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Using Dynamic Text in Flash Professional 8[edit]

Dynamic text fields are updated or changed at runtime via an outside source such as a text file. Instead of ‘text boxes’, the dynamic text area is called a ‘field.’ The area of the field is defined by the author of the movie. Using ActionScript, text is called from an outside source and is inserted into the field during run time. These outside sources can include databases, server-side applications, other flash movies, or text files. Creating a dynamic text field works the same way as a static text box except that the expanding or fixed width indicator is in the lower right corner instead of the upper right. Dynamic text fields can be set to scroll. When the text field is full and set to scroll, the width handle indicator changes from white to black.

There are certain limitations on the appearance of dynamic text. Text in a dynamic text box cannot be skewed, kerned, tracked, rotated, or use vertical type at author time. However, because dynamic text fields are allowed to have instance names, ActionScript can be applied to help control its appearance.


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