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Black jack

To play Blackjack (other times called "21") one must have all the cards of a deck except the jokers.

The goal of Blackjack is to get 21, the best score, or less by adding up the value of the cards. Numbered cards have the value of the number on the card. Face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) have a value of 10. The Ace card can have a value of one or 11.

The player with the highest score less than 21 compared to the other players wins the game. Any player with a score greater than 21 loses the game. This is called a "bust" also known as a "boot".


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To deal in Blackjack one (first shuffles deck) and then gives a card to each player in a clockwise rotation with the first card dealt face-down then the second card dealt face-up. After the dealing each player should have only two cards.


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Each player has two cards with one exposed to the other players. The player can not hold both cards in his hands as not to be seen. The player looks at the face-down card by lifting one edge to look at the number and not to expose the entire card to the other players.

If the player has 21 the player automatically wins unless tied with another player. If the player has less than 21 the player says "hit me" so that the dealer can give a card to the player. Once the player reaches a number higher than 21 the player "busts" or loses. If a player doesn't want to risk busting and stays with a number less than that of 21 he must have the highest number compared to the other players if that it is less than 21.

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