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The Fighter is a member of a class of warriors that conduct warfare through the use of heavy armor and strong weaponry. Fighters disdain the use of magic while instead focusing their attention to combat tactics and strategy. They often do a great deal of damage but a number of creatures have armor that can block even the strongest of physical blows.

Fighters tend to be limited only by price when choosing equipment. A fully armored Fighter is often wearing thousands of G worth of armament, and those who cannot afford that much suffer from inferior goods. Especially in the early going, a Fighter that takes the time to buy the best equipment is practically invincible.

Fighters upgrade to Knights.

Initial statistics[edit | edit source]

The Fighter is a warrior that depends mainly on dealing damage quickly to his foes while being able to withstand their attacks. Strength is the highest statistic for the Fighter, with Vitality also being important.

Strength 20
Agility 5
Intelligence 1
Vitality 10
Luck 5