Card Games/Game Types

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Trick Taking Card Games[edit]

The object of a trick-taking game is to take (or avoid taking) tricks, or groups of cards played simultaneously or in turn.

There's a further section explaining this style of game on much further detail.



Matching Games[edit]

The object of matching games is to play groups of matching cards before your opponent(s).


Casino and Gambling Card Games[edit]

Games designed specifically for playing in Casinos or for gambling purposes.



Solitaire or Patience style games are typically single player games with a unique set-up with the goal being to get specific cards to the foundations.


Shedding Card Games[edit]

The object of a shedding game is to get rid of all of one's cards.


Accumulating Card Games[edit]

The object of an accumulating game is to get all the cards.

Fishing Card Games[edit]

Drinking Card Games[edit]

Drinking Games are typically designed around drinking, though standard games can be adapted for this purpose.


Miscellaneous Card Games[edit]

All other games that don't fit into one of the above categories.

These games often have unique rules and propriety decks.