History of video games/2010-2019

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A game store in 2018.

Eighth generation of video game consoles[edit]

PAX East 2019

The Eighth generation of video game consoles.

Handheld Consoles[edit]

Online Gaming Matures[edit]

Many cloud gaming platforms were launched during this time. Online game marketplaces like Steam became quite popular.

Mobile Gaming Matures[edit]

With the maturation of Smartphones came the maturation of Mobile Games. In 2016 Pokemon Go became a widely popular augmented reality game.

Rebirth of Arcades[edit]

To a limited extent, Arcades saw a small revival during this time. These concepts typically tried to focus on niches, like bars and special experiences.

Decline of the Physical Mediums[edit]

A game shop in 2015

During this time, Game Manuals shrunk, and online shops gave serious competition to physical stores.

Notable Cross Platform Games[edit]