Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 3: Turnabout Serenade

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The whole thing kicks off with what looks like a rock concert. It looks like we are seeing one of Klavier's gigs. He calls for an intermission.

Case Information[edit | edit source]

File:AJAA Case03crime.png
  • Time of Crime: July 7th
  • Location: Sunshine Coliseum, Lamiroir's Dressing Room
  • Defendant: Machi Tobaye
  • Victim: Romein LeTouse
  • Cause of Death: Gunshot wound to the left shoulder.
  • Murder Weapon: .45 caliber handgun.
  • Defense Attorney: Apollo Justice
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Klavier Gavin

Characters[edit | edit source]

Defense Attorney[edit | edit source]

Apollo Justice

Apollo was reluctant to go to a concert (let alone Klavier's). He actually saw the victim die right in front of him. Can he manage to defend a person who can't even speak his own language?

Defendant[edit | edit source]

File:PW machi.png

Machi Tobaye

A blind and timid piano player, who actually plays it very well. He doesn't speak English, so how can you defend him?

Victim[edit | edit source]

File:PW romein.png

Romein LeTouse

A man who is honest and rarely shows pain. Romein was the bodyguard of Lamiroir. You actually hear his last words before dying.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit | edit source]

Klavier Gavin

His rock & roll side of his life is depicted in this episode, and of course, things didn't go well like they should have.

Witness[edit | edit source]


Known as "Siren of the Ballad". Lamiroir is modest when it comes to her moving talent. She was a guest singer at the Gavinners concert when the murder occurred.

Other Characters[edit | edit source]

Trucy Wright

Your assistant and a magician. Trucy loves to play tricks and can sometimes outright pester Apollo.

Detective Ema Skye

A detective who uses scientific tools to investigate. She actually wanted to be a scientific investigator, but was pushed into the precinct instead. Ema can't really stand Klavier, and is, of course, reluctant to come to the concert from the beginning.

File:PW daryan.png

Daryan Crescend

A guitarist of the Gavinners. He can be either be serious or be a jerk depending on which situation he is in.

Valant Gramarye

A brilliant magician, who happens to be Trucy's uncle! What is he doing here?

Phoenix Wright

A man who can't play piano, but can play poker. He seems to be on a personal top secret mission.

Locations[edit | edit source]

File:PW talentagency.png

Wright Anything Agency

This is where you work at.

File:PW detentioncenter.png

Detention Center

This is where your clients (in this case Machi) are being held.

File:PW coliseum.png

Sunshine Coliseum

A fabulous coliseum, where Klavier's concert is held at.

File:PW hallway.png

Backstage Hallway

This is the backstage hallway, as the name suggests.

File:PW dressingroom.png

Lamiroir's Dressing Room

The crime scene, here you see everything that occurred.

File:PW klavierroom.png

Klavier's Dresing Room

The title pretty much describes the room.

File:PW stage.png

Coliseum Stage

The Gavinners performed here.

File:PW klavieroffice.png

Klavier's Office

Klavier's prosecutor's office. This is where he works. Just look all of the fan stuff here.

File:PW clinic.png

Hickfield Clinic

This is where patients are held. Very familiar to Ace Attorney fans.