General Mechanics

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Newton's Laws: First principles

This book is part of a series on Modern Physics:

General Mechanics
Special Relativity
Quantum Mechanics
Nuclear Physics

  1. Fundamental Principles of Kinematics
  2. Fundamental Principles of Dynamics
  3. Work and Power
  4. Partial Derivatives
  5. Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
  6. Force and Motion
  7. Momentum
  8. Statics

Rotational Dynamics

  1. Cross Product
  2. Torque and Angular Momentum
  3. The Uneven Dumbbell
  4. Index Notation
  5. Many Particles
  6. Rigid Bodies

Newton's Laws: A second look

  1. Motion Under Constraint
  2. Alternate Formulations of Newton's Laws
  3. Velocity Dependent Forces
  4. Mach's Principle

Harmonic Oscillators

  1. Energy Analysis
  2. Analysis Using Newton's Laws
  3. Forced Oscillator
  4. Coupled Oscillators
  5. The Continuum Limit