Beginner's Guide to Adobe Flash/Text/Input

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Using Input Text in Flash Professional 8[edit]

Input text fields are very similar to dynamic text fields. Instead of using outside sources, the input text field gets its content from the user at runtime. This could take form of bulletin posts, usernames, user comments, forms, and other means where user input is necessary. Just as dynamic text, input text area is called a “field” instead of a “text box.” The area of the field is defined by the author of the movie. Creating an input text field works exactly as a dynamic text field in that the expanding or fixed width indicator is in the lower right corner. Input text fields can be set to scroll. When the text field is full and set to scroll, the width handle indicator changes from white to black.

There are a few options which are unique to input and dynamic text. The HTML option in the properties inspector will allow the text field to interpret HTML tags. The text border option creates an outline around the field and is an easy way to create a dynamic or input “text box.” Also, both dynamic and input text fields can be assigned instance names in order to have ActionScript applied.


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