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History of Islamic Civilization

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This wikibook concerns about the political, economic, scientific, and cultural developments of the Islamic world throughout the centuries. For the history of Islamic thought, see the History of Islam.

The Islamic civilization is traced back to the Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century.

  1. The History of Prophet Muhammad
    1. Historical backgrounds of the Arabian Peninsula
    2. Biography of Prophet Muhammad before revelation
    3. Revelation and the Mecca period
    4. The Medina period and conquest of Mecca
  2. The Formative Period of Islam (under the "four righteous Caliphs")
    1. Early conquests: the Levant, North Africa, Mesopotamia, Persia
    2. The empire and the establishment of the faith: Suppression of rebels, "false prophets," and the codification of Quran
    3. The Muawiyah-Ali conflict
  3. The Classical Period of Islam (Umayyad and Abassid caliphates)
  4. The Medieval Period of Islam (Mongol conquest and subsequent empires)
  5. The Ottoman Empire (Conquest of Anatolia, destruction of Byzantium, and colonization of Eastern Europe)
  6. The Pre-modern Period of Islam (European recovery and colonization)
  7. The Modern Period of Islam