Elements of Art/Introduction

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Audience (who the book is for)[edit | edit source]

Students, producers and consumers of diverse forms of art, including but not limited to painting, drawing and sculpture, who would like to know more about the elements and theory of their specific art and art in general. This book is also for those who have an interest in the history of art. It will be richly illustrated, so that the facts and concepts it contains will be comprehended by children and adults, and be within their interest levels.

Purpose (why it might be used)[edit | edit source]

Elements of Art is designed to be used as a reference book. It is also a teaching book, to be consulted with other and more advanced/specialised resources on the subject, including textbooks that people may already be using. It can be a 'cram book' for examinations and tests, or a 'coffee table' book to take to the museum, library or keep at home.

Form (the shape of the book)[edit | edit source]

Chapters explaining (describing, analysing) the form, content and structure of particular elements of art, as well as general concepts reinforced throughout the book, and at the end of a section. Generally they are designed to build upon one another.

Thus, there are chapters about line, colour, dimensionality (2-D forms of art like drawing and painting, and 3-D like sculpture) and shape.

General Questions about Art (five Ws and a H-hopefully will be answered throughout the book, by clicking on specific links)[edit | edit source]


What are the elements of art? How many elements? What are the forms of art? What is the difference between two-dimensional art? What is line? What is colour? How is line used? How is colour used? What is a dimension? What are the components of two dimensions? Of three? How can I show emotion? What have artists used to show emotion? What have artists used to show senses?

Who is an artist? Who created the first art?

Where was the first art created? Where were major art developments? Where can I go and see (hear/touch/taste/smell) art? Where can I go and learn more about art? Where do I start?

When was the first art created? When were the major art developments? When is an artwork complete?

Why do we create art? Why do we need art? Why do we respond to elements? Why use line/colour/whatever there and not here?

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