Final Fantasy/Armor/Chain Mail

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Armor Type Armor
Bought at Coneria
Price 80 G
Absorb Bonus 15
Evade % Bonus 15

Chain mail is the hallmark of the young warrior just setting out to make a name for himself. It is a functional, if awkward, suit of armor that is worn over a tunic. It consists of many small metal rings chained together to make a shirt. Chain mail covers the torso and arms as well as often hanging for a distance below the waist. The nature of the rings leads to an ability to deflect many blows that would have landed, but the rings provide very little protection from bludgeoning attacks or thrusting attacks that slip into the holes in the rings.

Chain Mail is the best starting armor for Fighters and Red Mages, as the weak monsters in the early parts of the game do almost no damage to a Chain Mail-clad warrior.

Chain Mail may be worn by: