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Biblical Studies

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Table of Contents

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Front Matter

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  1. Introduction
  2. Authors

The Judeo-Christian Texts

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To do:
List the original text and authors of the text that are part of the Tanakh and Christian Bible (most shared) and other related contemporaneous writing that can help the analysis, if possible with references to translation/adaptation if the original is unknown.

The Tanakh and The Christian Bible

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To do:
Explain the distinctions in the contemporaneous versions of the text, organization and rational for the changes made to the originals, problems in translation etc...


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  1. The Essence of Christianity
    1. Christian Theology
    2. God the Father
    3. Jesus
    4. The Holy Spirit
    5. Becoming a Christian
    6. Living as a Christian
  2. Christian texts and writings and the arts
    1. The Bible
    2. Creeds and catechisms
    3. Famous Ancient Christian Texts
    4. Famous works of Fiction
    5. Famous Works of Non-Fiction
    6. Christian Art
    7. Christian Music
    8. Christian Movies and Television
  3. Church history
    1. Early Christianity
    2. Major events and important movements in church history
    3. Bible Characters
    4. Authors
    5. Famous Christians
    6. Evangelists
  4. Denominations
    1. An introduction to denominations
    2. Roman Catholicism
    3. Eastern Orthodoxy
    4. Protestant churches (1530)
  5. Later Christian Movements
    1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism) (1830)
    2. Adventism (1863)
    3. Bible Students (1868)
    4. Christian Science (1879)
    5. Jehovah's Witnesses (1931)
  6. Christian doctrine and debates
    1. The nature of Christ
    2. Justification, salvation and grace
    3. Other teachings and debates
  7. Comparison with other religions
    1. Christianity and the world's religions
    2. Islam
    3. Hinduism
    4. Buddhism
    5. What is God

Christian Bible Revisions

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To do:
List the different revisions of the Christian Bible, dates and rationales

Biblical Commentaries

[edit | edit source]
Wikiversity has learning materials on the New Testament [1]