Biostatistics with R

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Wayne W. Daniel's Biostatistics (ISBN: 9780471456544) is a standard textbook for a lot of Biostatistics courses around the world. Similar to other books on similar topics, the examples of statistical computing given in Daniel's book haven't cover R. (Even it gives the examples in MINITAB, SAS and SPSS) As biostatistics is the trade and the statistical packages are only tools, one should believe all examples in Daniel's book can be rewritten in R. R, as a free and open source interpreter of S language, deserved some spots in Daniel's book and in the field of Biostatistics as a whole.


This wikibook is a companion to the Eighth Edition of Daniels book. The data sets are available for download from the Wiley Web Site. The instruction for importing these data sets into R will be detailed in Chapter 0. You can learn all technique without Daniel's book.

Table of Content[edit]