. Porto Rico: 4SA. Brazil: 1AC. French-Indo China: 8QQ. Miscellaneous: ANDIR, AQE, BAM, BXW, EW, JOC, KFUH, NPG, NPN, NPP (Pekin), NPU, NRL (Argentine), VKP, VIT, WGHM (Hongkong).[157]

1926 05[edit]

Qld death registration for 4AW's father Conrad August Walz's sister Florence Sabina Walz nee Walz

  • Qld BDM
  • Death registration: Florence Sabina Walz
  • Death date: 13/05/1926
  • Mother's name: Mary Fredericke Lebberg
  • Father/parent's name: Franz Michael Walz
  • Registration details: 1926/B/48748[158]

Funeral notice for 4AW's aunt

FUNERAL NOTICES. . . . WALZ.— The Relatives and Friends of Mr. J. M. (MARTIN) WALZ (of Nundah-street Nundah) are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved Wife, Florence Sabina, to move from the Church of Real Presence, Nundah, THIS (Friday) AFTER-NOON, at 2 o'clock, to the Nudgee R.C Cemetery. K M SMITH, Undertaker.[159]

4AW wins prize for leading his class in Plumbing II at the Brisbane Central Technical College

Technical Education. Progress in Queensland Presentation of Prizes. The value of a good technical edu-cation was emphasised last night at the annual distribution of prizes to Students of the Central Technical College. There was a very large attendance at the function, which was held in the Examination Hall of the college. Mr. B. J. McKenna (Under Secre-tary, Department of Public Instruc-tion), who presided, stated that the year had been one of considerable progress and activity. Accommodation was the main difficulty. They had done the best to make technical training go as far as the railways extended, and even other methods had been adopted for some places with which the railways were not connected. In their system it was recognised that boys and girls needed training of the hands as well as the minds. The institution was now reach-ing enormous proportions. "In these democratic ages," concluded the speaker, "the mind of the child must be developed." ANNUAL REPORT. The principal (Mr. R. A. Wearne), in the annual report for 1925, said that technical classes were inaugurated in Brisbane in 1881, under the auspices of the School of Arts. On March 10 of that year Mr. J. A. Clark was ap-pointed instructor of art subjects. He was succeeded by Mr. R. Godfrey Rivers, who in turn gave place to Mr. F. J. Martyn Roberts, the present holder of the position. About 1887 it was determined to extend the opera-tions of the more utilitarian arts and crafts. Shorthand and bookkeeping had been taken in hand, but a demand then arose for more strictly techni-cal classes. Classes were or-ganised which were carried on with success for many years Mr. McConnell, in 1888, became an ad-vocate for the establishment of a tech-nical college for Brisbane. Mr. Barton undertook the instruction of an elec-tricity class and an attempt was made to start a general science department. After a few years of work, Mr. McCon-nell was able to put into effect his scheme for organising a technical col-lege as a separate entity. He obtained recognition from the Government in the shape of capitation and endow-ment grants. The 1925 session proved, in many, re-spects, to be a record. The total num-ber of individual students enrolled was 5,369, and the number of student hours for the year was 962,789. Eighty-eight full-time and 86 part-time teachers were employed during the year. Fifty pupils from the day schools succeeded in passing the University junior ex-amination, gaining 98 merits and 384 passes, whilst 454 honours, 910 credits, and 1,076 passes were gained by stu-dents at the annual examinations con-ducted by the Department of Public Instruction. . . . Department of Technology.— . . . A. E. Walz, plumbing, stage II.; [160]

1926 06[edit]
1926 07[edit]
1926 08[edit]

Report of the radio and electrical exhibition mentions 4AW displaying a splendid receiver and a home-constructed transformer

RADIO TOPICS. BY "LISTENER." The radio and electrical show at the Exhibition Hall contains a wealth of interest to the amateur and the listener-in. There will be seen all that is latest in factory-made receivers and components, and one notes with pride that the Australian-made article occupies pride of place in many instances. Although there are American and English-made receivers and components of the highest quality, the locally made receivers suffer nothing in comparison either for selectivity or in cabinet design. There are really some wonderful sets in the exhibition, and a desire for possession must fill the minds of every listener who inspects them. The exhibition points to the great advances that has been made in receiver design during the last two years, an advance that would have been more emphasised had some of the less finished and less efficient sets of two or three years ago been placed side by side with the new for purposes of comparison. The display of some of the firms already have been reviewed in "The Telegraph," and suffice it to say here that the whole of the stalls reflect great credit on the organisers because of the attractive way in which all the articles have been displayed. One notes, with satisfaction that those in charge of the radio sections of the displays have shown a commendable willingness to assist amateurs with helpful advice which has been much sought, particularly by youthful enthusiasts. The amateur section is undoubtedly a big feature of the exhibition, and it is satisfactory to note that although the nature of the competitions was not announced until a very late hour, no less than 60 entries were received. One must congratulate the members of the Wooloowin Club on their wonderful contribution of a third of the exhibits, and also upon the general excellence of the apparatus shown by them. The club is represented in every competition, and although the results were not known when those notes were written, one feels sure that Wooloowin amateurs will figure prominently in the prize list. The competitions were arranged to encourage the experimental spirit among amateurs in Queensland. In all there are nine sections ranging from low power transmitter to novelties in crystal sets. Although the magnificently constructed multivalve sets must excite the admiration of all who see them, it is the novel crystal sets that attract most notice because of the sheer audacity of the constructors in some instances. For instance who would think after seeing the big crystal sets with their large coils and double sets of condensers that reception could be accomplished on a set made on an ordinary wooden match? Jack Clowes, of Milton, exhibits such a set, coil, crystal, and catswhisker, all on a wooden match. And it brings in Station 4QG splendidly. Another novel set is that shown by Anthony Thomas, of Wooloowin, who has successfully used an old blucher boot for the purpose. H. Darragh, Kangaroo Point, has a watch set — you can carry it about in your pocket and listen in just when the spirit moves you. Cyril Milliner, of Ithaca, has a fountain pen set, Walter A. Mitchell, Wilston, a flowerpot set, Albert Round, South Brisbane, a looking glass set, which you can use as you perform your morning shave. B. W. Dalton has a real catswhisker set. There is a model of a cat whose whiskers rest upon a crystal. One wonders if this set "howls" like some of the oscillating valve sets one hears these nights. Thomas Davidson, of Wynnum-South, exhibits a set made in the form of a model wheelbarrow. There seems to be no end to the inventiveness of the amateur experimenters in our midst. Other exhibitors of novel crystal sets are Harold Thomson, Darra; Victor Adsett, Chermside; Roy Kington, Toombul; and Norman Riggall, Sherwood. Among the exhibitors of sets, one noticed splendid receivers by Norman Eagle, Red Hill; Trevor Duggan, Bowen Hills; Arthur E. Walz, Nundah; C. J. Grant, Wooloowin; B. Dalton, Wooloowin: J. P. Love, city; C. J. Grant, Wooloowin; Herbert Kington, Wooloowin; Edwin F. Blackboro, Chelmer; Charles O'Brien, Ascot; Charles Miles, Kelvin Grove. A balanced interflex set is shown by Thomas A. Foley, West End. There is a good display of wavetraps demonstrating how the problem of selectivity is being tackled by amateurs. There are several pieces of homemade apparatus, the contributors being Mr. Kenna, of Wooloowin, who displays a professional looking brass tapping key and a millimeter; Arthur E. Walz, Nundah, transformer; H. and C. Stephenson, Wooloowin, A and B battery charger. Each evening during the exhibition, station 4QG is transmitting a programme from a broadcasting studio, which has been erected on the stage. This gives country visitors a good idea of how broadcasting is accomplished from the station, and what is more it provides good entertainment for those attending the exhibition. The Monday and Tuesday night programmes were much enjoyed, opening as they did with lecturettes appropriate to the occasion. On Monday night Mr. J. H. Broome (Siemens Proprie-tary, Limited) lectured on "Automatic Telephone Exchanges," and last night Professor Parnell, of the Queensland University, dealt with "The development of electrical science." Tonight, Mr. J. W. Robinson (director, Queensland Radio Service) will lecture on "Broadcasting"; tomorrow night Professor Hawkins (Queensland University) will speak on "Engineers and Engineering" and on Friday night Mr. W. I. Monkhouse (president, Queensland division, Wireless Institution) will lecture on "Experimenters." The radio inspector has a stand at the exhibition where visitors may receive information pertaining to the wireless telegraphy regulations, and obtain wireless receiving licenses. In a foreword to the souvenir programme the Premier (Mr. W. McCormack) has this to say on the subject of radio: During the past ten years the world has witnessed some remarkable developments in connection with the science of electricity, and in no branch of the science do these remarks apply so strongly as in connection with radio. Had any person a mere matter of ten years ago attempted to convince the world that by 1926 millions of people in all parts of the globe would be entertained by speech or music, said, sung, or played at points many miles distant from them, and carried like a flash through space into their homes, he would doubtless have been laughed to scorn. Yet so rapid has been the march of radio progress that today these things are not surmises, but are accomplished facts. It is pleasing to note that so young a State as Queensland has not lagged behind the rest of the world. In Brisbane today one of the most modern and most powerful stations in the world is now providing a regular broadcasting service, and is doing its best to bring the country dweller in touch with the city, and so help to relieve his isolation. I am interested in radio both personally as the owner of a receiver and officially as Minister in Charge of the broadcasting In this State. On this, the occasion of the first radio and electrical exhibition held in Brisbane, I am pleased to have the opportunity of expressing the hope that the exhibition will be a big success, and will be the means of creating even further enthusiasm. On Thursday evening the Wooloowin Radio Club held its second annual meeting, at which there was a good attendance of members. The president and secretary's reports showed that good progress had been made by the club during its existence. This no doubt was due to the interest and enthusiasm shown by the members. The treasurer's report showed that the club was in a satisfactory financial position. Two members of the club recently were successful in obtaining their amateur operator's proficiency certificates, arid it is thought that others will go up for certificates very soon. Most of the club members are unable to listen-in this week owing to their sets being at the radio and electrical exhibition. The club room will be open to members on Thursday evening next. Intending members and visitors are welcome. All inquiries regarding the club should be addressed to the hon. secretary (H. A. Jiear), Lisson Grove, Wooloowin. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Patron, J. Love; president, H. Kington; hon. secretary, H. A. Jiear; treasurer, J. P. Love; committee, V. Kenna, W. Dalton; technical committee, V. Kenna, C. Stephenson, H. Stephenson.[161]

1926 09[edit]
1926 10[edit]

4AW's father wins prize at Nundah Show for his french beans

Nundah District Show. Keen Contests on First Day. The annual show of the Nundah District Agricultural, Horticultural, and Industrial Association was commenced in the Nundnh Reserve yesterday. The exhibits were numerous and competition was keen. Several non-competitive exhibits are displayed in the pavilion by the Queensland Preference League. The show was to be officially opened at noon today by the Minister for Agriculture (Mr. W. Forgan Smith). AWARDS. The awards made yesterday are as follow:— . . . French beans, C. A. Walz.[162]

1926 11[edit]

4AW included in a long list of stations heard by anonymous listener, not long after granted transmitting privileges

RADIO TOPICS. By "LISTENER." "Still Another Two-Valver" writes: I notice that a controversy is taking place in your valuable columns with regard to reception on one and two-valve sets. I would like to enter the arena with the following record: Using a 50 feet aerial (cage type), 25 feet high, with a one-valve set (variocoupler, A.R. 06 dull emitter Ediswan valve, one .001 variable condenser), the following stations were logged:— Morse: Queensland, 4CM, 4AN, 4AZ, 4AE, VIB; New South Wales, VIS, 2WW, 2SX; Victoria, VIM; Kieta, VIU; Samarai, VIJ; ship stations, ZSG, ZBM; New Zealand, NRRL; Pt. Moresby, VIG. Phone: Queensland, 4CM, 4AN, 4CW, 4AZ, 4AE, 4QG; New South Wales, 2BL, 2UW; Victoria, 3AR, 3LO; South Australia, 5CL, 5DonN. Using a single-wire aerial, 100 feet long, and 35 feet high, and with a two-valve set (U.V. 199 Radiotron valves — dull emitters), the following additional stations have been received:— Morse: Queensland, VJE (s.s. Cooma, stranded on reef); New South Wales, 2WI; South Australia, VIA. Phone: Queensland, 4HW; New South Wales, 2KY, 2FO, AWI. The following shortwave stations also have been received: 4AW (Bris-bane), 2DG Kyogle (New South .Wales). These on 80 metre band. I think that in all probability the above record has been eclipsed by other radio fans using similar sets, and I hope to see this interesting and instructive controversy continued still further in your widely-read and interesting Radio Topics. [163]

1926 12[edit]


1927 01[edit]

4AW's father advertising for staff for his plumbing business

PROFESSIONS, TRADES, &c. . . . WANTED Boy for office; C. A. Walz, Ann and Brookes Street, Valley. [164]

1927 02[edit]
1927 03[edit]

4AW features in a list (full of typos) of Brisbane experimenters by a journalist suggesting they are not achieving much anymore

RADIO. Brisbane Experimenters. What Are They Doing? By "LISTENER." I met an amateur experimenter in a Brisbane street the other day. Hello! I said, have all you experimenters ceased doing all the good things of which one used to hear so much a year or two ago? Long distance working; two way communication; calling up England, America, and other places on the other side of the world? Have you all degenerated into more broadcast listeners, tuning in to an "A" class station each night and sitting back in an easy chair to enjoy the programmes? My friend the experimenter came a little closer to me. He furtively glanced up and down the street. He waited until a passerby had got out of hearing, and then he whispered. We are doing just as much these nights as we ever did before," he said, "only we are not talking about it." "That is just what I am complaining about," I told him. "Why don't you tell the world of your accomplishments in the experimental field, if you have any?" My friend, the experimenter, grew more secretive. "Don't tell anybody," he said, "but the fact is that we have been circularised and requested not to supply newspaper and wireless magazine scribes with particulars of what we are doing? I laughed, but my friend, who is not a humourist, assured me that what he had said was true. "By whom have the experimenters been circularised, and for what reason are they asked to observe secrecy about their experiments?" I questioned. My friend, the experimenter, grew more secretive. He observed that the weather was very unsettled lately; that we were likely to have rain today; if not today, well tomorrow. And he proceeded on his way leaving me wondering. STATE AMATEUR STATIONS. In Queensland! there, are 41 holders of amateur transmitting licenses. Seventeen of these stations are in Brisbane. What are they doing to justify their claim to be experimenters, and not mere broadcast listeners, whom some of them affect to despise? One of them, W. L. Gibson, of 4AN, Greenslopes, has lately given evidence of the value of experimental work in our midst by rising to the occasion when northern telephone and telegraphic lines had been swept away by flood and cyclone and taking over work which the Post and Telegraphs Department had been unable to perform as a public duty. He and Mr. A. Cooper, of Lloyd Street, Mareeba, whose call letters are 4 BW, broke down the isolation between north and south and told the world of the disaster that had overtaken Cairns and other Northern towns following a cyclone, of whose presence off the coast warning previously had been given by the wireless station on Willis Island, something of which we know from the talks given by Mr. Stevens, the engineer of station 4QG, who served at the station for some time. Both these experimenters worked night and day transmitting and receiving messages, many of which readers of "The Telegraph" were privileged to read by courtesy of the department. The story of the accomplishment of these two experimenters already has been told in "The Telegraph," and it was only obtained by chance. IN TOUCH WITH THE ANTARCTIC. In the English and American newspapers one reads of wonderful achievements. There is the instance of G. W. Goyder, of London, who as schoolboy in 1924 established two-way radio communication with the United States, who has added to his achievements by two-way communication with the Antarctic regions. Between 7 and 8 o'clock on a February Sunday morning, working on 32.2 metres and 250 watts, Mr. Goyder established communication with station AQE, which he found was the call sign of the Norwegian whaling ship Sir James Clark. Replying to Goyder's signals, the ship said: "'You are very loud here. Our position is 78 degrees 30 minutes south latitude, 170 west longitude. I say, it's fine business hearing your signals here at the end of the world; fine business, old man. Please communicate this to Marconi, Oslo, Norway." But in the Australian Press these days one hears very little of the achievements of Australian experimenters. They have done things equal to the best done by the experimenters of other countries; they are, one believes, still accomplishing two-way communication over considerable distances. But why don't the experimenters tell others something of their work if it is at all creditable? BRISBANE EXPERIMENTERS. Are any of the following Brisbane stations, which are licensed to transmit, accomplishing anything like that credited to Mr. Goyer: 4AK (J. Milner, Beswick, Picot Estate, Kelvin Grove); 4AN (W. L. Gibson, Kirkland Avenue, Greenslopes); 4AW (A. E. Walz, corner Eton Street and Sandgate Road, Nundah); 4CG (C. H. Gold, Drake Street, Hill End); 4CM (W. McDowall, Tom Elliott operator, Preston House); 4DC (D. F. Cribb, Foxton Street, Indooroopilly); 4HL (H. L. Miller, corner Ryan and Hoogley Streets, Hill End); 4PG (T. J. Golden, Bronte, Pine Street, Wynnum South); 4SM (W. G. Ikin, River Road, New Farm); 4WF (W. Finney, Milbong, Arthur Terrace, Red Hill); 4WG (WireIess Institute); and 4WN (Wooloowln Radio Club).[165]

1927 04[edit]
1927 05[edit]

4AW a foundation member (and committee member) of the Queensland Radio Transmitters' League (which group a response to the problems within the WIAQ), membership restricted to licensed transmitters

RADIO TRANSMITTERS AMATEUR LEAGUE FORMED. Amateur radio transmitters have banded themselves together in order that their position may be improved. Their organisation is called the Queensland Radio Transmitters League. A uniform log book will be kept by members, and tests carried out periodically. Contact with amateurs outside the State and in the United States, will be established, and an international friendship made. It is stated that apart from the benefit which the members themselves will enjoy, the object of the league does not lose sight of any advancement which the experimenter or ordinary broadcast listener may desire to make. With this object in view, the league is organising a series of lectures which will be held at the headquarters of the various radio clubs, the subjects covering radio in all its phases. It is emphasised that in time of stress the value of such an organisation will be fully appreciated. Co-operation with naval, military, and commercial points should facilitate communication. The membership of the league includes most of the amateur transmitters in the State. The officials are: President, Mr. M. O'Brien, call 4MM; secretary, Mr. L. Feenaughty, call 4LJ; treasurer, Mr. C. H. Gold, call 4CG; committee, Messrs. A. Walz, call 4AW; and R. Browne, call 4RB. Mr. T. Elliott (4CM) and C. H. Gold (4CG) are international publicity officers, their duties being to establish and maintain contact at all times with members of the American Radio Relay League. Meetings are held on alternate Fridays at the transmitting station of Mr. T. Elliott (4CM), Observatory tower at 7.30 p.m., where all transmitting license holders are welcome.[166]

4AW's father selling motorcycle

MOTOR CYCLES AND BICYCLES. . . . HARLEY, 7-9 h.p. solo, 1924 model, first-class order; apply C. A. Walz, Ann and Brookes Streets, Valley. [167]

Further details on formation of Queensland Radio Transmitters' League with 4AW as foundation member

NEW AMATEUR BODY. QUEENSLAND RADIO TRANSMITTERS' LEAGUE. To the man in the street the activities of the Amateur Radio Transmitters (familiarly known as "Hams") are little known. A large number of these "Hams" has worked more or less aimlessly, but efficiently, up to the present. This condition will not persist for very long, as several local "Hams" have banded themselves in order that their position may be bettered, and conditions of working between "Ham" and "Ham" improved and brought to a sound, business-like standard. Their energies will be concentrated in one direction and for the ultimate benefit of all. A uniform log book will be kept by members and tests carried put periodically. Contact with amateurs outside the State and in the United States will be established, and an international friendship made which will naturally assist two great continents more readily to understand each other. Apart from the benefit which the members themselves will enjoy, the league does not lose sight of any advancement which the expert theater or ordinary broadcast listener may desire to make. With this object in view, the league is organising a series of lectures, which will be held at the headquarters of the various radio clubs. The subjects will cover radio in all its phases. The membership of the league comprises almost all the amateur transmitters in the State, whilst the executive are well known to the majority of the radio public, to wit:— President, Mr. M. O'Brien, call 4MM; secretary, Mr. L. Feenaghty, call 4LJ; treasurer, Mr. C. H. Gold, 4CG; committee, Messrs. A. Walz, call 4AW, and R. Browne, call 4RB, Mr. T. Elliott and Mr. C. H. Gold (4CG) are appointed international publicity officers, their duties being to establish and maintain contact at all times with members of the American Radio Relay League. Meetings are held on alternative Fridays at the transmitting station of Mr. T. Elliott (4CM).[168]

As previous

QUEENSLAND RADIO TRANSMITTERS' LEAGUE. The activities of the Amateur Radio Transmitters (familiarly known as "Hams") are seldom given any public prominence, but recent events have proved that this type of enthusiast can be relied upon to supplement and if necessary to take the whole burden of communication upon his shoulders. There is a large number of these "Hams" in the State, and they have been working more or less aimlessly but efficiently up to the present. Several of them have now banded themselves together in order that their position may be bettered, and that conditions of working between "Hams" and "Ham" will be improved, and brought up to a sound businesslike standard. A uniform log book will he kept by members, and tests carried out periodically. Contact with amateurs outside the State and in the United States will be established, and an International friendship made which will naturally assist two great continents to more readily understand each other. The league is organising a series of lectures, which will be held at the headquarters of the various radio clubs, the subject covering radio in all its phases. The membership of the league comprises almost all the amateur transmitters in the State, whilst the executive, well known to the majority of the radio public, are:— President, Mr. M. O'Brien, 4MM; secretary, Mr. L. Feenaghty, 4LJ; treasurer, Mr. C. H. Gold, 4OG [sic, 4CG]; committee, Messrs. A. Walz (4AW) and R. Browne (4RB). Mr. T. Elliott (4CM) and Mr. C. H. Gold (4C [sic,4CG]) are appointed international publicity officers, their duties being to establish and maintain contact at all times with members of the American Radio Relay League. Meetings are held on alternative Fridays at the transmitting station of Mr. T. Elliott (4CM), Observatory Towers, at 7.30 p.m., where all transmitting license holders are welcome.[169]

1927 06[edit]
1927 07[edit]

4AW takes second place in QRTL inaugural reliability relay test

"QTC." Transmitters' League. The Queensland Radio Transmitters' League, which was formed in April of this year, has entered upon the second stage of its activities — that of organised publicity and promulgation of reports of its doings and plans for the future. It has brought out the first issue of its magazine, "Q.T.C.," which is to be published monthly in the interests of experimental radio. From its columns we learn that the league aims, by co-operation and co-ordination of effort to obtain better conditions for its members, and, incidentally, for the amateurs and experimenters of the Commonwealth. It is pointed out with a great degree of truth that the regulations governing wireless telegraphy in Australia, especially as far as experimental activities are concerned, are very much out of date, having been formulated at a time before radio had made the rapid strides which it has been achieving in the last decade. It is therefore essential that the laws governing wireless be brought up to date so as to meet the needs of the experimenter. The league aims to secure an amendment of the regulations to permit of the handling of traffic by experimental stations upon similar lines to those at present in operation in the United States. The league purposes providing telephone lectures and classes of instruction in code on the 200-250 metre band. The first reliability relay test conducted by the league resulted as follows: 4HG (H. Bell), 6 points 1; 4AW (A. Walz), 4 points 2; 4GO (G. Oxlade), 4 points 2; 4NW (T. Starkie), 2 points 3; 4HW (H. Walsh), 2 points 3; 4JG (C. Grant), 1 point 4. The following stations, being originators, were not eligible for points, but the number gained are shown for general information: 4RB (R. Browne), 6 points; 4CG (C. Gold), 4 points; 4LJ (Leo. Feenaghty) 2 points. The Q.R.T.L. is holding a convention on Thursday of Exhibition week. "QTC" contains much useful information for amateur transmitters, and has been well edited by Mr. Leo. Feenaghty, care of the Main Roads Commission.[170]

1927 08[edit]
1927 09[edit]
1927 10[edit]

4AW wins prizes at the Nundah show for a crystal set and also a assortment of wireless accessories

Nundah District Show. Interference by Rain. Proposal to Rehold the Show. Owing to the inclement weather it was necessary for the Nundah District Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial Association to postpone the greater part of its annual show, which began on Friday and was continued on Saturday. The deferred items include the ring events and the judging of the dog and poultry sections. Some exhibitors expressed annoyance as they had brought their exhibits to the grounds. The track was in too sloppy a condition to permit of the carrying out of the ring programme. In the case of the poultry and dogs, as these were to be judged in the open, it was considered unfair to ask entrants to expose their birds and animals in the rain. Though the weather was fine from about noon onwards on Saturday, the committee felt that it was wise to come to a decision earlier in the day and the decision was adhered to despite protests from dog owners. A meeting of the committee of the association was held at 3.30 p.m., and it was decided to ask the Royal National. Association for permission to hold another show at a date to be agreed upon, subject to the Toombul Cricket Club's, being agreeable to the association having the use of the grounds. As soon as the Royal National Association's decision is known the Nundah Show Committee will make arrangements for the holding of another show. OFFICIAL OPENING. The official opening of the show took place at noon on Saturday. The president of the association (Mr. W. J. Clatworthy) explained the difficult position caused by the rain, which began to fall before the first day of the show. It was not expected that the rain would continue, as there had been a dry spell of over four months. It was the misfortune of the association. They were, however, pleased to see the rain which would do an immense amount a of good to the country. They had been compelled to abandon the ring events, and the dogs, and poultry sections. They were hopeful of being able at some future date to continue the show and have these sections. judged. But it would be necessary to get from the Royal National Association permission to do so, so that the date would not clash with those of any other societies. As the chairman of the council of the Royal National Association (Mr. W. J. Affleck) was with them that day, he hoped no difficulty would be experienced, and that the Royal National Association would help the Nundah Association in its trouble and tribulation. Referring to the horse section, Mr. Clatworthy said that some years ago the association had as many as 450 entries, whereas today, owing to the advent of the motor cars, the entries totalled only about 150. He could see the time ahead when this section would be extinct. He asked Mr. W. J. Affleck, representative of the Royal National Association, to declare the show open. Mr. Affleck said that he regretted the inclement weather conditions experienced by the association. Unfortunately they could not postpone the rain until next day. The rain was a big asset to the whole of the State, and though it had interfered with the Nundah show he felt sure that it was welcomed by all. The exhibits of fancy work, cookery, and flowers, displayed in the pavilion, reflected the greatest credit on those concerned, especially the exhibits in the women's section. in view of the adverse conditions he suggested that exhibitors could assist the association by handing back their prize money, to enable the association to overcome the difficulty. He knew of this having been done under similar circumstances. He had pleasure in declaring the show open. . . . THE AWARDS. The following are the awards, additional to those published in "The Telegraph" on Friday and Saturday:— . . . MISCELLANEOUS AND INDUSTRIAL. Judge, Mr. L. W. K. Wirth. Collection of woodwork: John Mole 1 and 2. Wireless, crystal set: C. O'Mara 1, A. E. Waltz 2. Valve set: N. Skyring 1, S. Costin 2. Assortment of wireless accessories: A. E. Walz 1, S. Costln 2. Working man's dinner, cost not more than 1s.: Mrs. G. Charlton 1, L. Darben 2.[171]

1927 11[edit]

4AW's father and uncle listed as licensed gasfitters by the Brisbane Gas Company


1927 12[edit]


1928 01[edit]
1928 02[edit]
1928 03[edit]

At 4th annual meeting of the Toombul Radio Club, 4AW gives treasurer's report, appointed to executive committee and technical committee

Toombul Radio Club. At the fourth annual meeting of the Toombul Radio Club, Mr. P. Collins presiding, the report of the retiring treasurer (Mr. A. E. Walz) showed that after an expenditure of £27 14s. during the past year a credit balance of £10 11s. was in hand. For several reasons the report of the president was held over until a special meeting, which has been called for March 7, primarily to consider the adoption of revised rules. The election of office bearers resulted as follows: President, Mr. H. E. Hannington; vice-presidents, Messrs. E. Coulter and F. Francis, and several other gentlemen to whom the secretary was instructed to write; sec-retary, Mr. W. E. Vining; treasurer, Mr. E. Coulter; executive committee members, Messrs. L. Hubner, J. Walker, and A. E. Walz; technical committee, Messrs. L. Hubner, A. E. Walz, T. W. Starkie, W. E. Vining, and T. Riding; auditors, Messrs. A. D, Macpherson and T. Riding; librarian, Mr. A. D. Macpherson. Votes of thanks were tendered to the retiring officers.[173]

At QRTL second convention, 4AW awarded third place in competition for 4CG (Cliff Gold) cup for the owner-operator of the station adjudged to be the best during the year.

Radio Transmitters. League Convention. Short Wave Peculiarities. At the second convention of the Queensland Radio Transmitters' League, held in the West End School of Arts last night, it was stated that Darling Downs observer members of the league had regularly reported that with the fall of night the signals of Brisbane amateurs faded out after becoming distorted, and station 4QG became terribly distorted. The chief observer and secretary (Mr. L. J. Feenaghty) reported similarly as a result of some tests conducted by him on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. At Bangalow, near Lismore, he noted that station 4QG came in fine during daylight, but at nightfall "they could not imagine anything so awful as reception from 4QG." The president of the league (Mr. M. M. O'Brien, of station 4MM) was in the chair, and there was a large attendance of members and guests. A toast list and musical programme were submitted. Proposing the toast of "The Department and the Services," coupled with the name of Mr. T. Armstrong (Radio Inspector), the president said that during the last twelve months he had come into active touch with the department and with Mr. Armstrong, and he had found that the department was the very reverse of what many people thought. Many looked upon the department as a "dog"; but it was not. The department was there to administrate the law and to successfully do that the co-operation of those to whom the law applied was necessary. The department had greatly facilitated the activities of the league during the past twelve months. Mr. O'Brien paid a tribute to the work of Mr. Armstrong. Responding to the toast Mr. Armstrong said that the relations between the department and the league had been most cordial. The co-operation which had been forthcoming from the league had made his task as radio inspector much easier. He did not doubt that the same measure of co-operation would be given him during the coming twelve months. Without co-operation chaos would result. Mr. T. Armstrong proposed the toast of "The Q.R.T.L." The league, he said, was the first of its kind in the Commonwealth in that it embraced only transmitting stations in the State. Other States had copied the idea, but for once Queensland had its nose in front, which had given him great pleasure. The league had successfully published a magazine, and New South Wales had followed in that direction. Radio clubs came and went — some had a very short life — but judging by the attendance that night and the enthusiasm of members the Radio Transmitters' League seemed to be as alive as ever. The league could accomplish much. It could convene conventions, arrange tests, publicity and experimental work.It could also engage in research work along certain lines. There was work to be done that would not entail the purchase of costly scientific instruments, and in co-operation with its observer section the league perhaps could accomplish some good in the interests of wireless transmission and reception. The problem of fading was one of the matters that could engaged the attention of the league. That problem had not yet been solved, nor was it near solution. Responding to the toast, Mr. L. J. Feenaghty said the Australian amateur and experimenter was extremely fortunate in having administrators such as Mr. Malone and Mr. Armstrong. The wireless regulations, as they stood were super-restrictive, due, no doubt, to the fact that they were formulated many years ago before the present comparatively high stage of advancement had been reached by amateur experimenters. In 1912, if a man were successful in communicating over five miles he was regarded somewhat as a DX fiend, but now there were several amateur transmitters in Brisbane who bridged the Pacific with monotonous regularity. He had been carrying out a series of tests this month and had made contact with the North and South American continent. Other amateurs were accomplishing similar things. The regulations had not advanced with the rapid strides that had characterised the efforts of the experimental amateur transmitter. Therefore were the regulations administered according to the letter rather than in the spirit the work of the amateur would be so restricted as to cause him to "put up the shutters." Mr. Feenaghty agreed that the observer section of the league was a very important section. The league had transmitter members throughout the country, as well as in Brisbane, and there were observer members at many centres of the State and in other States. The duty of observers, he said, was to note the behaviour of short wave signals and report to him anything of a peculiar nature. Reports were received regularly from the Darling Downs, and he personally had conducted tests on the Northern Rivers last year during a motor holiday tour. Referring to experimental work, Mr. Feenaghty said the league recognised that such work should occupy a big part in its activities; but up to the present very little had been done in that direction. Tests, however, had conducted on the 23 metre band, and three members had been conducting tests on five metres. He referred to the progress made by the league's magazine "QTC," of which he is editor. Ten months ago the magazine started with four pages and 20 subscribers. The current issue had 20 pages and the subscribers numbered over 150. It was sent to England, South Africa, India, Burma, China, Japan, the Fanning Islands, New Zealand, and the United States of America. He hoped that before this year had come to a close that a federation of all radio transmitting leagues in Australia would have been formed. Other toasts were "The other Leagues" and "The Artists." Mr. C. H. Gold (4CG, Hill End) presented his trophy to the owner-operator of the station adjudged to be the best during the year. He handed the trophy, an ornate cup, to Mr. T. W. Starkie (4NW, Nundah) who during the period under review established contact with 232 stations on 32 metres and nine stations on 23 metres. Mr. Starkie held two way communication with nearly every country in the world on short waves and he also did quite a lot of work on 250 metres besides conducting many experiments. The station next in order of merit was 4AW (Mr. A. E. Walz, Nundah), who was said to be one of the most enthusiastic transmitter members of the league. He communicated with 11 countries in five continents, besides getting in touch with 142 Australian and 23 New Zealand stations. The next in order of merit was station 4PN (R. Roberts, West End). Other stations which were commended for their work by Mr. Gold were 4LJ (L. J. Feenaghty) and 4GO. The owners of the first three stations were presented with league pennants. On behalf of the league Mr. Feenagty thanked Mr. Gold for his trophy. Mr. T. Armstrong (radio inspector), on behalf of the league, presented a pennant to Mr. Gold, who was adjudged the most consistent experimenter in the reliability test on 23 metres conducted by the league. On behalf of fellow members Mr. Gold presented the secretary with a pair of silver-mounted engraved pipes in case in recognition of his work for the league. Mr. Feenaghty, who was obviously surprised, expressed thanks to members.[174]

1928 04[edit]
1928 05[edit]
1928 06[edit]

4AW amateur broadcasting

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." QUEENSLAND RADIO TRANSMITTERS' LEAGUE. Clifford H Gold, 4CG, traffic manager of the Queensland Radio Transmitters' League, notifies that his times of transmission are:— Sunday morning, 9.30 o'clock, regularly; Monday and Tuesday, 6.45 p.m., irregularly; Wednesday, 6.45 p.m., regularly; Thursday, none; Friday, 6.45 p.m., irregularly; Saturday, 2 pm, irregularly; wavelength 234 metres. This station, along with 4GO, 4NW, 4TC, 4AW, 4MF and 4WA (who also use the 250 metre band) are amateur experimental stations, and their operators are in no way connected with commercial broadcasting. The power used at 4CG is approximately 8 watts, and the Heising modulation is being experimented with at present. The traffic branch of the Queensland Radio Transmitters' League is at present preparing a test on 250 metres to be held towards the end of July. Further details will be published later. Mr. Gold's address is Drake-street, Hill End, South Brisbane.[175]

1928 07[edit]

4AW wins prizes for crystal set and accessories assortment at Nundah Show

NUNDAH. OFFICIAL OPENING. A GOOD ATTENDANCE. The Nundah Show was opened on Saturday by the Mayor of Brisbane (Alderman W. A. Jolly, C.M.G.), who was accompanied by Mr. W. Kelso, M.L.A., and Aldermen Bradbury and Schulz. About 1500 persons were present. The exhibits, especially the vege-tables, were of excellent quality. The wood chopping contest created considerable interest. THE AWARDS. . . . WIRELESS.— Crystal set: F. Clarkson 1, A. E. Walz 2. Valve set: N. Skyring 1, E. Coulter 2. Assortment of wireless accessories: A. E. Walz.[176]

1928 08[edit]

4AW's father shifts his plumbing business at Fortitude Valley

TO Plumbers and Tinsmiths, the spacious premises now occupied by Mr. Walz, Plumber, at Ann Street, Valley, will be to let from August 11, lease given if desired; full particulars from F. P. Blight & Co. Ltd., 235 Queen Street, next A.M.P.[177]

1928 09[edit]
1928 10[edit]

4AW included in a list of Brisbane shortwave stations


  • 4AW.— Owner-op. A. Walz, started transmitting August 1926. He uses a series Hartley with a UX210 tube. Input, 5 to 72 watts. His antenna is tuned to the 5th harmonic. Note is rac.
  • 4CG.— Owner-op. Cliff Gold., Started June 1926. Uses L.C. Hartley with a UX210 tube. Input 35 watts, antenna 3rd harmonic. Note rac.
  • 4FN [sic, 4FK].— Owner-op. V. Kenna, started December 1926. Uses L.C. Hartley with a UX210 tube. Input 20-30 watts. Antenna 3rd harmonic. Note dc. Wavebands 32 85.
  • 4GO.— Owner-op, G. Oxlade, started February 1925. Uses T.P.T.G. with a UX210 tube. Input 40 watts with antenna 5th harmonic. Note supply dc.
  • 4LJ.— Owner-op. L. J. Feenaghty. Started October 1926. Uses T.P.T.G. with UX210 tube. Input 18-28 watts. Antenna 3rd harmonic.
  • 4NW.— Owner-op. T. Starkie. Started November 1926. Uses L.C. Hartley with a UX210 tube. Input 40 watts. Antenna 3rd harmonic.
  • 4TC.— Owner Toombul Radio Club, op. 4AW. Started October 1926. Uses L.C. Hartley with Mullard 10 watt tube. Input 15 watts. Antenna 3rd harmonic.[178]
1928 11[edit]

4AW's father and another relation included in list of approved gasfitters by Brisbane Gas Company


  • Walz, C. A., Wickham and Bridge Streets, Valley.
  • Walz, J. M., Nundah Street, Nundah.[179]
1928 12[edit]


1929 01[edit]

4AW wins Qld pennant for 85 metre test by Australian Radio Transmitters' League

Amateur Wireless. Transmitters' League Review of 1928 Activities. In a review of the activities of the Australian Radio Transmitters' League in 1928 specially written for the radio columns of "The Telegraph," Major Leo J. Feenaghty (Federal Secretary) refers to the amalgamation of the league with the Wireless Institute of Australia in an effort to bring about co-operation among all amateur transmitters and experimenters. Major Feenaghty writes:— The year was one of varied interests and activities for the Australian Radio Transmitters' League. At the beginning of 1928 there were two States which had inaugurated the league movement "of, by, and for the amateur" — namely, Queensland (ever pioneers in advancement) and New South Wales. Before Father Time had spun his wheel more than a few rounds the Victorians joined in, and later Western Australia threw in its lot with the league. With great foresight the Western Australians named their league the A.R.T.L. (Western Australian division), and within a few weeks the Q.R.T.L., the N.S.W.R.T.L., and the V.R.T.L. became the A.R.T.L. and respective divisions. Thus four of the six radio districts had definitely thrown in their lot with the league movement. TRIBUTE TO QUEENSLAND. Following this move, Federal headquarters were established, and it is a tribute to Queensland that this State, by a unanimous vote, was selected as the first Federal headquarters of the league. Mr. M. M. O'Brien, the originator of the league idea, and president of the Queensland division, was selected as the first Federal president. Mr. O'Brien is the owner and operator of experimental station VK4MM. The training he received in the Australian Corps of Signallers, in which he holds the commission of lieutenant, stands him in good stead. Major Leo J. Feenaghty, of experimental station VK4LJ, was elected Federal secretary-treasurer, and Mr. C. J. Grant, B.A., B.Com., was made the third member. The closet co-operation was maintained among all divisions, and twice weekly the league H.O. station, VK4LJ, kept schedules with the Victorian and Western Australian divisions. On one notable occasion the Federal committee at VK4LJ controlled by radio a meeting of the Victorian division at VK3JR, contact being maintained for nearly three hours during which much urgent, and important business was transacted. The amendment of the wireless regulations caused great activity in the ranks of the A.R.T.L. and the requests of the league were incorporated in a most complete and comprehensive document which was presented to the Federal authorities. The membership of the Queensland division (then the Q.R.T.L.) at the beginning of 1928 was 28, and at the close of the year 40 transmitters were in the ranks, with three more awaiting admission. AMALGAMATION SCHEME. Realising that the needs of the transmitter could not be best served by two bodies the A.R.T.L. approached the Wireless Institute of Australia with a proposal for a total merger. To enable a full discussion of this proposal to be held the Federal secretary (Major Feenaghty) visited Melbourne to confer with W.I.A. headquarters. The conference was successful and a satisfactory scheme for amalgamation was drawn up. So far as Queensland is concerned the result will be that the A.R.T.L. will take control of A.R.T.L.-W.I.A. combine under the name of the Wireless Institute of Australia (Queensland division). Membership will be open to all transmitters and those holding equivalent qualifications, while all interested in the scientific side of the science of radio will be eligible for associate membership. Those who find fulfilment of their desires in listening to broadcasting only and are not keenly interested In the higher frequencies will be sufficiently catered for by the local radio clubs since the re-established institute is to be a scientific association essentially. "THE Q.T.C." The official organ of the league, "The Q.T.C.," which is published by the Queensland division under the editorship of Major Feenaghty, continues to thrive. Its mailing list covers every continent and 13 countries, while the list of foreign correspondents reads like the membership roll of the League of Nations. From India, Burmah, Czechoslovakia, Japan, the United States of America, England, and all over Australasia views and notes are received, all of which are incorporated in what may with all justification be called the most phenomenally successful amateur venture in Australia. The publication is the product of gratuitous amateur lobaur right throughout, and arrangements are now in hand to have it printed before long. NOTEWORTHY RECORDS. Several noteworthy records have been established by A.R.T.L. members on the 10 metre wave band, an A.R.T.L. man, Mr. S. C. Austin (Perth) being the first to work across Australia on this traffically high frequency when he established contact with Max B. Howden, of Melbourne. Several Queensland members have worked distant stations on this wave band, principally VK4BB, VK4AW, and VK4NW. A test on 85 metres was conducted in September, and the pennant winner for Australia was VK3WH owned and operated by the Traffic Manager of the Victorian Division. The Queensland Pennant was awarded to Arthur E. Walz (VK4AW). NEW WAVE BANDS. All members at present are experimenting on the new frequency bands allowed by the Washington Conference. Instead of using 32 metres as heretofore Australians now operate on 41-42 metres. Already America has been worked on the new band and further records are awaited. Any inquiries regarding the A.R.T.L. or the forthcoming amalgamation should be addressed to the Federal Secretary, Major Leo. J. Feenaghty, Desmond Chambers, Adelaide Street, Brisbane.[180]

1929 02[edit]

Toombul Radio Club at Annual General Meeting appoints 4AW treasurer and on committee and technical committee

TOOMBUL RADIO CLUB. The fifth annual meeting of the Toombul Radio Club was held in the club room on February 13, a fair attendance of members being present. The treasurer reported that the total receipts during the year had been slightly over £33, while the expenditure of £29 odd, left the club with a very satisfactory credit balance. The election of officers resulted: President, Mr. E. H. Coulter; vice-presidents, Messrs. H. E. Hannington, F. Collins; secretary, Mr. G. W. Ham; treasurer. Mr. A. E. Walz; executive committee, Messrs. Coulter, Ham, Walz, Hubner, Collins, Siegman; technical committee, Messrs. Hubner, Walz, Starkie, Ham, Whitworth; auditors, Messrs. Macpherson and Hannington; librarian, Mr. Macpherson.[181]

4AW's uncle separated from wife and ensuing financial issues

PUBLIC NOTICES. . . . I WILL not be responsible for any Debts contracted in my name without my written authority. J. M. WALZ, Nundah-street, Nundah.[182]

1929 03[edit]
1929 04[edit]

4AW participates in first Australian three way radio telephony communication

A QUEENSLAND SUCCESS. AMATEUR THREE-WAY TELEPHONY. (By PROTON.) There is reason for congratulation on the recent performance of three young Queensland amateur operators. By the courtesy of Mr. T. Starkey, VK4NW, we hand on the details of their experiments. During Wednesday night, between 8.30 and 10.15 o'clock, three amateur stations VK4TC (Toombul Radio Club), VK4AW (A. E. Walz), and VK4NW (T. W. Starkey) held a three telephony conversation on the 250-metre band. This is the first time in Australian radio history that this feat has been accomplished. At each station two receivers were used, each tuned to a different wavelength. At 4NW, one set is tuned to 4TC, the other to 4AW, both working on a different wave length. Under the system adopted, the transmitter is going all the time, and the microphone is before the operator. A phone from one receiver listening to 4TC is put on the same headband as the one .listening to 4AW, so that you now have two different phones on your headband, and the operator can hear either 4AW or 4TC whenever they speak, and at the same time talk to each station separately or both together, and thereby hold a three-way conversation. Both 4AW and 4TC had similar apparatus at their stations. People listening to one station, of course, would not quite follow the gist of the conversation, and even if they were light-fingered enough they could not follow the three stations unless they had three receivers and three ears. But nevertheless these experiments were of great interest to the operators as well as being of practical value in the assistance of the ever onward march of radio.[183]

1929 05[edit]
1929 06[edit]
1929 07[edit]

Notes from 4QG. The blue lights which make the towers of 4QG so conspicuous by night ofttimes require a certain amount of attention. Some few days ago some of the lights burned out and the chief engineer, Mr. F. W. Stevens, climbed to the top of the towers to replace them. He took the old lamps out and while putting in new ones, a globe slipped out of his hand and crashed to the roof of the building 100 feet below. Mr. Stevens descending from the tower head walked across the roof to pick up the pieces. Imagine his surprise when he found the lamp lying quite intact on the concrete roof. It had struck the roof with the base and beyond a slight dint in the metal portion was quite unharmed.[184]

4AW one of the four lecturers for the AOCP course run by the WIAQ

Wireless Institute. Course of Instruction. The Coming Conference. By "LISTENER." The Queensland division of the Wireless Institute of Australia has inaugurated a course of instruction for those desirous of sitting for the amateurs' transmitting license. Four members of the division — Messrs. M. M. O'Brien, A. E. Walz, R. J. Beatson, and C. H. Gold — are serving as lecturers. For the time being the classes are being conducted at the residence of Mr. W. A. Young, Granville Street, West End, on Monday evenings. Fourteen persons at present are attending the lectures, and several others have signified their intention of taking the course, which will cover the theory and practice of radio transmission, together with tuition in Morse code. It is anticipated that the course will extend over a period of 16 weeks. The lectures will be typed and copies will be given to each candidate as soon as possible after the lectures have been delivered. The typed copies will form a valuable addition to the amateur literature of Australia. These books will be issued to any country candidate at a fee. The division is reserving all rights in connection with these typed lectures. Each Tuesday evening station VK4CG is transmitting slow morse on 77 metres for the benefit of candidates. At the end of the course candidates will be advised whether the lecturers consider that they are competent enough to submit themselves for examination, and arrangements will be made with the Radio Inspector for the holding of the examination. If candidates desire to submit themselves for examination even though the lecturers hold the opinion that they are not quite up to the mark no obstacle will be placed in their way, and they will be included with others to go before, the Radio Inspector. THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE. Major L. J. Feenaghty, organising secretary of the annual conference of the Wireless Institute of Australia, which is to be held in Brisbane during September, says that the agenda paper, on which will appear many matters of the utmost importance to the amateurs of Australia, is nearing completion. Word had been received, that Tasmania will be unable to send a delegate, and therefore a Victorian representative has been asked to act as a proxy for the Tasmanian division of the institute. The delegates will be entertained at a round of social functions by the members of the Queensland division, a civic reception will be accorded to them, and they will be driven round the beauty spots of Brisbane during the several days they will be here. Everything, said Major Feenaghty, points to a most successful conference. It would be a unique conference, inasmuch that it would be the first occasion that one had been held by the Institute in Queensland. Members of the Queensland division were gratified that Brisbane had been chosen as the meeting place for this year. Some of the most prominent amateur transmitting men of the Commonwealth would be in attendance at the conference and the discussions promised to be of a most interesting nature.[185]

1929 08[edit]

4AW wins prize at Nundah Show for best assorted wireless cases

DISTRICT SHOWS. NUNDAH. OPENED BY HOME SECRETARY. FINE DISPLAY OF VEGETABLES. Officially opening the Nundah A., H., and I. Association's annual show on Saturday afternoon, the Home Secretary (Mr. J. C. Peterson) congratulated the committee and the people of the district on the fine position of the ground, and the excellent condition in which it was kept. As far as the metropolitan area was concerned, he thought that it was outstanding. He had inspected the fine display of cauliflowers and vegetables, and thought that the district took second place to none in the quality of these products. He was also glad to see honey being displayed, for at the present time Queensland was not taking full advantage of the honey market. He appealed to his hearers to support local Industry, that its expansion might help to relieve the unemployment position. The people had to realise that before Queensland could become really prosperous the primary industries would have to develop further. It was evident, however, from the exhibits he had seen, amongst which he was impressed by the fishery display, that the people of Nundah were doing their part. The president of the association (Mr. E. Ham) introduced Mr. Peterson, and the vote of thanks was moved by Mr. G. H. Mackay, M.H.R., seconded by Mr. W. Kelso, M.L.A., and supported by the Member for Cook (Mr. J. A. Kenny). AWARDS: . . . MISCELLANEOUS AND INDUSTRIAL SECTION. (Judge. Mr. J. G. Sobey): Set horseshoes: M. Buck. Leather: M. J. Gallagher. Crystal wireless set, valve set and best assorted homemade wireless cases: A. E. Walz (Nundah).[186]

1929 09[edit]
1929 10[edit]
1929 11[edit]

4AW appears in a long list of stations heard by a Perth listener

Stations Logged. Although he prefers to be known as "Licence 12160" the listener who has supplied this week's list of stations logged is noted for his DX work and his enormous list, received on a three-valve Reinartz set, speaks well of his ability and patience. His list is as follows:— Victoria. — 3LO, 3AR, 3UZ, 3WM, 3KB, 3JO, 3CA, 3LS, 3KW, 3GS, 3KS, 3JK, 3OT, 3XK, 3LP; New South Wales: 2FC, 2BL, 2ME, 2KY, 2HS, 2RC, 2YJ, 2SH, 2RZ, 2CC, 2CK, 2CU; South Australia: 5CL, 5DN, 5WR, 5CM, 5HG, 5RJ, 5XG, 5WH, 5OM, 5RJ, 5BW, 5WS. Queensland: 4QG, 4AW, 4DO, 4CM, 4NW, 4AC, 4WS, 4MF. New Zealand: 2AQ, 1AN, 3AM, 2AG, 2AC, 2AW, 1AO. Tasmania: 7CH, 7MK, 7CW, 7GH. England: 5SW (Chelmsford), 2NM (Caterham), GBK (Bodmin), GBH (Grimsby). Africa: Durban and 7LO, Nairobi, Kenya Colony. Canada: CJRW, CJRX, CJRW, CF. India: 2FV, AL2BG. America: 2XAF, 2XAD, 2XAL, WGY, KDKA, WHAM, 2XE, 2XA, NAJ, NPG, WDS, WHO, NEL, W9AT, NOSN, WIK. Holland: PCJ, PCJJ, PCLL, PCLL, PCMM, PCTT. France: LL, 8GR, 8WB, FARO. Germany: AGB, POX. Hawaii: NPM, Southern Cross, VMZAB. Japan: JOCK, JOC, JYZ. Aden: BZF. Venezuela: SV7ZMQ. Indo China, HVN. Russia, RFN, RCRL. Philippine Islands: KZRM, KIXR, KZET. Spain: EAM, Dutch East Indies: PKH, ANE, ANH, PKT, PKX. [187]

1929 12[edit]

The recently renamed WIA (Qld) decides to establish a section for country memebers and 4AW is appointed representative pro tem

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. NEW SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT. The Wireless Institute of Australia (Queensland Division) called a public meeting of those interested in wireless to further the interests of the institute, and a band of amateur wireless enthusiasts assembled in the State Service Union rooms, Elizabeth-street, last night. The president of the institute (Mr. M. O'Brien) was in the chair. The secretary (Mr. L. J. Feenaghty) said that the object of the meeting was to inaugurate a new system of government of the institute by a council and sections, to put into effect a more comprehensive set of rules governing the institute, and to elect members of the council and sectional representatives. Each section, he said, would be governed by a president and a secretary. He also mentioned that it was the intention of the institute to embark upon a publicity campaign to attract members and public interest. It was intended to hold lectures, meetings, &c. The meeting decided to initiate a country section. Pending consideration by that section, Mr. A. E. Walz (VK4AW) was elected to represent the country section on the council, pro tem. On the motions of Mr. W. Young and O. E. Alder, it was decided that, in order to encourage country members, "This meeting takes a ballot of town members to reduce the fees of country members from 20/ to 15/," and also "That the council agrees to act as buying agent to purchase gear for country members at the best terms." The new council was elected as follows:— President, Messrs. M. O'Brien (VK4MM); secretary, L. Feenaghty (VK4LJ); technical director, R. Browne (VK4RB); publicity director, R. Beatson (VK4BB); key section representative, W. Young (VK4WA); country section representative, A. E. Walz (VK4AW), pro tem.; and associate members' section representative, G. Payne. The selection of a representative for the 'phone section was postponed until the section met. In the key section Messrs. W. A. Young and G. Oxlade were appointed president and secretary respectively, and in the associate members' section Messrs. G. Payne and R. Rose were elected president and secretary pro tem, respectively. The various sections will meet monthly, the country fortnightly, and a general meeting will be held monthly.[188]



1930 01[edit]
1930 02[edit]

4AW included in a list of stations heard in Sydney

Australian Experimental Activities Over Weekend. According to the number of experimental stations operating on Sunday afternoon it looks as if the majority of the Gang devoted their brief holiday to radio experiments. The following experimenters were operating on Sunday last: Second District, N.S.W.: 2NO, 2DY, 2JR, 2JU, 2GR, 2RF, 2HM, 2JO, 2JX, 2AR, 2DH. Third District, Victoria: 3ML, working to U.S.A., 3HL. Fourth District, Queensland: 4LJ, 4JU, 4AW. Americans: W6AM, W3IM, working to 3ML, Victoria. W6HM, calling CQ and Australasia, loud on 42 metres. [189]

C. A. Walz and Son advertises for staff

PROFESSIONS, TRADES, &c. . . . BOY wanted, mind shop and phone; apply C. A. Walz and Son, Wlckham and Bridge Streets, Valley.[190]

1930 03[edit]

4AW's uncle involved in very public legal dispute with his estranged second wife

CLAIM FOR £94. MAN SUES HIS WIFE. THE CASE SETTLED. In the Magistrate's Court to-day be fore Mr. H. L. Archdall, Chief Police Magistrate, John Martin Walz, of Nundah Street, Nundah, proceeded against Alice Walz, care of the Surfers' Paradise Hotel, Southport, claiming £94 4s. alleged to be due for money lent and advanced by the plaintiff and for work done by the plaintiff as a plumber at the request of the defendant. The defendant pleaded that she was not indebted as alleged or at all. Mr. P. K. Copley (Instructed by Messrs. Gilshennan and Handran) appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. E. M. Williamson (Messrs. Crawford and Williamson) for the defendant. Mr. Copley stated that the plaintiff is the defendant's husband. The debt had been contracted before and during their marriage. The plaintiff and the defendant now were living apart. At the magistrate's suggestion the plaintiff and the defendant discussed the matter during an adjournment. Mr. Copley then announced that the case had been settled out of court.[191]

1930 04[edit]

4AW part of an extensive extended family

Unique Genealogy. Eighty-eighth Descendant. MACKAY, April 4. A unique genealogy is disclosed in a Mackay family record which was brought to notice at a private hospital where on March 30 last a baby girl was born to Mrs. Frederick A. Grafflnder. The little child is the 88th descendant of "Granny" Walz, as she is popularly known throughout the dis-trict. "Granny" Walz wedded when she was 17, and had 12 children, of whom Frank Walz is the oldest. Mrs. Frederick Graffinder is the eldest daughter of Frank Walz, and also the eldest of "Granny's" 52 grandchildren. Mrs. Graffinder's baby girl is the 24th great grandchild. There are 12 children, 52 grandchildren, and 24 great grandchildren.[192]

At WIAQ annual meeting, 4AW appointed assistant secretary and chairman of country section

SPLENDID ZEAL. WIRELESS AMATEURS. AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE. The outstanding feature of the annual meeting of the Queensland division of the Wireless Institute of Australia, held last night in the Public Service House rooms, was the enthusiasm of the members, and their desire to assist associates to a higher degree of efficiency. Several speakers asserted that Queensland amateurs had attained a standard which bore favourable comparison with those in other parts of the world. The annual report revealed a membership of 28 town members, two honorary members, 12 country members (including the first lady transmitter in Queensland, Miss D. Harris [sic, Harriss] Longreach), three junior members, and 41 associate members. Reference was made to the work of outstanding merit performed by the two honorary members, Messrs. Leighton Gibson (VK4AN), and Andrew Couper (VK4BW), who three years ago maintained communications between Southern and Northern Queensland, when floods had isolated the North. The sixth annual convention of the Wireless Institute of Australia was held in Brisbane in September, 1929, when business of a Federal nature was decided. During the year the rules of the division were amended to bring them into conformity with those of other divisions. Appreciative reference was made to the generosity of Mr. J. B. Chandler, who donated apparatus for the official station (VK4WI), at Wooloowin, and to Mr. J. H. Hills, of Philips' Lamps, for a similar donation. PRESENTATION OF TROPHIES. Trophies won during the year were presented by the president as follows: — VK4CG cup, for best all-round station, to Mr. R. J. Browne (VK4RB); VK4LJ cup, for 250 metre telephony, to Mr. T. W. Starkie (4NW); VK4PN cup, for 20 metre work, to Rev. R. J. Delbrldge (VK4RJ); Hutchinson trophy, for experimental work, to Messrs. W. A. Young (VK4WA) and C. H. Gold (VK4CG). ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The election of officers resulted: President, Mr. M. M. O'Brien (VK4MM); secretary and treasurer, Major L. J. Feenaghty (VK4LJ); assistant secretary, Mr. A. E. Walz (VK4AW); technical director, Mr. R. J. Browne (VK4RB); publicity director, Mr. R. J. Beatson (VK4BB); key and 'phone section's councillor, Mr, W. A. Young (VK3WA [sic, VK4WA]); country section, Mr. A. E. Walz (VK4AW); deputy chairman, Mr. W. A. Young (VK4WA) ; secretary of associate section, Mr. Les. Williams; honorary legal adviser, Mr. H. Walsh.[193]

1930 05[edit]

4AW reported silent at present

Amateur Notes. . . . VK4PN, VK4MF, VK4AW, VK4JG, VK4GR, VK4CG, VK4BB, VK4WA, VK4RO, VK4RJ, VK4GA, Silent. [194]

4AW reported bust building a power transformer for 4RJ (Rev. Delbridge)

Amateur Notes. . . . VK4AW is busy building a power transformer for VK4RJ.[195]

1930 06[edit]

4AW heard operating on 80 metres

Amateur Notes. . . . VK2WU was on 80 metres on Sun-day as also were VK2HG and ZL1FP. During the week VK4AW, 2GR, 2HK, ZL2AW, ZL1AP, ZL2GG, XL3AS, ZL3AF, ZY1FT, VK2RW, XK3CH, and a number of others were heard. [196]

4AW again heard operating on 80 metres

VK4AW, VK4KZ, VK2CB, VK5GR, ZL2AW, ZL2DP, ZM4BQ, ZL4AA, ZL1BD, ZL1AP and many others have been heard on 80 metres. [197]

4AW on the WIAQ committee for a direction finding field day, also deputed in team to respond to Government on emergency communications

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . WIRELESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA (QUEENSLAND DIVISION). Reports continue to be received regarding the telephone test on Sunday, June 15, and many valuable comments have been made. The 'phone section will meet at an early date to consider the reports and make any consequential adjustments rendered necessary. At the council meeting held on June 23 it was definitely decided to hold the direction finding field day on Sunday, July 27, and to use the 3.5 M.C. (85-metre) band. Final arrangements are in the hands of the committee — VK4GW, VK4JL, and VK4AW. Emergency services were discussed freely following the receipt of letters from two public departments, and the president (VK4MM), Mr. M. O'Brien (VK4AW), Mr. A. E. Walz, and the secretary (VK4LJ), Major Leo J. Feenaghty, were deputed to wait on the representatives of the departments and advise them. To facilitate the conduct of the official station, a station committee was appointed comprising the president, the secretary, and operator, the technical director (VK4RB), VK4GW, and VK4AW. These will decide upon the type of trans-mitter to be utilised and fix operating schedules. A welcome visitor was present at the council meeting — Mr. N. J. Hurll (VK2BC), one of the vice-presidents of the New South Wales Division of the W.I.A. Mr. O. E. Alder (VK4JB), a country member, also was present. Much business was transacted, and the councillors inspected the new receiving apparatus which had been purchased recently for VK4WI. The next general meeting will be held on July 7, at 59A Elizabeth-street, Brisbane (next 4QG), and a lecture will be delivered by a prominent electrical engineer on "Some modem Improvements in Transmission Systems." All interested are cordially invited to be present at 8 p.m. Inquiries regarding the institute should be addressed to Major Leo. J. Feenaghty, VK4LJ, secretary W.I.A., (Queensland), Box T1412, G.P.O., Brisbane.[198]

1930 07[edit]

4AW continues in team planning for WIAQ Direction Finding Field Day

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . WIRELESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA (QUEENSLAND DIVISION). The July monthly meeting of the Institute was held on 7th instant in the State Service House, Elizabeth-street, and was well attended. The Direction Finding Field Day was fixed for Sunday, July 27, on the 40 metre band, and arrangements are in the hands of VK4GW, VK4AW, and VK4LJ. It was decided to hold several social functions to augment the funds, and Messrs. H. D. Walsh (VK4HW). P. Golden (VK4PG), and E. L. Hutchinson were appointed a social committee. A dance has been arranged for July 29, at the Carlton Cabaret. The secretary (Major Leo. J. Feenaghty, VK4LJ) tendered his resignation, to be effective on March 31, 1931, at which date he will have completed four years in the dual position of secretary and treasurer. Starting in 1927 he has been secretary of the Queensland Radio Transmitters' League; Federal and State secretary of the Australian Radio Transmitters' League, and secretary of the W.I.A. The question of appointing a successor was deferred until the August meeting. Mr. W. Sandicock, of the Electric Telegraph Department, Brisbane, delivered an interesting lecture, in which he traced the development of transmission systems from 1774 to the present day. His remarks were illustrated by blackboard diagrams. At the instance of the Rev. R. J. R. Delbridge (VK4RJ), a vote of thanks was accorded the lecturer. Inquiries regarding the Institute should be addressed to the secretary, Major Leo. J. Feenaghty, VK4LJ, Box T1412, G.P.O., Brisbane.[199]

4AW's father elected to committee of Plumbers' Association

MASTER PLUMBERS' ASSOCIATION. At the 30th annual general meeting of the Master Plumbers', Hot Water, and Ventilating Engineers' Association of Queensland, held at Commerce House, Mr. W. H. Monaghan occupied the chair. The annual report dealt with many matters of interest to plumbers, and the hope was expressed that much good would result from the deliberations of delegates at the inter-State conference, held in April last. The election of officers resulted — President, Mr. T. Foster; vice-presidents, Messrs. F. Watson (T. D. and F. C. Watson), and G. P. Doyle; treasurer, Mr. W. W. George; apprenticeship committee representative, Mr. W. H. Monaghan; committee, Messrs. H. Radcliffe, S. E. Lack, C. Walz, F. Johnson, W. H. Monaghan, J. S. R. Wyllie, and I. J. Hanson; trustees, Messrs. T. Flaherty and J. R. Wyllie; auditor, Mr. A. H. Savage, A.F.I.A. A vote of thanks was accorded Mr. W. H. Monaghan, the retiring president, for his valuable services as president for the past two years.[200]

4AW involved in many facets of WIAQ operation

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . WIRELESS INSTITUTE OF AUSTRALIA. At the council meeting held on 21st. instant several matters of importance were discussed. The president (Mr. O'Brien, VK4MM) expressed his willingness to undertake the position of secretary, in succession to VK4LJ, as from March 31 next. The position of treasurer, hitherto held by the secretary, will probably devolve upon the assistant secretary (Mr. A. E. Walz, VK4AW), who, in addition, will look after publicity and membership matters. There is urgent need for accommodation for the purpose of housing the institute station, VK4WI, and the laboratory. Owing to the interference experienced in the city, it is essential that the station should be located in the suburbs within five miles of the G.P.O., handy to means of transport to the city and yet out of the possible sphere of electrical interference from tram services. Electric power of course is indispensable. All councillors are actively engaged in looking for suitable accommodation, a shed of about 20ft. by 15ft. being the type most desired. Messrs. Eric L. Nissen of Dalby (VK4XN) and Dudley C. Winterford, of Annerley (VK4MF) were admitted as members and Mr Raymond Ralfe, of Longreach and Emu Park as an associate member. The seventh annual convention will be held in Melbourne in October and Queensland will be represented by the secretary (VK4LJ) who is Federal councillor for this division. It will be remembered that the sixth convention was held in Brisbane in September 1929. All those participating in the direction finding field day on Sunday, 27th instant will assemble at the G.P.O. at 9.30 a.m., where written directions will be issued. The concealed transmitter will be in charge of the well known combine, VK4WA-CG and receiving parties will be led by VK4AW, VK4GW, VK4JL, VK4RG, VK4MM and VK4LJ. At 1 p.m., if the transmitter is still undiscovered, directions for finding its location will be broadcasted and all parties will close on the centre for discussion and refreshments. An instructive and enjoyable day is expected. The key section held a meeting recently at which VK4CG (Mr. C. H. Gold) was elected secretary. Arrangements were made for a message relaying test at an early date. The next meeting of the division will be held on August 4, when the appointment of a secretary and a treasurer as from April 1 will be made, following the resignation of VK4LJ, who has held the dual position as well as that of managing editor of the institutes official organ "Q.T.C.," for four years. It is interesting to note that the Victorian division following the lead of the South Australians has decided by an overwhelming majority to make subscilption to QTC compulsory. The dance decided upon recently will be held at the Carlton Cabaret on Tuesday, July 29. Any inquiries regarding the institute should be addressed to Maior Leo J. Feenaghty, VK4LJ, Box T1412, G.P.O., Brisbane.[201]

Report of WIAQ DF Field Day including 4AW's role

Amateur Notes. . . . THE HIDDEN TRANSMITTER. VK4GW was successful in getting within half a mile of the hidden transmitter, but everyone feels sure that he would have found the transmitter had there not been a "mix-up" in the time at which the "hidden" transmitter had to disclose its whereabouts. Its presence was made known at 12.45 p.m. instead of 1 p.m., and it is generally felt that VK4GW would have found it in that extra 10 minutes. The transmitter was at Webster's Road, Chermslde. The secretary (VK4LJ), president (VK4MM), and technical director (VK4RB) took short cuts through private property and over railway lines. In fact, they followed any track that would lead them to the Nudgee water-holes, which are in the opposite direction to Webster's Road, Chermside. It was unfortunate that this party was midway between these two points when they first picked up the signals from the hidden transmitter. The signals appeared to be coming from the waterholes, which proves that a reflector revolving round the loop would be a very handy attachment. VK4MM thoroughly enjoyed the proceedings, especially the incident where the differential of VK4LJ's car nearly came up through the floor. Mr. Macpherson piloted this party over some good roads. In VK4GW's party was the Mahoney brothers and VK4LS. In VK4AW's party was Mr. Pat Kelly, Mr. Vic Bouchard (X4WE, Mr. Vining) and VK4AW. VK4CG and VK4WA had charge of the hidden transmitter. VK4AW was most unfortunate owing to a component part of his equipment becoming faulty. [202]

4AW to take over as treasurer of WIAQ

Wireless Institute. Accommodation for VK4WI. At a council meeting of the Wireless Institute of Australia the president (Mr. O'Brien, VK4MM) expressed his willingness to undertake the position of secretary in succession to Major L. J. Feenaghty (VK4LJ) as from March 31. The duties of treasurer, hitherto held by the secretary, will probably devolve upon the assistant secretary (Mr. A. E. Walz, VK4AW), who in addition will look after publicity and membership matters. There is urgent need for accommodation for the purpose of housing the institute station (VK4WI) and the laboratory. Owing to the interference experienced in the city it is essential that the station be located in the suburbs within five miles of the G.P.O., handy to means of transport to the city, and yet out of the possible sphere of electrical interference from tram services. Electric power, of course, is indispensable. All councillors are actively engaged in looking for suitable accommodation, a building of the size of 20 feet by 15 feet being the type most desired. Messrs. Eric L. Nissen, of Dalby (VK4XN) and Dudley C. Winterford, of Annerley (VK4MF), were admitted as members, and Mr. Raymond Raefe, of Longreaeh and Emu Park, was admitted as an associate member. The seventh annual convention is to be held in Melbourne in October, and Queensland will be represented by Major Feenaghty (VK4LJ), who is Federal councillor for this division. The sixth convention was held in Brisbane in September, 1929. The key section held a meeting recently at which VK4CG (Mr. C. H. Good [sic, Gold]) was elected secretary. Arrangements were made for a message relaying test at an early date. The next meeting of the division will be held on August 4, when the appointment of a secretary and a treasurer as from April 1 will be made, following the resignation of VK4LJ, who has held the dual position as well as that of managing editor of the institute's official organ, "Q.T.C.," for four years. It is interesting to note that in this connection the Victorian division, following the lead of the South Australians, has decided by an overwhelming majority to make subscription to "Q.T.C." compulsory and this, of course, will have the immediate effect of increasing the circulation of the magazine. Any inquiries regarding the institute or the official organ "Q.T.C." should be addressed to Major Leo J. Feenaghty, VK4LJ, Box T1412, G.P.O., Brisbane.[203]

1930 08[edit]

4AW again wins prizes in Nundah Show, judged by his father and 4MM

DISTRICT SHOWS. NUNDAH. A HIGH STANDARD. PREMIER'S OPENING ADDRESS. Reference to the impetus that could be given to rural industries by the intelligent application of science was made by the Premier (Mr. A. E. Moore), opening the Nundah District Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial show on Saturday. The output of most industries, he said could easily be doubled by the introduction of science. For example, he quoted the poultry industry and the remarkable advancement it had made in recent times and mentioned also that with the introduction of two bureaux this year a similar growth of other industries might be looked for. He also appealed for exclusive support of home productions. Many disturbing things had to be done to alleviate the present depression, but with the help of the people this State, he thought, would be the first to regain normal conditions. He congratulated the show committee, and remarked on the high standard of exhibits. The president of the show society (Mr. T. E. Ham) introduced Mr. Moore, and votes of thanks were carried at the instance of Mr. Wm. Kelso, M.L.A., supported by the secretary (Major W. J. Clatworthy). A bouquet of flowers was presented Mrs. Moore by Miss Clatworthy. GOOD QUALITY EXHIBITS. The show was quite up to the standard of previous years and a particularly large ring programme was carried out. Entries in all sections compared favourable with any of the other thirteen shows conducted by the society. Two riders, J. Housemann and S. Carsburg, had lucky escapes from serious injury when their mounts fell while competing in the ring programme. A disturbance also occurred during the afternoon and two men were detained by the police. AWARDS. . . . MISCELLANLOUS AND INDUSTRIAL. (Judges,Messrs. C. A. Walz and M. O'Brien): Set of horse shoes: E. Cooper 1, R. Bevis 2. Wireless valve receiver, short wave or broadcast: G. H. Ham 1, A. E. Walz 2. Homemade wireless apparatus: A. E. Walz 1, G. W. Ham 2.[204]

4AW and other amateur broadcasters in the 200-250 metre band yo be shifted higher in frequency

Among the Amateurs. Within a few weeks the amateurs who have so ably filled the gap as far as Brisbane is concerned, on the 250 metre band, will have to shift down to the 175 metre band, because of the establishment of the new B class broadcasting stations 4BC and 4BK on 233 and 217 metres respectively. This is unfortunate in some respects, but the amateurs who worked so consistently on this band realise that more broadcasting stations are required and so they are moving down to 175 metres with pleasure, knowing that though their experimental work they have endeavoured to give the listeners the variety which they sought. PIONEER WORKERS. It cannot be denied that the amateurs pioneered transmission and reception below 300 metres. Some years ago radio engineers when experimenting on short waves found that they disappeared after a certain distance and they at once jumped to the conclusion that such waves were useless for long distance work. In 1919 radio engineers declared that wave lengths below 200 metres would never be of commercial value, and enormous sums of money were spent on the erection of stations of large power and ultralong wave length. But amateurs were continuing their experiments on short waves and soon they were showing to the world that the low bands were more suitable for long distance communication in Morse than the higher bands. The amateurs discovered what the professionals missed — that when shortwave messages disappeared after going a certain distance they did not do so altogether but merely skipped a distance and reappeared again. Since that time increasing attention had been paid by commercial interests to wave lengths below 200 metres. VK4NW can claim to be the most consistent station on the 250-metre band. This station has done all in his power to make his experimental work interesting. Other stations who have been doing good work are 4CG, 4GO, 4LW, 4WN, 4RB, VK4HW, VK4AW, 4MF (old 4WI), 4JU, and 4GW.[205]

1930 09[edit]

4AW again participates in a field day fox hunt

Amateur Notes. . . . It was very fine business, VK4LJ, VK4HW, and VK4AW finding the hidden transmitter in last Sunday's direction finding field day at Burns Road, Nudgee. VK4GG has been on 80 metres. VK4BS has been silent. Why? Come out. Plenty of DX, 4JU got seven Yanks in five days. Only 14 watts here. VK4KX has been on 40 metres; also 4AH, and 4AM, each of which has had good strong sigs. VK2RB gave VK2NS a 75 watt valve. Lucky, is he not? VK2HK worked ZL2BJ on telephony. The following stations were testing phone on 40 metres last Sunday: 2GV, VK3RG, VK2GH, 4AB, 4GA, 2LZ, VK2RB. THE FIELD DAY. As already stated VK4LJ, 4HW, and 4AW comprised the successful party on the wireless institute's field day. VK4GW and GIL Ham, comprised the second party. VK4RB, 4MM and Mr. Slite, of the R.A.A.F., comprised another party, but they did not get there. Neither did Vic Bouchard, Mr. MacPherson or Pat Kelly. By way of a diversion 4LJ, who was in the leading car, got out near Cabbage Tree Creek and held up his hand. The parties who were following thought that they had run into a police trap. The incident was productive of much laughter. A little while later the same thing happened. There was more laughter, but not from Vic Bouchard's party ???? they had struck a real police trap. So Vic will probably be ???? A similar outing is to be held on September 21.[206]

4AW reported operating on 80 metres

Amateur Stations. . . . VK4AW was QSO ZL2AW on 80 metres Sunday night.[207]

4AW reported operating on 40 metres

Amateur Stations. . . . The following stations have been heard.— On 40 metres: VK2OJ, VK5MF, VK5BO, AC2CO, W9GV. VK3EM, VK6FL, VK6FM, VK4AH, VK4AM, VK3PP, VK7JK, VK3YL, VK3ZO, VK3LU, VK5IT, ZL4BN, ZL4AM, VK3NQ, VK3JR, VK3TM, PK3BQ, PK1JR, PK3CR, J3CK, J1DR, W6CUH, W6AM, VK5WR, VK2SA, VK4GW, VK2SK, VK2DP, VK4NA, VK4AW, VK4FB, VK4WH, VK4VH, W6BSK, KA1JR, VK6DX, VK6PK, W6BCK, KA1JR, VK6DX, VK6PK, VK2HM, VKX2HM, VK3LU, VK4MM, VK4AB, VK7CH, VK2OW, VK2GR, VK2HC, VK2JF, VK2NS, VK3WL, VK2KZ, VK2LX, VK4NW, VK5XK, VK5MB, VK5WH, VK5BY.[208]

4AW participates in another direction finding field day

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . AMONG THE AMATEURS. The Wireless Institute of Australia held another direction-finding test last Sunday morning, but very few members took part. The transmitting party consisted of 4GW and 4MM, who left town at 10 a.m. for an unknown destination. At 11 o'clock their signals were heard, and two cars — one containing 4LJ and 4WA and the other 4AW and 4HW — each equipped with a direction-finding receiver, set out in search of the hidden transmitter. 4AW and 4HW took their first bearing at Nundah and another at Banyo, and decided that the transmitter appeared to be located in the neighbourhood of Cribb Island, so proceeded in that direction. However, further readings indicated a position further south, so the Serpentine River was crossed, and more bearings taken. The transmitter was located, at five minutes past 12, on the Myrtletown reserve, and at 1 o'clock a message was sent out giving the location of the party, as the second car had not yet arrived. The trans-mitter obtained the power supply from a Ford spark coil, and signals were sent out automatically by a specially arranged gramophone motor. 4HW has since received a report that these signals were causing interference at Quirindi, New South Wales, which speaks volumes for the efficiency of the hastily-rigged transmitter. [209]

1930 10[edit]

4VU reports 4AW as operating on 40 metres with a pure DC note

Short Waves. Notes from a Log. Mr. F. Nolan (VK4VU) writes as follows on short wave and amateur activities:— . . . VK4AW on 40 metres, D.C. [210]

4AW's father and uncle listed as approved gasfitters by the Brisbane Gas Company

THE BRISBANE GAS COMPANY. List of Gasfitters Licensed by this Company. . . . Walz, C. A., Eton Street, Nundah Walz, J. M., Nundah Street, Nundah[211]

1930 11[edit]

4AW's father and uncle listed as licensed gasfitters by the Brisbane Gas Company

The Brisbane Gas Company. List of Gasfitters Licensed by this Company. . . . Walz, C. A., Ann and Brookes Streets, Valley. Walz, J. M., Nundah Street, Nundah. [212]

4AW's father and uncle attend a vocal recital

VOCAL RECITAL. The annual vocal recital by the students of Mrs. E. R. B. Jordan attracted a large audience to the Albert Hall last evening. Those present included . . . C. A. Walz, . . . M. Walz,[213]

4AW attends Wooloowin Radio Club field outing, brings his KHAB receiver

WOOLOOWIN CLUB. RECENT OUTING. The recent outing of the Wooloowin Radio Club at Cash's Crossing was a great success. A large number of members attended, and there were visitors from the Toombul Radio Club and the Wireless Institute of Australia (Queensland Division). On the Saturday night before the main event, members spent the time testing equipment, and adjusting the various transmitters. George Ham (4GW) was successful in transmitting phone, using a number of B batteries for his plate supply. More visitors arrived on Sunday morning, and the parties were then selected for the hunt. There were three parties, BN1, BN2, and NME, each being controlled from headquarters' transmitters, which was in charge of VK4MM. Each party was provided with a portable transmitter and receiver, and a map of the surrounding country, which was divided into lettered squares. The BN1 party entrenched itself near Cash's Crossing, commanding a good view of the hills above. It had a fair idea of where the NME party was, and desired to prevent it conveying on and attacking headquarters. BN2 party meanwhile was up in the hills, and, from listening to the messages passing between headquarters and NME was able to get very close to the NME party, actually sighting but not capturing it. At 3 p.m. BN1 party radioed BN2 party, and suggested a retreat to headquarters. The NME party was unfortunate in not listening at the time. Headquarters were reached after an almost interminable scramble through barbwire fences. NME was then a long way from headquarters, and VK4MM kept it on the move for quite a long while before it realised that its way to headquarters was unimpeded. This was done quite easily by altering the note of the transmitter to resemble that of the BN parties. Some nicely made transmitters and receivers were used. 4AW brought his KHAB; It made a fine heliograph. GN had a receiver designed for 40 metre operation, with full dial coverage of the band, and plug in loop. Vern. Kenna (4FK) had bad luck in damaging his transmitting tube, a Phillips TB04/10. Much credit for the success of the outing is due to Messrs. J. B. Chandler and Co., for the use of the radiola service van and tents, also to the Clayfield Boy Scouts for their fine assistance.[214]

4AW participating in the reorganised RAAF Wireless Reserve

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . WIRELESS INSTITUTE. The seventh annual convention of the W.I.A., which concluded in Melbourne recently, decided that international members should be admitted to the institute as a whole and not to any particular division. A nominal fee was fixed for their subscription. The Air Force Wireless Reserve, which was formed some 18 months ago, as a direct result of years of representations by the W.I.A., was fully discussed at the convention. Flight-Lieutenant Swinburne, Deputy Director of Organisation and Chief of Signals at Air Force H.Q., submitted a scheme of reorganisation upon very satisfactory lines, and news of its approval by the Air Board is awaited. The A.F.W.R. has been the means of doing some very good work for the R.A.A.F., notably during the across Australia air race, the Launceston floods, and the aerial derby visit of R.A.A.F. units to Brisbane in 1929. The traffic department of the W.I.A. is corelating its activities with those of the A.F.W.R., and VK3ML has been appointed Federal traffic manager for the W.I.A. and Federal guard for the Air Force. The air procedure of signalling will be adopted universally for W.I.A. traffic. Regular schedules will be maintained among divisions and F.H.O. for the handling of traffic relating to the institute and the Air Force Wireless Reserve. Queensland establishes air contact of 40 metres with F.H.O., Melbourne, on Monday, at 11 p.m., and Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 a.m. By this means the traffic can be ensured a speedy clearance. The Queensland traffic station is VK4WI, operated by the secretary (VK4LJ), with stations VK4MN and VK4AW as reliefs. The social side of the convention was not neglected, and the delegates were tendered a civic reception by the Lord Mayor and a complimentary dinner by the Victorian division. At both functions the Queensland delegate (VK4LJ) was the speaker for the delegates. The institute meets on the first Monday of the month at 59A Elizabeth-street, Brisbane, next 4QG, and the associate members' section meets weekly on Wednesdays at the M.U.I.O.O.F. rooms, Charlotte-street. Inquiries regarding the institute should be addressed to Major Leo. J. Feenaghty (VK4LJ), secretary W.I.A., Box T1412, G.P.O., Brisbane.[215]

1930 12[edit]

4AW appointed to the new WIAQ technical development committee

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . AMONG THE AMATEURS. The monthly meeting of the Wireless Institute of Australia (Queensland division) was held last Tuesday night, and a very fine attendance was recorded The chief item for discussion was the appointment and duties of a Technical Development Committee. This committee, as now appointed, consists of Messrs. Harold Walsh (4HW), A. Walz (4AW), V. E. Kenna (4FK), C. Morris (4LW), R. Browne (4RB), M. M. O'Brien (4MM), and P. Kelly. The objects of this body are to encourage, promote, and assist in technical development and research, and these will be carried out with the assistance of other members of the institute who desire to interest themselves in this branch of the radio art. It was decided that a large proportion of the institute's funds should be made available for the purchase of instruments and special apparatus for use by the committee, and these will be available for the use of members engaged on this work. Discussion took place on the subject of crystal control, and it was decided that as it is desirable that as many stations as possible should be crystal-controlled the matter should receive the early attention of the Technical Committee, which will make arrangements for a supply of accurately calibrated crystals to be available for sale to all members at a reasonable price. With this end in view a supply of unfinished crystals has been ordered from Melbourne, and these will be ground locally to the correct frequency. The committee also will be responsible for development of improved methods of keeping local stations on a correct and definite frequency, and it is hoped to attain this by the possession of an accurately calibrated wavemeter, from which approved wavemeters constructed by individual members will be calibrated. The committee also will do as much as possible to improve and maintain the quality of amateur telephony transmission, and will carry out considerable experimental work in this connection. During this week all members have been asked to keep a careful watch on the amateur bands, and report any infringements on these by commercial stations. During the last few months a number of powerful foreign stations, mostly using automatic transmission, have appeared on the amateur bands, and have caused considerable interference. All reports received will be consolidated and forwarded to Geneva and Washington for attention. Members are urged, therefore, to forward their reports to the secretary as soon as possible after the end of this week.[216]

As previous, further detail

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . AMONG THE AMATEURS. WIRELESS INSTITUTE. The main topic discussed at the December general meeting of the Queensland division was technical development. At the recent Melbourne convention the Federal technical development section was located in South Australia, and all divisions were instructed to form divisional sections and to inauguiate a vigorous campaign of technical development. In furtherance of this policy a strong technical committee has been formed, comprising the president, Mr. O'Brien (VK4MM), the technical director, Mr. R. J. Browne (VK4RB), Messrs. Walsh (VK4HW), Walz (VK4AW), Kenna (VK4FK), Morris (VK4LW), and P. Kelly. This committee will be responsible for the conduct of experimentation in Queensland, and a series of groups, each being devoted to a particular phase of technical work, will be formed. The first of such groups will deal with the closely allied subjects — crystal controlled oscillators and frequency measurement. It will, therefore, cover the calibration of frequency meters for institute members, using for the purpose the recently constructed substandard, which is being calibrated in Melbourne against the institute's general standard. A fee to cover expenses will be charged for this calibration service. Other groups to be formed later will cover such matters as high frequency telephony transmissions, fading, heaviside layer, investigations, &c. Any member or associate member of the institute is eligible to associate himself with any group in the investigations of which he is interested, and notification should be sent to the secretary of the institute for the present. In a short time a Technical Committee Secretary will be appointed, who will receive all such applications.[217]


1931 01[edit]

4AW participates in another WIAQ field day, at Scarborough

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . AMONG THE AMATEURS. A number of members of the Wireless Institute spent an enjoyable weekend at Scarborough recently, and carried out some interesting tests with portable apparatus. Those taking part comprised Messrs. L. J. Feenaghty (4LJ), R. Browne (4RB), A. Walz (4AW), Harold Walsh (4HW), and V. Jeffs. Two separate sets of transmitting and receiving equipment were installed and put into operation with as little delay as possible, one set being operated from the mains, and the other with battery supply. The members all thoroughly enjoyed the swimming and other attractions offered by this fine seaside resort, but, in spite of the many outside attractions, a considerable time was spent on experimental work. At a meeting of the council of the institute on Tuesday night, the question of co-operation at the aerial pageant on 31st instant was discussed, and it was decided that members should do all in their power to help to make it a success. Five complete transmitting and receiving stations will be established, one on the aerodrome, and one at each turning point on the course. The station on the 'drome will be equipped with a number of receivers, so that, if necessary, all outside stations may be heard at once, and this station also will, be connected by temporary telephone lines with various officials on the grounds. An official observer will be situated at each point, and reports will be sent to the central station as each competitor passes each turning point. The matter of constructing an official institute station (VK4WI) also was discussed, and various suggestions were made as to what form the apparatus should take. Although, perhaps, it would be preferable to use the simplest type of outfit to secure ease in adjustment and operation, it was considered that crystal control should be installed to secure the utmost possible stability, especially as this system is the one preferred and recommended by the Federal Council of the institute. The secretary made a report to the council of the recent interdivisional traffic handed on behalf of the institute. This is now carried out entirely by the secretary (Mr. L. J. Feenaghty, 4LJ) from his own station. Mr. V. F. Kenna (4FK) has been appointed to the Air Force Wireless Reserve, and made Air Guard for this State.[218]

1931 02[edit]
1931 03[edit]

4AW participates in provision of radiocommunications for the Aerial Pagent

Aerial Pageant. Radio Communications. By "LISTENER." At the aerial pageant, which was held at Eagle Farm by the Australian Flying Corps Association last Saturday the Wireless Institute of Australia (Queensland division) took a prominent part, maintaining wireless communication between the aerodrome and the various turning points during the races. The central control station at the drome was in charge of VK4MM (M. M. O'Brien), who had with him associate members J. W. Young, Neale, and Bentzen. The Meeandah turning point was operated by VK4AW (A. E. Walz), who was assisted by associate members Bouchard, Luckman, and Scholtz. Queensport had VK4FK (V. F. Kenna), who was assisted by VK4LL (J. L. Lumb), and associate member Kelly. Texaco was staffed by VK4WA (W. A. Young), with VK4YG (I. H. Young) as assistant. Racecourse was operated by VK4GW (G. W. Ham), VK4FB (F. S. Beech), and associate member Tonge. The divisional secretary and traffic manager of VK4WI (Major Leo J. Feenaghty) was in charge of the arrangements for the day. The stations were operated successfully. Touch was established at a very early hour and was maintained consistently throughout the afternoon. VK4AW, operated from Meeandah, used telephony; the remainder of the stations used the code. Much traffic was passed and reports were received actually during the course of the races. In view of the isolated position of some of the points, the fact that all stations were on the air and in touch before the start of the first race speaks well for the organisation and for the keenness and skill of the operators in charge. Many and various means of transport were used, not omitting a yacht. This is the second occasion upon which the institute has carried out such arrangements. The first occasion was the aerial pageant in August, 1929.[219]

1931 04[edit]

4AW selling a motocycle tyre

MOTOR CYCLES AND BICYCLES. . . . TYRE and Tube, 26 x 3.25, cheap; A. E. Walz, M6054. [220]

4AW appointed as assistant secretary at WIAQ fourth annual meeting

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. FOURTH ANNUAL MEETING. At the fourth annual meeting of the Wireless Institute of Australia (Queens-land branch), on Thursday night, Mr. T. Armstrong, radio inspector, said that in many phases of wireless the experimental stages had not been passed. Particularly was this so in regard to directional finding and transmission from aeroplanes. He was glad that the amateurs in Queensland were now organised into a progressive and energetic body. The newly-appointed president, Mr. L. J. Feenaghty, expressed the hope that the work of the institute would progress rapidly when the proposal to acquire suit-able quarters was adopted. He suggested that the public should be educated on wireless matters by the delivery of free lectures on non-technical subjects. In his report he showed that the Queensland division had 45 members and 41 associate members. Office-bearers elected were: president and treasurer, Mr. L. J. Feenaghty; secretary, Mr. M. M. O'Brien; technical director, Mr. R. J. Browne; publicity director, Mr. H. D. Walsh; assistant secretary, Mr. A. E. Walz; sectional guard of Air Force wireless reserve, Mr. V. F. Kenna.[221]

1931 05[edit]

As previous, further detail, 4AW receives 4LJ cup for experimental work, appointed representative for country members section and assistant secretary for RAAF Wireless Reserve

Wireless Institute. The New Officers. Series of Lectures. The fourth annual meeting of the Queensland division of the Wireless Institute of Australia proved to be the most successful yet held. Apart from the usual business there was the presentation of trophies won during the year. These comprised cups and pennants. The winners of the awards were: Rev. R. J. Delbridge (VK4RJ) gold cup for the best station. VK4GK was awarded the cup for work on 20 metres and below. VK4RJ being second in this grade. The Feenaghty cup for 250-metre phone work went to Mr. G. Oxlade (VK4GO), with Mr. G. W. Ham (VK4GW) in second position. For experimental work Mr. A. E. Walz (VK4AW) received the cup, and Mr. A. H. Mackenzie (VK4GK) was runner up. A special pennant was awarded to Mr. Frank Nolan (VK4JU) for special services consistently rendered to the institute during the year in connection with traffic relays, vigilance, &c. During the evening the retiring secretary, Major Leo J. Feenaghty (VK4LJ) was made the recipient of a token of esteem from the council, and Mr. P. J. Kelly received a presentation from the associate members' section in recognition of his services as honorary lecturer to the section. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The election of officers resulted in Major Leo J. Feenaghty (VK4LJ), who has been secretary for four years since the inception of the organisation in Queensland being elevated to the presidential chair, the past president, Mr. M. M. O'Brien (VK4MM) taking over the position of secretary; Mr. R. J. Browne (VK4RJ) and Mr. H. D. Walsh (VK4HW) were re-elected technical and publicity directors respectively. The representatives from the various sections are as follow: Key section, Mr. W. A. Yeung (VK4WA); phone section, Mr. G. W. Ham (VK4GW); country secretary, Mr. A. E. Walz (VK4AW); associate members' section, Mr. Scholtz. Messrs. Walz and Kenna (VK4FK) were reappointed to their positions of assistant secretary and section guard, Air Force Wireless Reserve, respectively. The positions of treasurer and traffic manager will continue to be filled by VK4LJ. The institute has concluded arrangements with the Epworth House Trust for the occupancy of a room in the Methodist Book Depot building as apartment headquarters. Classes and meetings will be held there, and an attractive programme has been arranged. On Mondays there will be preliminary lectures for those desiring of learning something about the science of wireless but who are not, at present, anxious to go for their transmitting license. The transmitting license class will be held on Tuesdays, Morse Code class Wednesdays; public nontechnical talks on one or two Thursdays each month; and all meetings of the council sections; and general meetings will be held Fridays. The first class will be held Tuesday, May 5 and every night thereafter will be occupied. Members of the public are cordially invited to attend the public lectures, the date for which will be announced soon. Get in touch with W.I.A. headquarters and learn something of this most fascinating hobby. A programme of publicity is being embarked upon from the leading phone transmitters on 200 metres each Sunday morning. Listen in from 9 to 10.30 a.m. Any inquiries regarding the institute should be addressed to the secretary, Mr. M. M. O'Brien (VK4MM), Fewings Street, Toowong.[222]

4AW and 4GW establish two way communication over one mile distance

Wireless Institute. Fine (sic, Five) Metre Work. Instruction Classes. Wireless history was made during the weekend by two distinct events. On Saturday afternoon Mr. A. H. Mackenzie, VK4GK, of Wynnum South, put his transmitter on the five metre band and took a receiver by motor car until he reached Bulimba, a distance of about nine miles from his home. At this point he was still hearing the signals from his transmitter at Wynnum, which was being operated by his wife at full strength, and he says he has no doubt whatever that he could have heard them right through town had he had time to continue on. On Sunday afternoon Messrs. Walz and Ham, VK4AW and VK4GW respectively, got into two-way communication on 56 MC (5 metres), the distance between the two stations being over a mile. If this is not the Australasian record for five metre work it is at least the first time anything of the nature has been done for a number of years since five metres has been allowed to be cast into the discard of late. More work will be proceeding in this direction in connection with the operations of Technical Development Section Group I. The instruction classes are proceeding each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, and the Monday night class is growing rapidly. Last Monday there were 23 candidates present. The lecture covered dry cells and accumulators and the lecturer (Mr. A. Tonge) brought along some dry cells and taking them to pieces demonstrated how they were used. He also brought along an old accumulator cell and demonstrated its working. Next week it is proposed to take Ohm's law and electromagnetism. The lectures are based upon solid foundations, and are strictly progressive, so that a candidate starting at the beginning will learn all that is necessary for him to enter the second class in a strictly progressive manner. The number of questions which are asked the lecturer and the brisk discussion which takes place demonstrates clearly the keenness of all the students. The next monthly meeting will be held at headquarters, top floor, Queensland Book Depot, corner of Albert Street and Burnett Lane, on Friday, June 5, and anyone interested is cordially Invited to be in attendance. The offices are open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and during most lunch hours from 1 until 2 o'clock. Inquiries regarding the institute generally should be addressed to the secretary, Mr. M. M. O'Brien, VK4MM, Box 5, Toowong.[223]

1931 06[edit]

4AW continues his 5 metre experiments and extends range from Nundah to Wynnum

WIRELESS NOTES AND NEWS. By "ANODE." . . . AMONG THE AMATEURS. In order to comply with numerous requests from members for a "Field Day," the Council of the Wireless Institute of Australia arranged an outing on the King's Birthday, but in spite of the adequate notice given and the number of cars available for transport, only five members, including one associate, turned up. The party proceeded to Sandgate, taking a quantity of portable apparatus, including several complete transmitting and receiving stations, which were quickly put on the air, and a number of inter-State stations were worked successfully, aerials being slung from portable masts and trees. On the five-metre set, signals from 4GK (Wynnum) were clearly audible, but he was not able to hear the portable 5-metre transmitter. Several members of the party then set out in a car with a 5-metre receiver, and found that the signals faded out within 100 yards. This Is perhaps accounted for by the fact that the transmitter was only about 5ft. above sea level. On Sunday morning last a two-way contact was established on five metres between 4AW (Nundah) and 4GK (Wynnum), each station using a power of only about 25 watts. Unfortunately, 4AW's outfit broke down during the test, which had to be abandoned, but further experiments are to be carried out on Sunday next, with 4GW assisting. It is hoped to get a powerful transmitter on the air on this wave-length in the near future, using 4HW's big 250-watt valve, provided a suitable power supply is available.[224]

4AW conducts further successful 5 metre experiments

Wireless Institute. Queensland Division. When the "Field Day" was held recently a considerable amount of work was done. Signals on 56 MC. (55 [sic, 5] metres) were heard from station VK4GK at Wynnum and contact was established on the 7MC (40 metres) band with stations in Brisbane and Ipswich. Much investigation was done into the operation of portable stations and altogether a very enjoyable day was spent. It is hoped that when the next field day is held there will be a greater number of student members present because those who attended stated that there was a considerable amount of instruction to be gleaned. During a recent weekend, further records were put up in regard to transmission on 5 metres. The second two-way contact was established between VK4AW, operated by Mr. A. E. Walz at Nundah, and VK4GK operated by Mr. A. H. Mackenzie, at Wynnum South. On this occasion, and it represented the greatest length over which contact has been established. If not in Australia, at least in Queensland, a message of greeting was sent by Mr. Mackenzie to the president and council of the Queensland division. The president has arranged for a reply message to be sent to Mr. Mackenzie routed via 56 MC. Arrangements are being made with the New South Wales division for calibration of a meter from the 56 MC standard which is held in Sydney. These arrangements are being conducted through the Wireless Institute Traffic channels. It is hoped with so much activity in Queensland that before long some startling distance contacts will be made thereby definitely placing Queensland amateur wireless operators on the map and making their work known throughout the world. So much has been done by amateur operators and experimenters that it would almost appear as if the whole field has been thoroughly exploited, but this is not so because much still remains to be done and it is sincerely hoped that Queensland will be the State to do it. THE CLASSES. Classes continue to be held regularly and last Monday night week a revision of the principles involved in Ohm's Law together with the theories and principles of electromagnetism were dealt with by the lecturer, Mr. A. Tonge. There is still room for one or two more student members at the Monday night class but if any more than this enrol, it will be necessary to split the class and to have portion of it on Thursday evening. The attention of all student members is drawn to the fact that they are eligible to attend and to vote at all meetings of the institute, and it is hoped that they will take full advantage of their rights in this matter as it is only by means of attending general meetings that they can learn the interior workings of the institute. Any inquiries regarding the institute should be addressed to the secretary, Mr. M. M. O'Brien, VK4MM, Box 5, P. O., Toowong.[225]

1931 07[edit]

4AW continues 5 metre experiments

Wireless Institute. Queensland Division. There is still much activity on 56 Mc. (five metres) in Queensland. More and more stations are embarking on this wave length. During the weekend activity was displayed by VK4GW, VK4GK, VK4AW, and many more were listening. The honours this weekend must go to VK4GW, who is putting out a very fine signal. Telephony has been used, and when it is realised that this is almost an unknown band it is very creditable to be able to say that distinguishable phone has been received and transmitted. VK4JU and VK4YG have also been engaged in five-metre transmission. A meeting of the group of the technical development section dealing with five metres was held last week. Mr. M. M. O'Brien, (divisional secretary) has undertaken the duty of secretary of the section, as it is thought by this means that greater co-operation will be possible, not only with members in Queensland, but with other technical development sections throughout Australia.[226]

4AW's father and uncle attend Austral Choir Recital

AUSTRAL CHOIR RECITAL. Under the auspices of the Brisbane Austral Choir, and under the personal direction of the conductor (Mr. E. R. B. Jordan), the sixth recital was given by the choir in the Conference Hall (Teachers' Building, Elizabeth-street) last evening. As the recital inaugurated Brisbane Austral Music Week, it attracted even more interest than usual, and the hall was filled to capacity with music-lovers. The large gathering included . . . C. A. Walz, . . . M. Walz, . . .[227]

4AW assists 4LJ in handling WIA traffic while new 4WI commissioned

Wireless Institute. New Station Operating. Description of Transmitter. The official station of the Wireless Institute of Australia — VK4WI — has been completed and put on the air. The transmitter is a crystal controlled oscillator using a crystal "blank", with a fundamental frequency of 3639.5 kilocycles. This stage is followed by a frequency doubler, which increases the frequency to the operating frequency of 7,279 kilocycles. The doubler stage is followed by a power amplifier with provision for a modulation stage for telephony. The normal operating wave is 7,279 kilocycles, but by means of a special micrometer holder it is possible to shift the frequency up to 7,283 or down to 7,275 without any other alterations to the adjustment than just sliding a rod across the front of the panel. By means of a selector switch there is a choice of two other crystals which will have fixed frequencies. One will be used on 7,010 kilocycles. The frequency of the other one has not yet been determined, but it will probably be in the vicinity of 7,150 kilocycles, the centre of the amateur band. The transmitter is entirely self-contained and has been constructed by Mr. Vernon Kenna — VK4FK — to whom the greatest praise is due for his unremitting energy during the past three months in devoting the whole of his spare time to the construction of this station. It. is not only very efficient, but it is a handsome looking job, standing 5 feet 6 inches high and 18 inches broad, the depth being 15 inches. The panel is duco finished with all the designations of the dials and metres neatly printed on in white. Above the panel there is a pediment containing the badge of the institute in natural colours with the letters VK4Wl on either side. The station went on the air for the first time on Friday last, and at the council meeting on Friday evening a very hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mr. Kenna for his yeoman service in constructing the station, and the secretary was directed to place this minute on record and to write to Mr. Kenna in appreciation of his services. It is proposed to transfer the station to the residence of the traffic manager — VK4LJ — on Thursday next so that the normal traffic schedules will be continued by him as from Friday. For the past two weeks the schedules have been conducted by VK4FK and VK4AW. The next general meeting will be held on Friday, August 7, when it is hoped to have a lecture upon an aeronautical subject. Any inquiries regarding the institute should be addressed to the secretary — VK4MM — Mr. M. M. O'Brien, Box 5, Post Office, Toowong.[228]

1931 08[edit]

4AW participates as lecturer in WIAQ AOCP classes

Wireless Institute. Queensland Division. A special general meeting of the Queensland Division of the Wireless Institute of Australia was held on Friday. Much business was conducted in regard to the annual trophy competition and associated matters. Finality not having been reached at 11 p.m. the president declared the meeting adjourned to a date to be fixed and the matter of drawing up final rules for the allocation of the annual trophy was left in the hands of a committee consisting of Messrs. Harston, Young, Brown, Ham, and O'Brien. The contest committee previously appointed will still function in regard to periodical relays, tests with other States, &c. It was reported by the committee that a test is being arranged for September 1, with New Zealand, to follow up the test just concluded with Western Australia. Owing to meteorological difficulties the intra-State test between town and country members in Queensland was not carried through. CLASSES. The new. series of classes for the A.O.T.C. Exam, and preliminary instruction commenced on August 17, the lecturers being Messrs. Tonge and Williams, Monday night, preliminary; Mr. P. J. Kelly, Tuesday night, A.O.T.C.; Messrs. Ham, Brown and Walz. Wednesday night, Morse. Arrangements have been made for the transmission of slow Morse from the official station, VK4WI, for half an hour each Thursday evening from 7 until 7.30, commencing tomorrow. A copy of the matter transmitted will be handed to the class supervisors so that members receiving it may check up their reception. The continuance of this Morse service will depend entirely upon the number who make use of it as shown by their checking up with the official copy in headquarters. The president of the Queensland Division, VK4LJ, Major L. J. Feenaghty, has been advised by the Western Australian Division of his appointment as their proxy for the eighth annual convention to be held in Sydney on October 12. This is the second occasion Queensland has held the proxy for Western Australia and it amply demonstrates the close friendship which exists between the two States. Any inquiries regarding the Institute should be addressed to the secretary, Mr. M. M. O'Brien, VK4MM, Box 5 Post Office. Toowong.[229]

1931 09[edit]

4AW continues his 5 metre experiments

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. Short Wave Tests. The subcommittee of the Wireless Institute (Queensland division) which was appointed to draft the conditions for the allocation of annual trophies has almost completed its work. The test with New Zealand on 3.5 MC commenced on September 1, and it is hoped that as many stations as possible will participate, seeing that this is the first international test to be conducted by Queensland. The Western Australian test which has been finalised was not as well patronised as was hoped. Difficulty is always experienced more or less in making contact with Western Australia. Work on 56 MC (5 metres) is still progressing and VK4GW, VK4AW and VK4GK are hoping to have some very definite reports to make in the near future. At the next general meeting of the institute some time will be allotted for questions. They will not be of a technical nature but will be in connection with the administration and constitution of the institute generally and of the division in particular. The questions will be asked by a member on behalf of the remainder and will be answered by the president. Any member present will be entitled to ask any question regarding the administration, control or constitution of the division.[230]

4AW attends a field day reunion of the former Wooloowin Radio Club

WOOLOOWIN RADIO CLUB REUNION. The reunion of the members of the late Wooloowin Radio Club took place, in the form of a radio-controlled treasure hunt. The "gang," numbering 20, assembled at their old headquarters, and were met by the organisers — Messrs. J. P. Love and Vic. Bouchard — who issued sealed instructions to the various motor cars. Vic. Bouchard's car carried the transmitter, and the other cars were equipped with receivers. The operators were 4JL, 4JG, 4FK, and 4AW. The course covered was from Wooloowin to Pinkenba. The clues to the treasure were hard to find, one being in an abandoned coal mine, while another was found on Bartley's Hill, and the final clue was located at Luggage Point, in a chimney. The actual treasure, after a search of about an hour by the entire company, was located by Mr. Vern. Kenna, who was amazed by his find — two halfpennies! The outing was successful, and the unusual method adopted was favourably commented upon. From an experimental radio point of view much information was gained on the behaviour of short waves when transmitted from cars. It is hoped to arrange a similar function at a future date.[231]

1931 10[edit]

4AW participating in aeronautical night flying tests on 5 metres by 4HW

AERIAL BROADCASTING. Sir,— In your edition of Tuesday night I read an article headed "Night Flying," commencing, "For the first time in Queensland broadcasting was carried out from an aeroplane last night." This surprised me, as I have myself carried out broadcasts from aircraft in flight on several occasions. I believe that the first transmission of actual speech from the air in this State took place on July 20 last, when Messrs. B. W. Munro, V. F. Kenna, and myself installed a transmitting set in a Moth belonging to the Queensland Aero Club and put through some satisfactory tests. Two days later, on Saturday, August 1, we flew round the town most of the afternoon, transmitting a continuous programme, which was heard by many of our friends. It was done without any previous publicity, and as the wavelength was 39 metres it would only be by chance that outsiders heard it, but quite a number of reports were received. That night we continued the broadcast for the benefit of a dance at the new Aero Club house, a powerful receiver and amplifier being installed at the Archerfield aerodrome. At 10 o'clock that night a special speech transmitted at a height of over 4,000 feet was clearly heard by all guests and members of the public assembled on the field. I believe this was the first night transmission in Australia. Last Saturday afternoon Mr. Arthur Walz and myself carried out telephony transmission from a Puss Moth lent for the occasion by courtesy of Qantas, and several interested spectators were permitted to listen in on sets we provided at the aerodrome. The apparatus was designed and built by ourselves, and is improved after each test. — Yours, &c., HAROLD D. WALSH. Pilot Member, Matheson Flying School.[232]

1931 11[edit]
1931 12[edit]

4HW gives further details of his aeronautical 5 metre tests at meeting of WIAQ

Among the Clubs. WIRELESS INSTITUTE. The December monthly meeting of the institute was well attended. Mr. H. D. Walsh, VK4HW, gave a talk on aeroplane wireless. Mr. Walsh is not only one of the oldest amateur wireless transmitters in Brisbane, but is also a qualified pilot, so he was in a position to give an interesting talk upon this subject. In the course of his address he mentioned that in his tests he had had the co-operation of Messrs. Kenna (VK4FK), Walz (VK4AW), and Munro (VK4AL). In the last few months, with the co-operation of these other transmitters, he had conducted the first transmission of speech from an aeroplane in flight and definitely the first night transmission of speech under these conditions. The tests had been satisfactory and the signals had been picked up at the aerodrome and heard by 300 people assembled there. It is interesting to note that during the course of the night flight the aeroplane was made visible to those at the aerodrome by neon tubes on the wing tips. Mr. Walsh gave many interesting details regarding the requirements for airplane transmitters, including the method of suspending the transmitter to save it from vibration. Many different types of aerial systems had been tried, including the conventional trailing aerial with the "fish" at the end for weighting purposes. They had also utilised a rather weird-looking arrangement of wires draped backwards and forwards from the fuselage to the wing, but the vibration proved to be too great on this method. He pointed out that no serious efforts had yet been made to test reception in the air owing to the necessity for bonding the wires in the plane and shielding the ignition wires. He urged all the members to co-operate to the fullest in this particular branch of technical development and stated that no difficulty would be experienced in securing flights for any member desirous of trying out his particular transmitter to prove its suitability for aircraft work. He had with him a typical air plane transmitter, the various points of which he demonstrated to the members. The next meeting will be held on Friday, January 8, when a talk will be given upon old-time methods of transmission, back even to the days of spark coils and coherers. The speaker will be an old commercial operator who is very familiar with his subject. The new classes will start in the New Year and a big enrolment is required. Any inquiries regarding the institute should be addressed to the secretary, Mr. M. M. O'Brien, VK4MM, Box 5, Post Office, Toowong.[233]

4AW now traffic manager for WIAQ using 4WI

AMONG THE RADIO CLUBS. Wireless Institute. At the last meeting of the Council of the Queensland Division of the Institute the Federal President of the Institute, Mr. S. W. Gadsden, VK3SW of Melbourne was present. The new series of instructional classes will commence on Monday, January 4. The traffic channels which have been in existence for over twelve months are proving extremely efficient and four schedules are kept each week with southern States. The traffic manager is Mr. A. E. Walz, VK4AW, and when he is not able to undertake the schedules on account of work he is relieved by Messrs. Kenna (VK4FK) and Alder (VK4JB). A considerable quantity of the correspondence of the Institute is handled by means of radiograms and the fact that there has not been a mutilation for over eight months speaks well for the skill of the operators at each end. The Federal traffic manager has announced a new low-power test commencing on January 4, and ending on January 31. SOUTH BRISBANE. The club badges, which are of striking design, are now available to members, Shortwave, enthusiasts should listen in each Sunday morning at 10 o'clock and hear the latest "chinwag" from a newly formed Q.S.O. party of amateur transmitters — all on phone. The S.B.R.C. meet each Friday evening at 8 o'clock. All interested are invited or communicate with the secretary, Mr. A. Sharpley, Lilly Street, off Old Cleveland Road, Stone's Corner, at which address the meetings are also held. [234]


1932 01[edit]
1932 02[edit]

4AW donates a substandard wavemeter for the new 4WI broadcast station

NEW RADIO STATION. ENTHUSIASTIC AMATEURS. Another broadcast station will be on the air on Sunday mornings now that the official wireless station of the Wireless Institute of Australia (Queensland division) has been completed. The station was the work of Mr. M. M. O'Brien (VK4MM), an enthusiastic amateur, who is both secretary and treasurer of the Queensland division of the institute. The station, which is set up at Mr. O'Brien's home at Toowong, embodies the latest in broadcasting equipment, comprising monitor, telephone line to listening post near by for checking the emitted wave, microphone, gramophone turntable with electric pickup, substandard wave meter, amplifier, fader, and changeover arrangements, broadcast receiving set, modulating amplifier, modulator valve, and complete oscillator. The normal power is 18 watts, but when used between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. the power is 50 watts on the last valve. The station, the call name of which is VK4WI, has three wave lengths — 128, 248, and 84 metres. The equipment, which shows splendid workmanship, was made by Mr O'Brien and Mr. R. J. Browne (VK4RB), with their own materials and in their spare time. Mr. Browne made and presented the institute with the microphone, while Mr. A. E. Walz (VK4AW) presented the wave meter. Work on the station commenced at Christmas, and was completed last Monday. The station, which will broadcast regularly every Sunday morning, was originally designed to enable personal communication by voice between the secretary (Mr. O'Brien) and members of the institute resident in the State, even in distant parts of Queensland, as well as with the secretaries of other divisions throughout Australia.[235]

1932 03[edit]

4AW continues his work as WIAQ traffic manager

CIub Notes. INTER-EMPIRE TEST. Will Australia Hold the Cup? The institute's official station, VK4WI, is still carrying out dual transmission with VK4LW at 9.45 on Sunday morning, thus reaching a greater number of listeners than would be possible if one station only were used. The traffic station, VK4AW, continues to handle the institute's official traffic between Queensland and other divisions, as well as Federal headquarters. Schedules are maintained thrice weekly, and a considerable volume of traffic is sent and received. The interempire test arranged by the British Empire Radio Union concluded on Sunday, and we are hopeful of retaining in Australia the cup which was won last year by VK2NS, of Bathurst. One at least of Queensland's stations has accumulated a big score. The March general meeting will be held on Friday, March 4, and all members and their friends are requested to attend. Owing to private reasons, the secretary (Mr. O'Brien) has found it necessary to give notice of his resignation from the annual meeting in April. Arrangements are now being made for the appointment of a successor. Mr. O'Brien has been secretary for a year, succeeding the present president He was president prior to that since April, 1927. The divisional rules are being amended to reconstitute the council upon more broadly representative lines, and it is hoped that members will send in their votes in time so that the election in April may be conducted under the new idea. The Federal president, VK3SW, who has been on an extended business trip to this city, has departed for Melbourne, carrying with him fraternal greetings and an expression of Queensland's continued confidence in the Federal executive. Inquiries regarding the institute or applications for enrolment in the instruction classes should be addressed to the secretary, Mr. M. M. O'Brien, Box 5, Post Office, Toowong.[236]

4AW's father attends Austral Choir recital

Austral Recital. A capacity audience was present at the Albert Hall on Saturday evening, when the fourteenth Brisbane Austral recital was given. Those present included . . . C. A. Walz, . . .[237]

1932 04[edit]

4AW leads the group of amateurs listening in to wireless reports of the French aviators progressing their flight from Brisbane to Noumea

WON THROUGH. French Airmen at Noumea. LONG OCEAN FLIGHT. The three French airmen took off from Archerfield aerodrome at 6.15 o'clock yesterday morning. Regularly, each hour, until 2 p.m., their wireless messages indicating steady progress on the last long hop of 800 miles across ocean to Noumea were received in Brisbane. Then followed hours of silence, but late last night it was learned unofficially that the monoplane had landed at its destination. The local weather conditions made it impossible for the baron and his companions to get away before 6.15 a.m., but the big 'plane lifted easily off the sodden ground and quickly headed out to sea on the long flight. Baron de Verneilh announced before the departure that they would be broadcasting for the first ten minutes of each hour on a wavelength of 41.80 metres using the call sign of FALMV. Consequently, amateurs around Brisbane and the Commonwealth Government station at Pinkenba were on the alert for messages. The first was picked up by Pinkenba at 8 o'clock merely an "OK" signal. Then at 9 o'clock all the listeners heard a message stating "All well; now 450 miles north east of Brisbane; ground speed 112 miles per hour." A position was given but only the latitude 23.40deg. south was picked up. At 10 o'clock only Pinkenba and Mr. A. E. Walz (VK4AW), of Sandgate-road Nundah, were able to distinguish clearly the message. The position given then was 159 east longitude and 25 degrees south latitude, which would place them a little more than a third of the way. At 11.5 a.m. after an "OK" signal, the flyers gave their position as 160.40 E., and 20.40 south. One station interpreted this message as 24.40 south. Pinkenba, having to send a long weather message, was not listening at 12.5 p.m., when the next message came through, but Mr. Walz and Mr. V. B. Munro (VK4AL), who is also a member of the Queensland Aero Club, were able to discern an "OK" signal, and that the visibility was getting bad. The ground speed was given as 114 miles per hour. Weather forecasts received before the commencement of the flight said that showers and squally southeasterlies would be met in a belt about 200 miles from New Caledonia. This, combined with the ever-increasing speed of the 'plane, would seem to indicate that the baron and his companions had reached this belt. Signals were received in Brisbane at 1 and 2 o'clock, but they were very faint and the static caused by the storm gathering about Brisbane prevented clear reception. No messages were received after 2 o'clock, and it was presumed that the Frenchmen had landed. Pinkenba made attempts during the afternoon to get in touch with the wireless station at Noumea, but shipping made this impossible. When the Couzinet monoplane left Archerfield she had sufficient fuel to last 14 hours. Baron de Verneilh stated at the luncheon accorded him by the Queensland Aero Club on Monday, that he intended flying fairly slowly at first with his heavily laden plane, but about halfway he would "open up," probably reaching 120 or 130 miles an hour.[238]

4AW's father reports possessing a miniature New Testament

MINUTE BOOK CONTEST. A Smaller One Yet. Following on the publication in "The Saturday Night Telegraph" of a picture from an English periodical of what was claimed to be the world's smallest book, readers of "The Telegraph" have forwarded for inspection the tiny books in their possession, some of these being a facsimile of the one illustrated and a few slightly smaller. All were dictionaries published by David Bryce and Son, of Glasgow, and each had its metal container with a magnifying glass set in the lid. Now has come forward a reader with a New Testament which challenges the dictionaries for smallness. This is in the possession of Mr. C. H. Walz, of Sandgate Road and Eaton Street, Nundah, who acquired it about 14 years ago amongst other articles purchased at a sale. The minute New Testament, also printed by David Bryce and Son, measures eleven-sixteenths of an inch by five-sixteenths, and has a depth of five-eighths of an inch. It was published in 1896, and according to the preface, is a replica of the Oxford University dictionary, printed on the finest Oxford-India paper.[239]

1932 05[edit]

4AW acknowledged at WIAQ AGM for his work done in their AOCP classes

Wireless Institute. In the course of his presidential address at the annual meeting of the Queensland Division of the Wireless Institute of Australia, Major Leo. J. Feenaghty (VK4LJ) reviewed the work done in connection with classes, &c., and voiced his appreciation of the lectures. Many enthusiasts had acted as lecturers from time to time, he said, but a few names stood out pre-eminent amongst them — Messrs. P. J. Kelly, A. Tonge, F. Buch, and L. Williams. Of late the scope of the classes had been widened, and Messrs. Jeffs and Kenna were undertaking the instructional work therein. Messrs. R. J. Browne, A. E. Walz, H. D. Walsh, W. Rohde, and several others also had rendered splendid service with the classes. The president suggested to the incoming council consideration of the formation of a business man's course, consisting of the fundamentals covered by the preliminary class and some elementary practical work. Laboratory work had not proceeded with the degree of vigour he would have liked to have seen, and he hoped that experimental work would receive an added impetus this year. "There is another matter upon which I desire to lay stress," the president added, "and that is what we might term the "window-dressing" of the Institute. In business houses the windows display just the goods people will buy. This is what the institute must do. It is of little use dressing our windows with a display of monthly meetings. We must have a special bargain sale display of laboratory instruments, technical development, post graduate courses, practical station work, field-day exercises, and social events. By this means we will attract customers, and they will enter our shop. Once they are inside we must make 100 per cent. sure not only that we have ample stocks of the goods we display, but also that we deliver them in an efficient and salesmanlike manner. To carry this into effect I consider it is essential that our council should be of the full strength of nine. Of these, say, four should be sufficient to cope with the machinery and business side of the institute, leaving two or three to organise and supervise laboratory work and technical development, and two more to arrange field days and social activities. Classes and instructional work would also form part of the functions of the technical committee of the council. By this means I feel sure greater activity would be manifest, and the greatest number of people would have a definite and useful job of work to do. It would also ensure that the closest touch will be maintained between technical and activities committees (whose appointed member would have a seat on council) and the council itself, thus ensuring that every branch of institute activity would have adequate representation and voice on the governing body. This would obviously serve a dual purpose." Thanks were expressed to the radio inspector (Mr. Armstrong) and others who had assisted during the year.[240]

As previous, 4AW awarded 4LJ experimental trophy

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. The beginning of the sixth year of the activities of the Queensland Division of the Wireless Institute of Australia, marks the evacuation of office by the original secretary (latterly president), Mr. L. J. Feenaghty, VK4LJ, and the similar retirement of the original president (latterly secretary), Mr. M. O'Brien, VK4MM, a report by the institute says. Mr. P. Kelly and Mr. V. Bouchard are now president and secretary respectively, and Mr. R. J. Browne VK4RB is treasurer. The remainder of the council will be elected at the adjourned meeting to be held in June. The trophy committee has made the following awards: Best station cup, Mr. McKenzie, VK4GK; 10 metres and below (28,000 K/cs. and above), Mr. E. Nissen, Dalby, VK4XN; experimental trophy, VK4AW, Mr. A. E. Walz. "The voice of the W.I.A., VK4WI, Toowong, continues to operate on its usual 8.30 a.m. and 10 a.m., 11 a.m. to noon schedules each Sunday, and occasionally from 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. The station will ultimately increase power to 100 watts, and will work on 80 metres nightly for the winter time. It will be capable of putting phone into all U.S.A. States.[241]

4RB offers to calibrate wavemeters from the substandard (donated by 4AW) for free for WIAQ members

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. Amendment of Rules The Wireless Institute of Australia has decided to amend and alter several rules. Circulars and ballot papers have been distributed to all financial members and the result of the ballot will be made known at the adjourned annual meeting on June 17. The second lecture of a fortnightly series was given by Mr. Vern Kenna (VK4FK) on copper oxide rectifiers. These lectures are arranged primarily for those who have passed their examination, but they are of such a nature as to be of interest to the enthusiast. The classes are being well patronised by those who are keen on gaining their amateur operator's ticket. Mr. R. Browne has kindly offered to calibrate frequency meters for members free of charge. These will be calibrated from substandard. The institute has decided to open headquarters on the top floor of Epworth House, corner Burnett Lane and Albert Street, during lunch hours, for the benefit of intending members. The secretary will be in attendance to answer inquiries.[242]

1932 06[edit]
1932 07[edit]

4AW's father and uncle attend the Austral Choir recital

AUSTRAL RECITAL. Interesting programmes and good organisation assure the success of the Brisbane Austral recitals, and the 21st recital at the Albert Hall last evening was no exception. Those present included . . . C. A. Walz . . . M. Walz[243]

4AW elected to WIAQ council at adjourned annual meeting

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. The adjourned annual meeting of the Wireless Institute was held last Friday. The main item on the agenda was the counting of votes of the recent postal ballot dealing with amendments to certain rules. All amendments with the exception of one were carried. The defeat of the amendment concerning government by general meeting will mean that the entire control of the institute's affairs still remain vested with a selected council. Nominations were called for positions on the council and the following officers were elected: Messrs. P. Kelly (president); V. Bouchard (secretary), H. Angel (students' representative), R. J. Browne (treasurer), A. Walz, V. F. Kenna, L. J. Feenaghty, W. T. Wishart. A number of trial tests of portable transmitting and receiving equipment were made at the Archerfleld Aerodrome over the weekend in preparation for the Aero pageant to be held on August 6. Results were very satisfactory. The talks by the secretary, Mr. Vic. Bouchard, over station 4LW every Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, are finding quite a few interested listeners. The institute greatly appreciates the courtesy of Mr. Cec. Morris, owner of 4LW, in allocating this portion of his programme to W.I.A. matters. The first meeting of the newly elected council will be held next Thursday when a considerable amount of business will have to be cleared up. A meeting of the technical developmental section and the "five-metre" group will be held at headquarters next Friday, July 29, and a technical lecture by Mr. Vern Kenna, 4FK, will conclude the meeting. Meetings are held every Friday night at 8 o'clock in the institute's rooms in Epworth House (corner Albert Street and Burnett Lane), and all members should make a point of being present. Postal communications should be addressed to the secretary, Box 1524V, G.P.O., Brisbane.[244]

4AW's mother attends a morning tea in aid of St. Francis' church

MORNING TEA. In aid of St. Francis's Church of England, Nundah, Mrs. H. S. Thurecht and Mrs. H. Hannington entertained a large number of friends at a morning tea at Allendale, the home of Mrs. H. S. Thurecht. The hostesses were assisted in entertaining the guests by Mrs. C. Jackson, Misses M. Hayes, Howles, and N. and I. Bowman. A musical and elocutionary programme was contributed by Mrs. C. Carson, Misses Mavis Priest and Nora Shepherd. Competitions were won by Mesdames J. E. Moffat and J. Woodward. At the instance of the Rev. F. W. Eldershaw, rector of St. Francis's, a vote of thanks was accorded to Mesdames H. S. Thurecht and H. Hannington. Those present included Mesdames . . . C. A. Walz, . . . [245]

1932 08[edit]

4AW provides a portable station for control of the Aerial Pagent

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. At the monthly meeting of the Queensland division of the Wireless Institution of Australia the council's report was presented. It showed that the institute had considerably increased its membership since last report. The increase has mainly been in the students' section, where during the last month 16 additional names were added, bringing the strength up to 45. In this section beginners learn the elementary principles of radio transmission and reception, thereafter transferring to the advanced class before sitting for their amateur operator's certificate. The secretary thanks Messrs. Morris (VK4LW), Starkie (VK4NW) for placing their stations at the disposal of the institute when required. Mr. O'Brien (VK4MM) gave a brief description of Telefunken modulation as used by Mr: Ray Carter (VK2HC), illustrating the circuit arrangement on the blackboard. The advantages of the Heising system over Telefunken was discussed by members, but it was thought by some that the additional expense of installing Heising modulation was not warranted, providing that trouble was taken to get Telefunken to work efficiently. As mentioned in "The Telegraph" recently, the Wireless Institute co-operated with the Aero Club last Saturday at the pageant at Archerfield Airdrome. The following control points were established to supply details concerning the planes:— At the Club House, VK4HR portable station, operated by Mr. H. Scholz and was assisted by Major L. J. Feenaghty, with Messrs. Kelly, Bahr, Irving, Soden, Bouchard, and Angel as observers. At Rocklea Hotel, VK4FK, portable station operated by Mr. Vern Kenna, assisted by Mr. O'Brien (VK4MM) with Messrs. Hocken, Chapman, Turner, McMahon, and Mee as observers. At a point on Sherwood Road VK4AW's portable transmitter was operated by Mr. Walz assisted by Mr. W. Wishart (VK4WT) with Messrs. Greenham and McGowan as observers. Owing to weather conditions, which were entirely against the erection of portable stations in the open, and also to the fact that static was particularly heavy reliable contact with outside points was found impossible. Had the day been a fine one there is no doubt that the messages would have been received. During the morning test, a contact was made with an amateur station in Sydney proving that the apparatus was entirely satisfactory. Owing to the holiday there will be no Morse class tonight. There will not be a meeting on Friday. The meeting of the Technical Development Section Five Metre Group will be held on Friday week, August 19. The Institute rooms at Epworth House, corner Burnett Lane and Albert Street, will be open from 12 to 2 p.m. daily for the benefit of country radio enthusiasts who are in Brisbane for the Exhibition.[246]

4AW's father attends Austral Choir recital

AUSTRAL RECITAL. That the music-loving public appreciate the efforts of Mr. E. R. B. Jordan, in the series of Brisbane Austral recitals, arranged under his direction, was demonstrated on Saturday evening, when the 22nd recital attracted a large audience to the Albert Hall. Those present included: . . . C. A. Walz[247]

4AW heavily involved in 5 metre experiments as part of the WIAQ technical development section

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. A preliminary try out of portable five-metre receiving equipment will be conducted by the technical developmental section next Sunday. A five-metre transmitter will be operated by Mr. Arthur Walz at his residence at Nundah, using his own call — 4AW. The transmission will commence at 10 a.m. and will continue throughout the day. The field intensities of the signals in various localities will be recorded by the portable receiving stations. Judging by the enthusiasm, of the "five-metre" group the day promises to be a great success. It is anticipated that the compilation of some interesting and original research data will be the outcome of the experiments. The receiving party will meet on Sunday morning at the institute's headquarters and will leave for the field at 9.30. All members and students interested in the tests are invited to come along. Work on the construction of the new official station is proceeding steadily. The modulating and audio amplifying end of the transmitter has already has been completed and on its first test out the constructors were well satisfied with the high quality of its output. A technical developmental section meeting which promises to be one of the most interesting held since that group was formed will commence at 8 p.m. next Friday at headquarters. A modern type of five-metre receiver will be built during the night using components donated by members and students. The receiver to be built is of the superregenerative type which, in the hands of many individual constructors, has failed to function satisfactorily. A benefit entertainment to raise funds for the purchase of laboratory equipment for the use of members is to be held. Meetings are held every Friday night at the institute's headquarters in Epworth House, corner of Burnett Lane and Albert Street, city. Students' classes are held every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; the first two nights being for beginners in theory and the more advanced students respectively while Wednesday night is given up to Morse practice. The postal address of the institute is Box 1524V, G.P.O., Brisbane.[248]

1932 09[edit]

4AW's father and uncle attend another Austral Choir recital

Recital Audience. The twenty-fourth recital given under the auspices of the Austral Choir, took place on Friday evening in the Albert Hall and attracted a number of music lovers. In the audience were . . . C. A. Walz . . . M. Walz[249]

1932 10[edit]

4AW to demonstrate his 56 MHz transmitter at next meeting of WIAQ technical development section

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. Next Friday night's meeting of the combined five-metre group and technical developmental section should be of exceptional interest to all members experimenting in the receiving and transmitting of ultrashortwave signals. Mr. A. Walz (VK4AW), who has done a great deal of pioneer work on and below 5 metres, will give a practical demonstration of a 56-megcycle transmitter. He will also explain the circuit, layout, and radiating system, &c., besides giving numerous practical hints which, undoubtedly, will be invaluable to newer members who are constructing ultra-s.w. equipment. Mr. A. Tonge commenced the first of the new course of preliminary classes with an interesting talk on "Magnetism and the Electron Theory." The lecturer carefully and simply explained these two elementary factors on which the whole theory of radio communication is based. The opening lecture for the advanced students' class, held on Tuesday, was on "Sound." This was ably delivered by Mr. P. Kelly, who confined the talk mainly to the generation and propagation of sound waves and their application to radio. A further report on the field strength measurements of several Australian A class broadcast stations has recently come to hand from the Commonwealth Bureau of Scientific and Industrial Research. This report contains, among other things, valuable theoretical and constructional data on the types of receivers and antennae used during the field measurements. It will be of particular interest to the technically-minded men of the T.D. section. The general meeting held last Friday was devoted entirely to W.I.A. business, the large volume of which made impossible the holding of a discussion on a radio topic. Meetings are held every Friday night commencing at 8 o'clock. Students' classes commence at 7.30 p.m. every Monday. Tuesday, and Wednesday. The meeting room on the second floor of Epworth House, which is on the corner of Burnett Lane and Albert Street, is open dally during lunch hours, the secretary usually being in attendance. The postal address of the Wireless Institute is Box 1524V, G.P.O., Brisbane.[250]

4AW's mother attends an Austral Choir recital

Austral Concert. The first performance in Queensland by the Brisbane Austral Choir, of Schumann's choral work, Paradise and the Peri, attracted a large audience of music lovers to the City Hall on Saturday evening. Miss Adeline Colledge was the pianoforte soloist, and Misses May Jordan and Bessie Dougall were the vocal artists. Miss Colledge chose a frock of almond green satin allied with a corsage of silver lame. Miss Jordan wore a frock of cactus pink mariette, showing a modified cape. Miss Dougall's frock of billiard green mariette was lightly stitched in gold. Guests in the official enclosure included the president (Mr. J. C. Overell) and Mrs: Overell, Mr. and Mrs. R. Dalley Scarlett, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Brier, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. G. Annand, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Brenan, and Miss Betty Brenan, Rev. and Mrs. Percival Watson, Rev. and Mrs. John Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. W. Giles, Mesdames E. R. B. Jordan, Gilbert Wilson, C. A. Powell, W. G. Cornish, R. C. Cooley, Misses A. Hobday, Joan Irving, Joyce Overell, E. Poole, and Mr. John Irving. Others in the audience included ... Mesdames . . . C. A. Walz . . .[251]

4AW's uncle listed as a licensed gasfitter by the Brisbane Gas Company (4AW's father omitted(


1932 11[edit]

4AW's father and uncle attend another Austral Choir recital

Recital Audience. The popularity of Austral Choir re-citals was demonstrated on Saturday night when large numbers of music-lovers attended the twenty-sixth of the present series which was held in the Albert Hall. Those present included . . . M. Walz . . . C. A. Walz . .[253]

4AW heard in Adelaide on 14 MHz with Raw AC note

AMATEUR NOTES. . . . VK4AW appeared again on the 14 m.c. band with a strong RAC signal.[254]

4AW takes third place in Australia-wide five-point relay competition

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. The institute meeting room was packed to capacity last Friday night when a presentation was made to the past president, Major Leo. J. Feenaghty (VK4LJ), on the occasion of his marriage. A toast to the future happiness of Major and Mrs. Feenaghty was proposed by Mr. A. H. Mackenzie (VK4GK). By his enthusiasm and untiring energy 4LJ has done much for the Wireless Institute not only in Queensland but throughout Australia, and it is mainly by his efforts that the Queensland division is enjoying the prosperous position it is in today. FIVE POINT RELAY. The results of the five-point relay contest have just recently come to hand and once again Queensland is solidly on the map. The first place was awarded to Mr. Reg. Vickary (VK4RV) of Cunnamulla, this station compiling 1,187 points Third place was awarded to Mr. A. E. Walz (4AW) of Nundah who scored 1,095 points. VK7CH, Mr. V. Harrison, Bellerive, Tasmania gained second place with 1,164 points. The success of Queensland in the contest is noteworthy considering that several participating southern stations were being kept continually on the air by two and three shifts of operators. The captain of the visiting American tennis team, Mr. W. L. Allison, who is also widely known in the radio world as W5VV, was unable to be present at last Friday night's W.I.A. meeting. However, he sent along his good wishes and "73s" to the boys per Mr. Bill Wlshart (VK4WT). STATION 4LW. Listeners to next Sunday's transmissions from VK4LW, Rosalie, will hear a pleasant little ceremony in the presenting of a silver cup by 4LJ as a mark of appreciation of the splendid technical quality of transmissions and the excellent programmes which have been put out by 4LW. Congratulations of the Institute go to VK4WT, Mr. Wishart, of Graceville, who, though on the air for a period of only six months, has secured his Worked-all-Continents certificate. The next Wireless Institute lecture through 4QG will be broadcast next Thursday at 7 p.m. Meetings are held every Friday night at the W.I.A. headquarters, second floor of Epworth House, corner of Burnett Lane and Albert Street, city. A combined technical developmental section and five-metre group meeting, will be held next Friday, at 8 p.m. Students' classes commence at 7.30 p.m. every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The postal address of the Queensland division is Box 1524V, G.P.O., Brisbane.[255]

1932 12[edit]

4AW's father attends a performance of the Messiah

MESSIAH RECITAL. An evergreen attraction for music lovers is a performance of Handel's oratorio, Messiah, and the City Hall was crowded on Saturday evening, when the work was given at the fourth special concert of the Brisbane Austral Choir. Guests invited to the official en-closure included the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress (Alderman and Mrs. J. W. Greene), Mr. J. C. Overell (president of the choir) and Mrs. Overell, Dr. and Mrs. E. W. H. Fowles, Mr. R. J. Archibald and Miss Jessica Archibald, Colonel and Mrs. F. W. G. Annand, Mr. and Mrs. G. Sampson, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hayne, Rev. and Mrs. Percival Watson, Rev. and Mrs. John Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. E. Dalley Scarlett, Mr. and Mrs. C. Brenan and Miss Betty Brenan, Mr. and Mrs. Davies, Mackay; Mesdames Gilbert Wilson, C. A. Powell, and Miss Augusta Hobday. Bouquets were presented from the members of the choir to the Lady Mayoress (Mrs. J. W. Greene), Mesdames J. C. Overell, E. W. H. Fowles, and E. R. B. Jordan; also to Miss I. Walker (chairwoman of the ladies social committee), Miss Rosalind Buxton, Miss B. M. Clark, and Miss J. Annan (assistant honorary secretaries). Bouquets also were presented to the nine lady soloists, Mesdames M. McKinley, Vincent Macrossan, Misses Doris Casey, Gladys Kelly, Eva Sanderson, Ella Spencer Roberts, Firth Edmonds, Alice McKenzie, and Jean Rigby. Others present in the audience included . . . C. A. Walz[256]

4AW acts a best man at the wedding of 4WE

SOCIAL SPHERE. WEDDINGS. VINING — TATE. The marriage of Mr. William Edward Vining (eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Vining, Maleny) to Miss Florence Lilian Tate (eldest daughter of the late Mr. R. P. Tate, Controller of the Commonwealth Stores, Sydney, and of Mrs. C. R. Tate, Gaythorne) was solemnised in St. Matthew's Church, Groveley, on December 10. The Rev. W. C. Tomkins officiated. Miss Olive Burgess played the "Wedding March," and, accompanied by Miss J. Straughan, rendered a vocal solo. The bride, who was given away by her cousin (Mr. Alex. Hall), was gowned in white satin, made on classical lines, and she wore a veil of silk tulle, over handmade Maltese lace. She was attended by her two sisters, Misses Gladys and Evelyn Tate, who were frocked in pink and lemon crepe de Chine respectively. Mr. Arthur Walz (Nundah) acted as best man. The bride's mother wore a frock of brown silk, trimmed with a floral scarf and gold buttons, and her hat was to harmonise. On leaving for the honeymoon, which is being spent touring the North Coast, the bride wore a frock of pink striped crepe de Chine, fashioned with epaulets, and a hat to match. The wedding presents included gifts from the members of the Woodland Tennis Club, from the Llandaff Tennis Club (Newmarket), to both of which clubs the bride belongs.[257]

4AW provides control communication for Autocycle Union's grand prix 100-mile motor cycle race

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. NEW STATION OPENED. The Wireless Institute's official station, VK4WI commenced transmitting from the new location at Dutton Park last Sunday morning on 200 metres. This transmission was effected on temporary equipment but the reports received from listeners have been of so flattering a nature that it is confidently expected that when the new crystal-controlled transmitter is installed and a few adjustments are made to the modulator and audio gear 4WI will set a new high standard for telephony transmissions in Queensland. (The transmission last Sunday was of excellent quality, music being better than voice, and the strength good. Many entertaining items were presented. Welcome 4WI.— "Listener"). Work on the crystal-controlled transmitter was held up owing to its constructor, Mr. V. Jeffs (4VJ), having to go into hospital, but as he is now up and well again the transmitter will probably be ready for next Sunday. When VK4LW closed down it was felt that it was an opportune time for 4WI to open up. Three W.I.A. transmitters were working at the Autocycle Union's grand prix 100-mile motor cycle race last Saturday. All three points worked very satisfactorily and much useful information concerning the progress of the race and the safety of the competitors was sent by radio to the officials and public at the pits. 4FK was operating his portable crystal-controlled transmitter at one point while 4TS and 4AW, assisted by members and students, operated at the other two points with S.E. outfits. All communication was carried out on telephony. Last Friday night's "junk" sale was a great success. The meeting room was packed and much spirited bidding took place as the secretary, Mr. Vic. Bouchard, like a professional auctioneer, offered up all kinds of gear— new, defunct, and obsolete — for sale. Some particularly fine equipment changed hands notably one bargain in the shape of a large power choke which was secured for the institute's station from 4GK. All W.I.A. weekly meetings and instructional classes will be suspended after next week and will resume in the second week of January. A test examination for those students who intend sitting at the next A.O.P.C. exam, will be held next Tuesday commencing at 7.30 p.m. The meeting next Friday will be mainly of an informal nature although a brief five-metre group discussion will take place during the first portion of the evening. All five-metre work is at present on the slack side pending negotiations with 4K4UK (sic, VK4UK) (Mr. V. Herschel, of Toowoomba). For the information of intending students and members the headquarters of the Queensland division of the Wireless Institute are on the second floor of Epworlh House, corner of Burnett Lane and Albert Street, city. All postal Inquiries should be addressed to Box 1524V, G.P.O., Brisbane.[258]

4AW continues his mobile telephony experiments as part of the WIAQ technical development section

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. Some interesting experiments in mobile radiotelephony work are being carried out by the technical developmental section. Last Saturday afternoon a party consisting of Messrs. A. E. Walz (4AW), W. T. Wishart (4WT), and O. G. Oppenheim (VK3ZX) took portable shortwave transmitting and receiving gear aboard a motor launch and set off down the river. Two-way contact on telephony was maintained during the whole trip with 4MR (Mr. J. E. Stewart, Nundah). Judging by reports received from other listeners it would seem that the signals from the launch were loudest when cruising around between Pinkenba and Lytton whereas minimum strength and bad fades were reported when near the Eagle Farm golf links. Further tests of similar nature are to be carried out early next month using improved equipment which will include a high-quality microphone of the transverse current type. THE NEW TRANSMITTER. Work on the crystal-controlled transmitter for 4WI was, unfortunately, not kept up to schedule and last Sunday's transmission was again effected on temporary gear. The crystal-controlled set will be definitely in operation by next Sunday. Mr. Oliver Oppenheim, of Caulfleld, Victoria, better known as VK3ZX, was present at the last W.I.A. meeting. He is a keen institute man and was much interested in the technical and experimental work in which this division is at present engaged. Members are requested to note that no more meetings will be held between now and the new year. A general meeting will be held on the first Friday of next month. Students' instructional classes will end this week and will resume in the second week of January. The divisional secretary, Mr. Vic. Bouchard, will be present at the institute's headquarters in Epworth House during the lunch hours every day until the end of this week. Any written communications to the W.I.A. should be addressed to Box 1524V., G.P.O., Brisbane.[259]


1933 01[edit]

4AW's father joins the Nundah Bowls Club

With the Matmen and "Kitty" . . . Nundah. It is pleasing to note that the membership is still on the increase, four new members being elected last Saturday, Messrs. R. Massey, C. H. Bennett, C. A. Walz, and Geo. Patrick. The president and officials of the Q.B.A. will visit the green tomorrow afternoon, and it is the wish of the president that there be a large attendance. The team to meet the Q.B.A. officials is: Taylor, Wood, Bright, Moxey; Andrews, Massey, Noyes, Wrigley; Sherwood, Slade, Sykes, Chandler; Whitehouse, Wirth, Corbett, McDougall. The following are requested to play next Saturday at 1 p.m.:— Pairs Handicap: Ferguson — Moxey v Wood — Sykes; Dr. Brown — Corbett v Taylor — O'Connell; Thurecht — Campbell v Wildman — Thornpson; Plant — Noyes v Baxter — Wrigley. At 2.30: Vice-president's Rink: Bally, Whincup, Bathersby, Ferguson v Slade, Wildman, Baxter, Sykes; Thurecht, Fentiman, Shearer, Anderson v Bradbury, Neilsen, Campbell, Murray; Tucker, Wirth, Garsden, Dr. Brown v Sherwood, Andrews, Wood, McDougall.[260]

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1933 05[edit]

4AW's cousing injured in a motorcycle accident

MOTOR COLLISIONS. . . . A fractured right leg was the injury received by Norman Walz, an adult, residing in Nundah Street, Nundah, when the motor cycle he was riding collided with a motor car on the Sandgate Road near the junction with Albion Road. He was removed to the Brisbane Hospital.[261]

4AW attends WIAQ 6th AGM elected president, traffic manager, council member

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. On Friday, April 28, members, of the Wireless Institute gathered once again, on the occasion of the sixth annual meeting, which was one of the most enthusiastic held for some years. Approximately 40 members and students were present, the H.Q. room being filled to capacity, temporary seating accommodation having to be procured. Transmitting members present were: 4FK, 4WT, 4AW, 4GK, 4LJ, 4RY, 4NG, 4RB, 4JM, 4AS, 4LS, 4AH, 4FB, 4TS, 4VJ, 4AG, 4PG, 4XL, 4JY, 4GS, 4EF. At the outset the secretary, Mr. W. T. Wishart (VK4WT) read the minutes of the last annual meeting. The President, Mr. V. Kenna (VK4FK) submitted his report dealing with the Institute past and present, and his remarks on the future were very encouraging. Other reports in reference to treasurer, auditor and official station 4WI were dealt with. It is pleasing to note that the treasurer, Mr. Browne, VK4RB, was able to show a decided improvement over last year's financial position. The election of officers resulted as follows: Past President, Mr. V. Kenna (VK4FK); president, Mr. A. Walz (VK4AW); secretary, Mr. W. T. Wishart (VK4WT); assistant secretary, Mr. L. Williams (VK4LS); treasurer, Mr. R. Browne (VK4RB); traffic manager, VK4AW; chief operator, 4WI, VK4RB; publicity manager, VK4XL; hon. legal adviser, VK4HW; student representative, Mr. Angel, pro tem. Council Members: VK4AW, WT, RB, LS, AH, LJ, TS, and Mr. Tonge. Student representative to be appointed. During the evening the presentation of trophies took place. The "best station cup" was won by Mr. Mackenzie (VK4GK) of Wynnum. Mr. Kenna, in presenting the winner with cup and pennant, commended GK on his excellent station, both in layout and neatness, and also the amount of home construction gear. Mr. Mackenzie suitably responded. The red pennant for second place was won by Mr. W. T. Wishart (VK4WT.), of Graceville, Mr. Kenna remarked on the fine performance shown by Mr. Wishart, and also the neat appearance of the station. In response, Mr. Wishart congratulated Mr. Mackenzie, (4GK) on his performance and also thanked Mr. Kenna for his remarks. The 28 MC. Cup was awarded to VK4XN (Mr. Nissen, of Dalby). The president spoke of his activities, this being the second occasion in which 4XN has won the cup. Any information may be obtained from the secretary, Mr. Wishart, (VK4WT), who will be in attendance at headquarters, Heindorff House, third floor, room 30, daily, between 1-2 p.m. Next Friday night a lantern lecture on whaling in the great white south will be given by Mr. King, of Graceville. All members are requested to invite friends, O.W. and Y.L. The secretary trusts this lecture will be a great success. Others will be arranged in the near future. A meeting will take place on Friday week, May 19, to discuss a camp which it is hoped will be of extreme interest because 5 metre work, with phone, on 40 and 80 metres will be engaged in. A new series of lectures have commenced. Mr. Tonge was the lecturer last Monday night, and it was noted with satisfaction that many new members were present.[262]

Plans for a field day to seek contact with Toowoomba on 5 metres, including 4AW to lead the team on Tamborine Mountain

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. At the last meeting of the institute plans were discussed for a field day to be held from June 3 to 5. Two parties will set out. The Lower Coomera group will be in charge of VK4TS (Mr. Ted Shorten). The Lahey's Lookout-Tambourine Mountain group will be under the control of VK4AW (Mr. A. Walz). The object of the outing is to experiment on five metres, which should be of great interest to all concerned. The Lower Coomera party will consist of the following members: VK4TS, W.D., J.F., Burmister, Miller, Dore, Lynch, Kemp, and Gallagher. The Tambourine group, VK4AW, WT, Lachlin, McLeod, Houston, Darvil, Bates and Lucas. Each party will carry transmitters as well as numerous receivers. The five metres transmission will be checked up with 40 and 80 metre phone, on duplex. During this test other outside stations, VK4GK (Wynnum) and 4LS (Indooroopilly) will listen in and report. VK4CG (Toowoomba), who will be located at Picnic Point, also will listen. Other Toowoomba members will probably include 4RY and 4UK. Final arrangements will be made at next month's general meeting, Friday, June 2. A council meeting will be held tomorrow night. It has come under the notice of the institute that a man is going round the suburbs wrongly telling householders that he is a radio mechanic attached to the receiver servicing section of the Wireless Institute. The secretary would be glad to receive information on the subject because the institute has no servicing section. Last Sunday VK4WI went on the air with the new modulator, thanks to the efforts of VK4RB, who built the unit. The new lectures are well on the way, and anyone interested may obtain information from the secretary, Mr. W. T. Wishart, VK4WT, at the headquarters rooms situated in Heindorff House, 3rd floor, room 30, or write to Box 1524V, G.P.O., Brisbane.[263]

Further details on the WIAQ field day, with 4AW involved, including 5 metre equipment

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. Activity and enthusiasm prevails among the members of the Wireless In-stitute, who are preparing for their unique outing under canvas this week-end at Coomera and Tambourine. Transmitters and receivers have been overhauled, food supplies prepared, every man to his respective job, typical of the spirit of Ham Radio. The camp will be held from June 3 to 5, and much useful information re-lating to portable field work should be the outcome. On Friday night a general meeting will be held, and it is proposed that a party from those who are not able to attend the camp shall assemble at One Tree Hill on the Monday, where a five metre transmitter and receiver, as well as the usual 40 and 80 metre rig, will be placed in operation, and an endeavour made to get in touch with the camping parties. This camp no doubt will be the fore-runner of others of a similar nature. New classes have commenced and are well attended, which should produce some new VK4's in the near future. On June 8 a council meeting will be held, and the business should be of great interest to those concerned. During last week one of our old mem-bers, Mr. Fred Beech, suffered the loss of his daughter. The institute extends its sincere sympathy. Information can be obtained from the secretary, VK4WT, on all matters relat-ing to the institute. Call at head-quarters, Heindorff House, Room 30, third floor, or write to Box 1524V, G.P.O., Brisbane.[264]

1933 06[edit]

Report on the field trip to Coomera and Mt Tamborine but without specific reference to 4AW

WIRELESS INSTITUTE. OFFICIAL NOTES. Our field outing under canvas has passed, and what an excellent time we had at Tamborlne and Coomera. Weather conditions on the Saturday night were not the best, slight rain falling at intervals. By the aid of the head lights of the cars camp was pitched in quick time. Much to the surprise of the members, the weather was not very cold, although judging by the amount of clothes and blankets, one would have thought the Antarctic was the destination. The results of the five metre test from Toowoomba and other points have not come to hand. The Coomera party could not hear the five or 40 metre signals from Tamborine during the day, due to skip, but at night on 80 metres contact was established on this band, and some interesting chats took place between each camp. Probably due to location the institute members at Lahey's on Tamborlne were more fortunate, as contact was made with New Zealand, and Australian States, the signal strength was all that could be desired, as after all, the portable transmitter had only limited power. Much to our annoyance Brisbane amateurs could not be worked, although we could hear many of our members working during Sunday afternoon. No doubt the experience obtained during these tests should be of great value, and improvements in portable gear should be the outcome. Members who are interested in this work are requested to make alterations in their transmitters and receivers, as seen fit, as another field outing is contemplated in the near future. This Thursday night a council meeting will be held at H.Q. at 7.30. The usual classes are in full swing, and some students are showing great promise. Any information can be obtained from the secretary Mr. W. T. Wishart, VK4WT at Heindorff House, Queen Street, Brisbane, or write to Box 1524V., G.P.O., Brisbane.[265]

1933 07[edit]
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1933 10[edit]

4AW and father now trading as Walz and Son

ENAMEL Bath, full size, perfect condition, equal to new, for Sale; particulars apply Walz & Son, Plumbers, Nundah. phone M6054.[266]

4AW's father and uncle included in list of licensed gasfitters of the Brisbane Gas Company

THE BRISBANE GAS COMPANY. LIST OF GASFITTERS LICENSED BY THIS COMPANY. . . . Walz, C. A., Eton Street, Nundah; Walz, J. M., Nundah St., Nundah; [267]

1933 11[edit]
1933 12[edit]


4AW's Electoral Roll registration 1934 Nundah

Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980

  • Name: Arthur Edgar Walz
  • Gender: Male
  • Electoral Year: 1934
  • Subdistrict: Nundah
  • State: Queensland
  • District: Lilley
  • Country: Australia
  • Entry: 11238, Walz, Antonia, Kunde st., Nundah, home duties, Female (not yet connected)
  • Entry: 11239, Walz, Arthur Edgar, Eton st., Nundah, plumber, Male (self)
  • Entry: 11240, Walz, Catherina Annie, Kunde st., Nundah, home duties, Female (not yet connected)
  • Entry: 11241, Walz, Conrad August, Eton st., Nundah, plumber, Male (father)
  • Entry: 11242, Walz, Gertrude, Eton st., Nundah, home duties, Female (mother)
  • Entry: 11243, Walz, Johann Martin, Nundah st., Nundah, plumber, Male (father's brother-in-law)
  • Entry: 11244, Walz, Mary Magdalena, Kunde st., Nundah, dressmaker, Female (not yet connected)
  • Entry: 11245, Walz, Norman Martin, Nundah st., Nundah, motor mechanic, Male (cousin)[268]
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