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The old family Bible under careful scrutiny yields some treasure, if only to emphasize that according to Mark 16, the road to Emmaus should have been toward Galilee (North country) and Bethany should have sufficient water (John 3:23), near to Nazareth. (Mark 1:10):

  • three Bethabara(s) - southern site preferred by Origen, 3rd century A.D., as place of Jesus' baptism (John 1:28).
  • two Bethany(s) - one beyond the Jordan which is dissected by the Kings Highway trade route through Damascus.
  • two Emmaus(s)
Josephus in Antiquities places Emmaus near to Tiberias, built by Herod the Tetrarch on Lake Gennesareth (Galilee) to honor Roman Emperor Tiberius. The attraction of the small village of Emmaus, named, the warm baths or springs, was its reputation (Josephus, Wars) as a place of healing. Vespasian made his camp there, before the seige of Gamala in 67 A.D.
  • one Wilderness - historically accurate, the desert (Heb. Arabah) of Isaiah 33:9 and SW of the Dead Sea.
not exactly - a smaller Wilderness of John 11:54, opposite Ephraim, according to map, west of Jordan is devoid of settlement and possibly "the wilderness."
  • no Bethsaida west (as Mark 6:53 relates Gennesaret mentioned was west of Sea and north of Magdala) on Sea of Galilee adjacent to Capernaum - only Bethsaida Julias east on map. Next stop on the mission (Mark 7) was Tyre, even further west. Except for the storm scene, the disciples crossed and recrossed the Lake with ease, the mark of true fishermen, who became fishers of men.

Highlights − The Holy Land, Jesus, and Beyond

  • A Savior is Born: Bethelehem
  • Hometown: Nazareth
  • Ministry: from Sidon to the Decapolis
  • Last Known Dwelling: Capernaum
  • Died: Jerusalem
  • Rose: on the third day, but according to local authorities, body was spirited away.

Old Palestine

Map Find:

Decapolis: Ten Cities of the Greeks−Scythopolis, Damascus, Dion, Gadara, Gerasa, Hippos, Kanatha, Pella, Philadelphia, and Raphana

Where was the birthplace of the Christian Gospel?

What is the symbol for East on the Wind Compass Rose?

Bonus question: Identify the Bethabara (of the ______) opposite Bethabara (of the Greeks) and put your name on the map.

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