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C++ Programming

Chapters/Pages needing work

Linker - Complete Internal linkage and External linkage information (remember to mention extern, unnamed namespaces and link to the relevant sections).
Assignment and Operators
- some hevy duty cleanup needed and removing of references and a simpler as possible introduction to operator overloading needed, pointing to the complete information already present on the book.
- Multiple inheritance still need some work and example.
Class/Interface class
- Add description and give an example.
C++ Programming/Classes
- Possible rename to code/?/class (proper link to keyword table, good idea) restructure class members (data and function) and children pages, note that static is at present inside function members and talks on static data members...
Language Comparisons
- include information on how and that C++ can to use embedded ASM code.
Programming Paradigms
Abstract Classes
Pure Abstract Classes
Template meta-programming (TMP)
C++ Programming/RAII
Using Static Libraries
- anyone willing to make add an example with a free IDE/Compiler ? (it is all its missing)
Unified Modeling Language (UML)
- remove wikipedia link and tie the text more with the C++ subject, (text also includes introduction to Modeling Tools and CASE).
- try to demonstrate in the example how exposing data members can damage another part of the program
- still missing to much info (some text on functors), see the other pages on the chapter string, I/O Streams.
Win32 - Windows API, only the basic is there, there is a Windows Programming book probably reference or move some content there (they don't want C++ content).
C++ Programming/Programming Languages/C++/Code/Statements/Scope
- introduction to the concept of scope/context with references to the further insight and practical usefulness in sections like Namespaces, class space and flow control structures.
C++ Programming/Threading
- needs some content on Fibers, OpenMP, Inter-Process Communication (IPC), Threads, Critical Section, Synchronizing on Objects etc...

Orphans needing attention
These pages are not linked to by this book. Please link to them, merge them into existing pages and mark them with {{now merged|destination page}}, or if they are not desired mark them with {{delete|reasoning}}. Thanks.

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See if you can answer some questions related to C++ or point users to where they are addressed in the book on Q&A.

Missing contents

System Resources

  • Quick introduction to the Computer architecture (CPU, memory, registers, filesystem).
  • mention stack, heap their use and simple examples, remember to refer them in debugging to.

friend functions/member functions
Functors (class type functor)
Functors (template type functor)


  • common issues, pitfalls, mistakes in writing portable code and solutions.

Random number generators

  • introduction, mention language default resources for the task and known alternatives.

CRC Cards

  • Introduction to CRC Cards


  • C++ and POSIX
  • POSIX Threads

From 32 to 64 bits

Source Control

Creating Libraries
Unit Testing

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To be merged

Please add here pages that are not linked to from anywhere in this book (but have to be merged or marked for deletion).

Procedural idioms in C++
C++ Programming/Memory Management - new, delete, smart pointers, Garbage Collection and RAII, Comparison to C, Common Mistakes
C++ Programming/Memory Management Techniques
C++ Programming/Chapter Learning the Basics
C++ Programming/Lost Bits

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