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There are several conjunctions used to conjoin phrases together

  • ga 'and'
rem'la tornen poant bonúec ga rísloen reprædtí 'The lizard spits acidic saliva and dissolves the rocks'
  • rúb 'but'
Gen kenen renavaox Riven, rúb ril navaot 'Gehn is the master of Riven, but not our master'
  • pam 'or'
Étrus lesel Myst pam Edanna? 'Atrus wrote Myst or Edanna?'
  • 'that'.
kotokituen rú kazíet ‘it was determined that we would detour’ (Conjunction introducing a secondary subordinate clause.)

Since D'ni writing has no commas, ga can be repeated between a series of words.