Beginner's Guide to Adobe Flash/Text/Embedding Fonts

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One advantage to using Flash to deliver online content is the ability to embed fonts. On a standard HTML page, the fonts that are displayed are limited to those found on viewer’s computer. Flash, however, allows the developer to determine exactly which fonts will be displayed regardless if the user doesn’t have the font installed on his or her computer. Static text automatically embeds the necessary font outlines so the .swf displays the font properly. For more control over embedding dynamic and input text, the designer may choose to use the embedding dialogue box. This allows the designer to specifically control which characters, symbols, & glyphs to embed into the .swf. To use the embedding dialogue box, create a dynamic or input text field. Then click on the embed button in the properties inspector. In the embedding dialogue box, select the specific character sets to embed or use the auto-fill button to automatically load all the characters in the current text field. Selectively choosing character sets can reduce file size and optimize the performance of the movie.


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