Elementary Spanish/Unit2.1

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Unit 2: Elementary Spanish

In this Unit, we will continue to review the vocabulary associated with the theme of personal experience and pair and expand
in our new topic of family history.


Introduction to adjectives
Differences in the use between ser and estar
Intro to past tense.

Click Here for the Warm Up Activity

Illustrations help us figure out unknown words. Illustrations can show complex emotions, descriptive words, objects, etc. This illustration shows the meaning of ______________ words. Locate in the illustration where the hints are.
  • Insert Picture Here *

Next, review and use context clues to get a gist of the information in the featured story.

Featured Story: La Historia de Mi Familia

Recognition and Modelling

In this section, we will work to interpret the context of the story, and redirect this content into practical uses.
By analyzing information within the story, we will then try to dissect the information into smaller sections
to create our own Family History Story in Spanish. We will also start working with adjectives.

Contextual Interpretation and Implementation Activities

Activity 1

For this activity, use the picture to figure out what the underlined word is while you are reading the story.

Activity 2
Use the following template to creatively answer the following questions. This can be in a story, a non-fiction book, a diagram, etc.
Prompt Table
Name(s) Country of Origin Area of settlement in the United States Date of Arrival Arrival Details Reason for coming to the US

Grammar Review
In this review, we will introduce a few adjectives from the story (and elsewhere,) and describe their use.
We will also introduce the formation of regular past tense verbs.

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