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City Name Coneria
Government Monarchy
Ruler King of Coneria
Inn 30 G
Healer 40 G

Coneria, named Cornelia in later releases, is a small town protected by a castle. It is sometimes referred to by locals as the dream city. Rivers run through the town and the surrounding area is lightly wooded. It is located on a peninsula that juts into the Inner Sea in the middle of the Southern Continent. Coneria is cut off from the mainland of the continent by mountains and the Northern Strait. A bridge used to connect the Conerian peninsula to the mainland, but it fell into disrepair and was useless until repaired as a reward for the Light Warriors. Coneria is west of Pravoka.

Coneria has all of the amenities of modern living, including a well and a fountain. Business thrives despite Coneria's isolation. However, many goods are of low quality because Conerians generally have no need of the implements of warfare. The local weaponsmith sells an assortment of basic weaponry and the armorer provides only the basics in body armor. The Conerian sorcerers have developed some enchantments which, while not powerful, are quite useful to fledgling warriors out to make names for themselves. Arylon, the world-famous dancer, performs in Coneria.

History[edit | edit source]

The city of Coneria was founded soon after the Time of Chaos as a military outpost to prevent the nearby Temple of Fiends from ever again being used as a base for the forces of evil. As time passed, however, the people of Coneria forgot their mandate. They became soft and complacent, and when the Four Fiends returned 1600 years later the Conerians were not ready. The Conerians quickly realized that they were no longer a match for the elemental powers of the Fiends and decided to seal all of their most powerful artifacts in the Treasury. The Mystic Key to the Treasury was given to the Elves for safekeeping in the hidden realm of Elfland. Due to fear of the Fiends, few people have traveled in the centuries after their return. Thus the North Bridge which connected Coneria to the mainland was neglected and eventually crumbled. Despite all of this, the city itself has managed to remain relatively peaceful under the small guard of the knights who remember the millennia-old purpose of Coneria's existence.

Coneria's peace has only recently been shattered. Lukahn, the sage who spoke the prophecy of the Light Warriors, left Coneria for Crescent Lake. As Lukahn predicted, a former knight known as Garland kidnapped Princess Sara. The trauma of the kidnapping caused Queen Jane to lock herself into her room. The King of Coneria tried to continue governing, but could not think of anything other than his missing daughter. Many of the day-to-day activities of the realm were conducted by Sara's sister until the Light Warriors rescued Sara. Following this, the King ordered the North Bridge to be repaired so that the Light Warriors could leave the peninsula.