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Salmon with Rice and Sauce
Salmon with Rice and Sauce finished dish.jpg
Category Salmon recipes
Servings 3
Time TBA

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Formatting and other tips used from: Cookbook:1-2-3-4_Cake. This recipe will be specific regarding the ingredients. There will be a specific recipe and then there will be optional bits(which will not be described in Wikidata, at least that was not the plan at the moment of this edit) which are to be added in this specific recipe.



Procedure (brief)[edit]

  1. Salmon: Take 2 pieces of salmon from the freezer which together weigh approximately 250g and put them in the sink or a larger pot
  2. Salmon: Fill up the sink(or the larger pot) with 40 degrees Celcius hot water and fill it so that the plastic salmon package floats on it
  3. Salmon: Prepare the oven and set it to 170 degrees Celcius with heat source top and bottom.
  4. Rice: Measure 3 dl(300ml) rice in stock pot
  5. Rice: Go to sink with the pot and fill with cold water so the rice gets covered
  6. Rice: Pour water and rice from pot into a "strainer" sieve (Q381155)(a colander (Q1057060) can also be used as long as the rice sticks to it when the water drains). Let the strainer stay inside the sink.
  7. Rice: Get rice from strainer into the stock pot using a large spoon so all remaining rice ends up in the pot.
  8. Rice: Pour 5 3/4 dl water into pot with rice and put on the pot lid.
  9. Rice: Put pot on stove with highest power 9/9 and from now on watch the rice regularly
  10. Rice: When rice starts boiling lower power to 3/9 and put timer on 20 minutes
  11. Sallad: Place approximately 100g carrots and approximately 100g lettuce on cutting board
  12. Rice: If rice boils too much lower the power to 1/9
  13. Sallad: Place kitchen knife and peeler on cutting board
  14. Sallad: Rinse the carrots under cold water
  15. Sallad: Peel the carrots
  16. Sallad: Cut the carrots in 4 equal in length pieces and cut each one in the middle
  17. Sallad: Put carrots in an empty soup plate soup plate (Q87718085) for salad
  18. Sallad: Rinse the lettuce in cold water. If the lettuce falls apart put it in the strainer and rinse there.
  19. Sallad: Cut the Romaine lettuce in 1 cm pieces and move to soup plate
  20. Salmon: Once the salmon has fully thawed, cut the container holding the salmon using scissors and drain it of any liquids it contains
  21. Salmon: Put the salmon in a cake tin cake tin (Q87714281)
  22. Salmon: Wash your hands because of the smell of salmon and throw the broken salmon container into the trash(unless you can clean it well enough to remove the smell)
  23. Salmon: Place crème fraîche and hot sauce on table along with a bowl(or small rectangular container), a big spoon and a measuring tool for 1 dl(100ml).
  24. Salmon: Put approximately 1 dl crème fraîche in bowl using spoon, then let spoon stay in bowl
  25. Salmon: Pour 0.5 dl hot sauce in measurement tool for 1 dl and put contents in bowl. Later rinse measurement tool and put it in the sink
  26. Salmon: Mix contents in bowl using spoon until it becomes mostly homogeneous, sauce is now finished!
  27. Salmon: Pour sauce over salmon using spoon inside the cake tin so it fully covers the salmon.
  28. Cleaning: Rinse the sauce bowl with water and put in sink
  29. Salmon: Put cake tin in oven and put timer on 15 minutes
  30. Set the table
  31. Enjoy the meal!

Procedure (detailed)[edit]



Optional replacement ingredients[edit]

These ingredients can be used to replace the standard ingredients of this recipe in case you have other species of parts of the ingredients:


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