GCSE Business Studies

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This book is designed as a revision guide for students studying GCSE Business Studies. It should be suitable for all exam boards, but check with your exam board to see which topics you need to know.

Introduction to Business[edit]

Business Ownership 75% developed
Business Success 50% developed
Business Ideas 75% developed
Stakeholders 50% developed


What is Marketing? 50% developed
Market Research 25% developed
Product 0% developed
Price 75% developed
Promotion 50% developed
Place 0% developed


What is Production ? 0% developed
Economies and Diseconomies of Scale 75% developed
Methods of Production 100% developed
Location of Production 0% developed
Productivity 0% developed

Human Resouces[edit]

What are Human Resources? 0% developed
Organisational Structures 0% developed
Communication 0% developed
Recruitment 0% developed
Motivation and Rewards 25% developed
Training 100% developed
Trade Unions and Industrial Disputes 0% developed


Budgets and Cash Flow 0% developed
Sources of Finance 0% developed
Break-Even Analysis 25% developed
Final Accounts 0% developed
Ratio Analysis 75% developed

Growth of Businesses[edit]

Starting a New Business 0% developed
Expansion 0% developed
Competition 0% developed
Business Failure 0% developed

Influences on Businesses[edit]

The Government 0% developed
Social Influences 0% developed
International Trade 0% developed
Deindustrialisation 0% developed
Flexible Working 0% developed
New Technology 0% developed
Globalisation 0% developed