Flora of New York/Clade Poales

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The order Poales Small (1903)[1][2][3][4]

Sparganium spp. (7 bur-reeds)

Typha spp. (3 cattails)

Bromeliaceae (not in NY)

Rapateaceae (not in NY)


EriocaulaceaeEriocaulon spp. (2 pipeworts)

XyridaceaeXyris spp. (5 yellow-eyed grasses}


Mayacaceae (not in NY)

Thurniaceae (not in NY)


Luzula spp. (8 wood rushes)

Juncus spp. (36 rushes)

Oreojuncus spp. (1 highland rush)


Mapanioideae (not in NY)

Cyperoideae (17 genera, 370 taxa in NY)


Restionaceae (not in NY)


Flagellariaceae (not in NY)

Joinvilleaceae (not in NY)

Ecdeiocoleaceae (not in NY)

Poaceae (116 genera, 398 taxa in NY)