False Friends of the Slavist/Map rossijskij

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Semasiological map for *rossijьskъjь

R. российскийBlr. расійскі, расейскіUkr. російськийPol. rosyjskiKa. ØSln. ØCr. ØBo. ØSb. ØBg. Ø



yellow shading ‘Russian (of the people or the language)’
red stripes ‘Russian (of the country or the state)’
white shading no such word

(For areas without shading there is no information yet.)

Russian (of the people or the language) Russian (of the country or the state)
R. российский
Blr. расійскі, расейскі
Ukr. російський
Pol. rosyjski
Ka. Ø
Sln. Ø
Cr. Ø
Bo. Ø
Sb. Ø
Bg. Ø
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