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DarkBASIC Programming

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Learn how to Program DarkBASIC

Started By - Jonathan Skinner

Written By - Jonathan Skinner & Others
Credit is appreciated when using

Authors and acknowledgements[edit | edit source]

  • Jonathan Skinner aka Dbtutor - Wrote most of this book
  • Robert Horning - For some formatting contribution
  • TDK_MAN - For the file manager function off his site http://www.computechtenerife.com/
  • Samji - Corrected second mathematics example in Day 9, Lesson 4
  • All those unnamed formatters
  • A reader who fixed a random number problem, great stuff!
  • Thank you everyone who posts comments on the discussions section

Foreword[edit | edit source]

DarkBASIC Programming is the first ever Wikibook on DarkBASIC, an open source BASIC programming language for creating Windows applications and games.

You'll go from Hello World, to computing a text adventure, to making a simple first-person shooter (when the book is eventually finished).

Don't worry it's easy! The style is easy for beginners to DarkBASIC & programming.

Before I start, I'd like to thank The Game Creator's forum users for compliments, rants & comments on this book.

Table of contents[edit | edit source]

Some lessons may be incomplete or not done at all. If you feel you're up to it contribute!!