Elementary Spanish/Unit2.2

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Guided Practice: Verb Conjugations - Past Tense

In this section, we will discuss how regular verbs are conjugated in the past tense, based on their subject pronoun referent.

Guided Verb Activities

Verb Practice

Grammar Review: Adverbs

Before working on the Activites, review the information on Past Tense Grammar for a general overview on subject pronouns and their corresponding verb endings.

Activity 1

In this activity, you will see a sentence in either English or Spanish, using verbs found in the story.
Identify the correct option that matches the conjugation and subject pronoun for the prompted sentence.

Dialogue: Vocab from Story

In this dialogue, you'll hear a conversation between a father and son about a birthday party.
The dialogue uses many vocabulary items from the story we read in Section 2. Identify the nouns and verb conjugations.

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