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D'ni has adverbs, both original or derived from adjectives. Adverbs generally follow the verb they describe, except the temporal ones which precede the verb.

There are a few adverbs attested:

Mode[edit | edit source]

  • þoe 'how?'
  • megóré 'straight (out of)'
  • ril 'not'

Quantity[edit | edit source]

  • blo 'about, approximately'

Temporal[edit | edit source]

  • gormot 'then'. Maybe gormot is a compound of gor ‘time’ and mot ‘that, which’.
  • gormet 'now'. Not attested, but a hypothised compound of gor ‘time’ and met ‘this’.
  • gaþ 'still'
  • can 'always'

Derivation from adjectives[edit | edit source]

The adverbs can be derived by -sh suffixed to an adjective

  • kera 'brave' > kera-š 'bravely'
  • garo 'might' > garo-š 'mightily'