Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 3: Turnabout Serenade/Day 2 - Investigation

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Two mysteries are afoot. LeTouse being an undercover agent, and Daryan being a suspect. You wonder what Phoenix is doing lately. Trucy doesn't know what, but he says he is on a "top secret" mission, so it looks like you need no help from him. Most importantly, you're back at Wright Anything Agency to continue your investigation from there.

Wright Anything Agency

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Without further ado, let's begin today's investigation. Talk to Trucy:

  • Daryan did it: Trucy knew she saw Daryan on stage, so he must have an alibi. Was Lamiroir lying or was she just mistaken?
  • Agent LeTouse: If LeTouse was an international officer, could he be investigating Lamiroir?

Just then, someone comes in. It's that yellow suited guy you briefly saw at the night of the crime! Trucy finally recognizes him as Uncle Valant, The Grand Magician! Trucy says he is a great friend of her "daddy." No, not Phoenix, her "real" daddy. Talk to Valant:

  • Troupe Gramarye: It looks like Valant was part of a highly popular group of magicians. His partner is known as Zak Gramarye. Both Valant and Trucy became briefly silent as Trucy says "daddy." What?
  • Trucy's father: Trucy will say that Zak is her "real" father. Does this mean Phoenix adopted her? Trucy will say that he is gone now. What happened?

Valant then remembers the reason he got here, two reasons in fact. First, to see Trucy, and second, to show her a video of Lamiroir's act at the concert. So, what was he doing at the concert? The Video Tape will be added to the Court Record.

Present the Video Tape. Valant reveals that he is responsible for the "disappearing act". He can't tell you about what happened. (Number one rule to a magician: never reveal a secret to your art.) So it looks like you're stuck (since the secret may help with your investigation).

Valant will leave (through the door, normally) and will stay at the Coliseum.

Time to talk to Machi (or at least try to). Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center

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You see Machi here. Talk about all of the available topics to Machi. It looks like he doesn't speak English, but you feel a "thump" in your bracelet. Is Machi hiding something?

Move to Sunshine Coliseum.

Sunshine Coliseum

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Ah, the perfect weather for the perfect building. Move to the Backstage Hallway.

Backstage Hallway

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You will see Lamiroir, who recognizes you by your footsteps. (Good hearing.) Talk to Lamiroir:

  • The voice: Lamiroir says she was making her way through backstage until she heard two men. She knows that it was Daryan with LeTouse. She heard two horrible noises, but wasn't sure if she heard two gunshots.
  • Machi: Machi had met Lamiroir and played "opposites". He can write on her palm with his finger to guide Lamiroir and tell her what she should know.
  • Mr. LeTouse: Lamiroir had no idea that LeTouse was an agent. Could somebody be after her?
  • "Darkness": Lamiroir can't remember her past before becoming who she is. Could something in her past be related to this crime, and why LeTouse could be investigating her? Trucy says it's unlikely.

Present the Video Tape. You ask Lamiroir how her teleportation trick is done. Unfortunately, she could not tell you.

File:AJAA Headset.png

Lamiroir then remembers stumbling on some sort of device. She probably means the headset. Lamiroir says the headset is used to communicate with performers and staff members. This looks important. The Headset will be added to the Court Record.

Present the Headset. Lamiroir says the headset has limited range. The headset will only pick up signals in a 30-foot range. If they used a stronger signal, the headsets and other audio equipment wouldn't work properly. The Headset is updated in the Court Record.

Move to The stage.

In The Wings

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You will see Valant there, who is playing piano. Talk to Valant:

Lamiroir's illusion: It was Valant that planned the trick, because the "purple prosecutor" requested so. (He probably means Klavier). For Lamiroir to disappear "like a dream". Valant was here to make sure his trick would go through as planned, and needless to say it worked. Valant then notices that something in the piano bothers him.

Troupe Gramarye: The troupe rose to fame twenty years ago by Magnifi Gramarye. However, 7 years ago, he died, and the fabulous troupe "pulled a vanishing act". Valant has since then taking new jobs, and honing their skills until the day they rise again. Not only Valant Gramarye would take the stage once more, but Zak, who disappeared 7 years ago.

File:AJAA Switch.png

Valant and Zak: Valant wishes to bring back the Troupe Gramarye soon. He and Zak.

Examine the piano Valant mentioned earlier. You see something odd between the strings. It looks like a "Switch", which is added to the Court Record. Just what is it doing in it?

You should have this examined. Move to Lamiroir's Dressing Room.

Lamiroir's Dressing Room

[edit | edit source]
File:AJAA Igniter.png
File:AJAA Igniter2.png
File:AJAA Forum Diagram.png

Ema is in here and is of course not happy about LeTouse and Klavier. She hasn't found anything, but noticed something strange. Talk to Ema:

The trial today: Machi can see, so he can see the revolver and the vent. But that's not what Lamroir said, she said she heard Daryan when the crime was executed.

The case: Everything about the case is exactly what was written in "The Guitar Serenade". Maybe the same person who wrote this was the killer?

Something strange: Ema found something strange under the sofa. It turns out to be what looks like an antenna. It looks like it may not work unless some sort of switch is activated. A switch.. hmm?

Present the Switch. You recall the "strange" device Ema found. You try the switch and... OWCH! It looks like the switch ignites the antenna! The Switch is updated in the Court Record.

Talk about The switch. Ema will say it seems to be a small transmitter, that only reaches thirty feet. The Switch is updated again as Remote Trigger. Ema draws a circle in the cross-section of the stage. It looks like it reaches backstage and most of the stage itself! The Forum Diagram will be added to the Court Record.

Ema will continue her investigation. The Igniter will be added to the Court Record. It looks like you'll need to be looking closer to the igniter and the switch.

Move outside the Sunshine Coliseum, accessible from the Backstage hallway.

Sunshine Coliseum (2)

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You will see Daryan outside, and needless to say he isn't happy about being a suspect Lamiroir calls him. He couldn't even work anymore. But, doesn't he have an alibi? Talk to Daryan:

  • Your alibi: The crime happened during the third act, right? And Daryan was at the stage, being watched by thousands of "witnesses". So how can Lamiroir possibly identify him?
  • Prosecutor Gavin: Klavier can't let Daryan work anymore, not until suspicion is cleared of him. Why would he do that to one of his members of the Gavinners?

Speaking of Klavier, where is he now? Daryan says he in is his office. It looks like some information of LeTouse has been taken in recently.

Move to Gavin's Office.

Gavin's Office

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File:AJAA Borginian Newspaper.png
File:AJAA Borginian Newspaper2.png
File:AJAA Prosecutor Gavin's Guitar.png
File:AJAA Igniter3.png
File:AJAA Replica.png

You arrive in the office to see Klavier in a phone call. Trucy decides to eavesdrop (to your reluctance). He is questioning about some object, a "replica" of some sort, and why LeTouse is after it. What object? Klavier wants a report and hangs up, shortly before noticing you. Talk to Klavier:

  • The case: Since Klavier got back from today's case, he had been getting phone calls about the song. It is also large news on a Borginian Newspaper. It was such a big deal there, but they didn't mention the lyrics. The Borginian Newspaper will be added to the Court Record.
  • The Guitar's Serenade: Klavier and Lamiroir began writing a song after he met her while his visit to Borginia. They wrote a song backstage at Sunshine Coliseum. Klavier wanted to play Lamiroir's guitar, and she let him. Now it's all ruined from that fire.

Examine the burnt guitar. Klavier had a specialist analyze the guitar and what they found was intriguing.

  • Lamiroir's guitar: Lamiroir sent the guitar to Klavier as a present. They managed to carry it on the plane without ruining it, because of special packaging. It arrived as good as new. Too bad it is burnt. Prosecutor Gavin's Guitar will be added to the Court Record. As for this "intriguing" thing they found, it was found in the guitar's sound hole (the hole under the strings). It looks like some sort of device. Doesn't this look familiar?

Present the Igniter. It looks like the same one found in Klavier's guitar! The Igniter will be updated in the Court Record.

Examine the jar on the stand. It looks like there is gum inside it. Klavier says it isn't. You then recall the phone call Klavier made earlier. Was it this lump the call was about? And what did LeTouse have to do with it? Klavier says that LeTouse was after it.

  • The strange lump: Klavier doesn't know what the object is a replica of, but he does know that it is just plastic. It seems Interpol isn't saying anything to Borginia about it. Why did LeTouse became Lamiroir's manager and died trying to get the lump? The Replica is added to the Court Record.

After accomplishing everything, Klavier is done talking with you. You're done here. Move to the Sunshine Coliseum.

Sunshine Coliseum (3)

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Ema is here, she says Lamiroir is missing. It looks like you have to find her. Move to the Backstage Hallway then The Stage.

In The Wings (2)

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The stage is pitch-dark, so you open the lights. Something has changed here. What is it?

Examine what looks like a bass case. It was opened the last time you saw it. It looks like something is sticking out. It doesn't look like an instrument.

So you and Trucy decide to open it. Inside you find... Lamiroir?!? It looks like she is out of breath! You call for Ema's help!

Lamiroir is taken to a nearby hospital.

Hickfield Clinic

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Ema will say that Lamiroir is fine just a little longer and she wouldn't have made it! Whew! Ema says somebody attacked Lamiroir, striking her in the forehead. Lamiroir comes to thank you. Talk to her:

  • Attacked!: After Lamiroir talked to you two, she was struck in the forehead. She ran to the stage, with the assailant following her. Once she arrived, the stage went lights out. She took this as an advantage and hid inside the case.
  • The assailant: Lamiroir doesn't know who hit her, but she can conclude that the man was taller than her. Trucy is shorter than Lamiroir, who is as tall as you. She gave the same answer to the detective (Ema).

Present the Replica. You ask Lamiroir about the replica and LeTouse's curiosity. Lamiroir may have an idea why, it is the replica of the Borginian Cocoon. The Replica is updated in the Court Record.

  • The Borginian Cocoon: All Borginians knew of it. Lamiroir doesn't know about the details, but if someone is caught carrying it outside the country, they will receive a death sentence! Why? Lamiroir will say the reason LeTouse was after the replica may be because he was confirming "smuggling".
  • Smuggling: Lamiroir will say that she is "marked". She was traveling the world while carrying the cocoons. This is probably why LeTouse was investigating, to check on Lamiroir under suspicion! How could a small ball of thread can cause a huge commotion?

You should probably talk to Machi about this. Lamiroir will come with you. You automatically move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)

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You ask Machi about what other secret he is hiding, other than the fact he can see. When asked what, Present the Replica. Machi could be the one sneaking the cocoons out of Borginia. Machi says to you not to jump into conclusions and asks for what you know. Talk to Machi with Lamiroir the interpreter.

  • The Cocoon: Machi will tell you that the cocoon is a cure for a disease called "Incuritis". The Replica is updated in the Court Record. If the cocoon is the cure, why are the Borginians keeping it? Machi says he is not sure, but he doesn't say anything about smuggling the cocoons here. Could Machi be selling it from the country? Machi says he can't go home, probably due to the death penalty.

Machi is now willing to say something about the case. But before he could do so, Daryan arrives, calling off the meeting. Apparently, there is a call to Machi from the Borginian Embassy.

Why did Daryan take Machi if Machi was about to say something? Could it be that Daryan doesn't want Machi to say anything? It looks like you'll have to find out the truth tomorrow, in court of course!