Common Lisp/Advanced topics

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  1. Numbers - Common Lisp mathematics
    1. Example 1: find a single root of some function in the given area by calculating complex path integrals.
  2. Strings all you ever wanted to know about string manipulation
  3. Hash tables which programmer can do without their comfort?
  4. Dates and Times date and time data processing of all sorts
  5. Files and Directories all kinds of file processing and related I/O tasks
    1. Lisp manipulation of C structures
  6. Packages - Using packages
  7. Advanced Lists - advanced list processing
  8. Sequences - arrays
  9. Loop macro - Iteration constructs in Common Lisp
  10. CLOS - Common Lisp Object System
    1. Example 1: edit a file with subtitles to a movie, so that subtitles are delayed by a specified time. Using CLOS and CL-PPCRE.
  11. Condition System - Exception handling
  12. Input and Output - Interaction with the user
    1. Simple Printing - PRINT, FORMAT and streams
    2. The Printer - How Common Lisp prints output
    3. The Reader - How Common Lisp reads your input
  13. Advanced Functions and Macros - Revisiting an important topic
    1. Functional - Functions as first class objects (functions that return functions, currying functions, closures, multiple values...)