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Evaluating Development Cooperation

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Evaluating Development Cooperation

Concepts and Tools

  1. Ex Ante Evaluations
  2. In Itinere Evaluations
  3. Evaluations At Project Closure
  4. Ex Post Evaluations
  1. Efficiency Evaluation
  2. Evaluation of the Performance of Human Resources
  3. Accountability And Transparency
  4. Effectiveness Evaluation
  5. Impact Evaluation
  6. Sustainability Evaluation
  1. Data Collection Methods
  2. Data Analysis Method
  3. Reporting Methods
  4. Methods For Generating Acceptance For The Evaluation Reports

  • Sectorial Evaluations
- Evaluation Of Advocacy Programmes
- Evaluating Governance
- Evaluation Of Training
- Gender Sensitivity Evaluation - The Extent To Which Men And Women Have Benefited Differently In Terms Of Greater Control Of Their Lives, Resources And Changes In Responsibilities And Gender Relations.