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MemoQ is an integrated localization/translation environment that optimizes the productivity of translation and localization. In the MemoQ ILE, all translation resources are only a mouse-click away resulting in an ergonomy never seen before.

MemoQ is designed to provide an optimal environment for translators and project managers, with useless keystrokes and file operations eliminated. It is a one-stop environment with every tool integrated in the most transparent manner.

MemoQ is an easy-to-use concept-oriented system. Although the look and feel is somewhat similar to that of Déjà Vu, things like a semi-WYSIWYG translation grid, access to remote translation memories and term bases, a cutting-edge aligner and homogeneity analysis in the statistics module make it match the older brother.

Wish list

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MemoQ wish list: what users want to be implemented. Please add your request and your name.


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Common activation issues with MemoQ.

Conflicts with other software.

Tips and Tricks

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Tips and Tricks for working with MemoQ:

Frequently asked questions; installation and usage issues.

AutoHotKey scripts for memoQ

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AutoHotKey scripts for memoQ: Collection of user-created AHK scripts for memoQ.