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The noun is the basic form of speech in D'ni. Nouns that are basic words, usually have 2 syllables, but many have 3 as well.

Some which are compounds can reach 4 or 5. Those usually have derived endings and are derived from other parts of speech, like verbs.

Articles[edit | edit source]

The articles are prefixes to the nouns. Like in English, there are two kind of articles: definite re ('the') and indefinite erþ ('a'); unlike English, they stay the same whether the noun is singular or plural:

  • kor 'book
  • re-kor 'the book'
  • erþ-kor 'a book' (and possibly erþ-kortí 'some books')

Numbers[edit | edit source]

As in many languages, there are two numbers of the D'ni noun: singular and plural.

Plural is formed with the ending -tí

  • kor-tí 'books'