Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 1: Turnabout Trump/Day 1 - Trial Latter

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Olga is returned to the stand. She then drops her Russian accent and takes off her coat, revealing herself to be Olga "Quick-Fingers" Orly, a professional card dealer. She actually worked with Smith to set a trap for Phoenix. She would sneak the card into Phoenix's pocket, so when the hands were drawn, Smith would check Phoenix for the card and would expose the undefeated "legend"'s secret and would destroy his winning streak. However, they couldn't find it, so Phoenix must have sneaked out of the trap.

What happened to the trap card? Olga will testify about the "trap".

Olga's Testimony: The Best Laid Traps

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Olga's Testimony
- The Best Laid Traps -

  1. That night, I planted the card like I was supposed to.
  2. And Wright lost the last hand, just like he was supposed to. Then Smith searched him!
  3. But the planted card was gone! The trap failed.
  4. The next moment, Wright picked up a bottle and swung it!
  5. It wasn't me who hit Smith! It was that no-good, cheating defendant!

The Best Laid Traps: Cross-Examination

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Press on the 4th statement. Why would Phoenix swing the bottle for no apparent reason? You then felt something odd, like you sensed something. When given the choice, Press harder. You will feel the strange vibe again. Phoenix did tell you that Olga would touch the back of her neck on certain parts of her testimony. Suddenly, your vibes will look closer and focus on that twitch. What's happening? When given the chance, press the Perceive gauge.

You will inform Olga of the twitch. Why is she rubbing the back of her neck when she mentioned the moment of the crime? Perhaps she isn't sure of what she saw. Maybe something in Olga's memory caused the twitch. When asked for proof, Present the Deadly Bottle. She looked like she touched her neck as if she was in pain. Your conclusion? Olga was the one that was hit, not Smith! A new statement will be added.

  • He's the one who did it! I didn't let him out of my sight until the cops got there!

Present Wright's Cell Phone. Wasn't Phoenix the one who called the police upstairs? Olga will freak and will confess to what really happened. It wasn't Phoenix who picked up the Bottle and hit Smith, it was Smith who picked up the bottle and hit Olga! It looks like Smith had a good reason, as Olga failed to set a trap to Phoenix!

Alternatively press on that new statement. Kristoph will ask you about her testimony, tell him that her testimony was flawed. The judge will ask you what contradicts this evidence. Present Wright's Cell Phone.

The Judge asks Kristoph for his comments. Kristoph will say that Olga is, in fact, a "liar" and accuses her to be the murder. Phoenix comes to the stand once more. He reminds Kristoph about the possibility of the "fourth" person in the room. Remember, a blue card was sneaked in after the murder. The reason? The forth person thought the finishing cards were colored blue. Phoenix wants you to show who that "fourth" person was. Present Kristoph Gavin's Profile. Remember what Kristoph said before the chip photo was shown. He said the cards were blue.

Note: You can choose other profiles but it will automatically correct itself since the fourth person question can't be repeated. In other words, you can pick other profiles but Phoenix will reveal Kristoph Gavin as the fourth person anyway.

Payne objects, saying that Kristoph had no connection to the case. Phoenix counters it saying they may have met... during the night of the crime! Kristoph will argue that the events before the crime aren't related, but he isn't Phoenix's defense, it is you. You are given the choice, choose to Hear the testimony. You'll have to hear what Phoenix has to say.

Phoenix's Testimony: Appetite Before Murder

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Phoenix's Testimony
- Appetite Before Murder -

  1. That evening, Kristoph and I had dinner. We sat at the table in this photograph.
  2. Shadi Smith walked in five minutes after Kristoph left.
  3. When the "trap" failed, Smith hit the waitress.
  4. The girl was knocked out cold, and Smith was uncontrollable. I left to call the police.
  5. When I returned, he was dead, blood streaming from a cut on his forehead.
  6. That's when I made another phone call... To Defense Attorney Gavin.

Kristoph looks really dim witted right now, it looks like Phoenix has lured him into a trap. He tells you that Phoenix is lying and wants you to expose it. This might not end well for you.

Appetite Before Murder: Cross-Examination

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Press on Phoenix's 3rd statement. Phoenix says after the card was put in, Phoenix discovered the card... and put it inside the empty bottle! The murder weapon!? A new statement will be added.

  • I discovered the "trap" during the game, and disposed of the card in the bottle.

Examine the Deadly Bottle. Put the cursor on the back of the bottle and press the A button. You will find that there is nothing in it. What? Present the Deadly Bottle on that statement. Phoenix insists that he put the card there.

Now Present Crime Photo 1 on statement 5. How did Phoenix know about the bleeding forehead? Smith's hat was on before the police arrived. Phoenix will admit that he took the hat off and put it back on. His reason, his phone call with Kristoph. Phoenix will show a recording of that call. In Kristoph mentions that someone hit Smith's "bone china pate". Kristoph was referring to Smith's bald forehead. That's when Phoenix went to check Smith, only to find that Kristoph was right, somehow!

So how did Kristoph know of Smith's forehead, let alone a bald one, if he never met him? You know what this means, a testimony from your mentor! The Judge will call a recess.


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File:AJAA Bloody Acea.png
File:AJAA Bloody Ace.png

Back in the lobby, you will meet a girl, who will give you a card. You draw one, and it looks like an Ace of Spades, and it looks like the fifth card Olga tried to cheat Phoenix with. And look, it has blood on it! The girl will tell you that you have to use this card to win the case. The Bloody Ace will be added to the Court Record. The girl asks you to help her father before she leaves. (Father? She doesn't mean...)

Back in the courtroom, Kristoph takes the stand. He will say that he will "play along". He thinks The Judge's questioning about Smith's head is inordinate. Phoenix objects otherwise (as Phoenix objects, music from the first game will start. Don't you just love that song?), and accompanies you on the defense's desk! Phoenix will say that Smith never took his hat off at the night of the crime, except for one moment, when he was struck dead! Kristoph will then admit that he was lying, for Phoenix's sake. This is it, the truth awaits!

Kristoph's Testimony: That Fateful Night

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Kristoph's Testimony
- That Fateful Night -

  1. The rage I sensed in that man that night troubled me... So I returned to the club.
  2. I went down to the basement and peeked in through the little window to the Hydeout.
  3. It must have been right after the murder took place.
  4. The victim was dead, as he appears in the photo.
  5. A bald head, an unconscious girl... and Wright, holding a bottle in his hand.
  6. I sensed that was not the best for me to be at the time and so I left.
  7. That's when the call came from Wright.

That Fateful Night: Cross-Examination

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File:AJAA Crime01a.png
File:AJAA Crime01b.png
File:AJAA Crime01c.png
File:AJAA Crime01d.png

Press on Kristoph's 5th statement. He mentions three people there. What about the fourth? Kristoph will ask you a reason why the "fourth" person would swap the fifth ace with a blue one. He presumes you have the evidence for it. When given the choice, Show evidence. Then, Present the Bloody Ace. The reason the real killer swapped the card is that if they left it behind, they'd be in big trouble! Kristoph will say that the card you just presented was a fraud. Phoenix will then say that the real killer would claim that it was a fraud.

Phoenix will present the photo. It shows that the blood from the wound is dripping down the back Smith's forehead. Where was it dripping? Maybe the card you just presented. Kristoph will object, saying that the card is baseless conjecture. Phoenix objects otherwise, (watch as he does it, it's like he is stealing back the spotlight) and tell you to imagine out the whole crime.

You will see the floor plans. Or rather, the 3D floor plans. The victim's body was found at his seat, facing the table, with blood dripping out his back of the forehead. Phoenix will then say there is a problem with the scene. The problem regards the blood on the card. He wants you to point it out. You will examine the floor plans. Present the V (where the victim was). If the body where positioned as the photo says, the blood would have dripped on the floor, not on the cards on the table. How could this be? Phoenix will reveal that they were sitting on swivel chairs! Chairs that turn around! Phoenix wants you to turn the victim's chair around on the plans. Use the stylus on the Stylus to click on the victim's chair. Once it's red, slide the chair vertically on the chair to turn around. It looks like the chair was facing AWAY from the table when the crime occurred. This means that Smith turned around when the killer sealed his fate. When Phoenix returned, Smith was facing the table as the crime photo show, so the killer turned it back around afterwords!

File:AJAA Note.png

It looks like this explains the card, but Phoenix will say that this also creates a huge contradiction. When asked to show where the contradiction is, Present the K on the plans. Smith was struck from the front, so if he was facing the direction you have proven, it would've been difficult for the killer to do the deed. Payne objects, saying that it makes no sense since Smith would face the other direction during the middle of the game. Phoenix agrees and wants you to show where the killer would be to kill Smith. Present the spot in front of the victim. Payne objects, saying that the spot was just a solid cupboard. It would be impossible to just stand there. Phoenix will explain the logic to the mystery, the cupboard was wasn't there. Phoenix requests that they would search the Hydeout to move the cupboard. The Judge sends out the investigation team. Phoenix gives the team a note to help with the investigation. (Hmmmm.... What was written on the note?)

You look at the floor plans once again. Phoenix tells you to move the cupboard. Do so as you did with the chair. Phoenix will point out another contradiction. He, of course, wants you to show it. On the floor plans, Present the 2, where Kristoph was. If the cupboard was moved, then it would cover up the window Kristoph says he saw through! So, if Kristoph saw the scene, but not from the window, then where DID he see it?

Just then, Bailiff comes back with shocking news. They moved the cupboard... and found a secret passage behind it! Remember what Phoenix said before, the Hydeout was once a place for criminals, thus have some tricks to go in. It looks like Kristoph had a trick up his sleeve. (Explained below)

Solving the Case

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Once again, it seems you have gotten our ex-hero off the hook, but Kristoph isn't willing to give up yet. He accuses Phoenix of presenting illegal evidence. His explanation? The bottle. Phoenix is probably ignoring the bottle and using unrelated evidence to frame someone for murder! He reminds you that Phoenix was holding the bottle upside-down. Kristoph wants you to show why, other than murdering Smith. Present Olga's Photo. Apparently, Phoenix has bottles right next to his chair. Normally, when you pick up bottles on that condition, you would have to pick it up upside-down!

You and Phoenix now explain to the court that Kristoph might have used the bottle and switched it for someone else. Kristoph now asks for proof he switched bottles. Phoenix will now remind you of the note he gave to the investigators. It said to bring all of the bottles from Borscht Bowl Club. You will examine one of those bottles. Turn the bottle to the back and look inside. Is that a card!? Just like you did with the last bottle and Smith's hand, put the cursor on the card and press the A button.

Remember, Phoenix has put the bait card inside the bottle before the murder. This "murder" weapon you have doesn't have the card in it. The reason? Kristoph switched the bottles!

At this point, Kristoph will admit to the crime and will be arrested. He will say that this case was Phoenix's idea of revenge. Revenge of what happened that took his badge away 7 years ago.

Well, it looks like the legendary side of Phoenix Wright hasn't watered down after 7 years. Phoenix will warn you that some changes will appear at the law of the court soon. Hopefully you're prepared.

So without further ado, The Judge hands down his final verdict.

Phoenix Wright is found...

What REALLY Happened

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It was the night of the showdown, when world traveler Shadi Smith went to challenge undefeated poker champion Phoenix Wright.

Smith thought he needed help, so he hired professional gambler Olga Orly. She would slip a 5 of hearts card inside one of Phoenix's pockets, so when he wins, Smith would check Phoenix's pockets and expose him as a "cheater", ruining his reputation as an undefeated poker player. That plan would backfire.

Smith finally showed up after Phoenix had dinner with his friend Kristoph Gavin, a defense attorney. Olga took a picture of the men as they talked Smith and Phoenix began the "showdown". The game ended with two men both having full houses, with Smith getting an extra ace, making him look like the cheated. During the game, Phoenix noticed the trap card and puts it in his bottle next to him.

File:AJAA Case01acrime.png

Phoenix won the game, so Smith started searching him. However, he couldn't find the "trap" card. Smith then took the bottle and knocked Olga out with it, angered and thinking she failed to carry out the plan. Phoenix goes upstairs to call the police.

Shadi retook his seat while Phoenix was upstairs. Just then, a noise came behind him, as if a cabinet has moved. Smith turned around in his swivel chair and for some reason saw Kristoph Gavin standing in front of him. Kristoph held the grape juice bottle he got from upstairs, and hit Smith's head with it, killing him almost instantly. Smith fell back to his seat and blood started dripping down the back of his head and onto the Ace of Spades.

Kristoph noticed the bloodied ace and took it with him. He replaced it with one of the blue cards, not aware that the cards were actually red. Kristoph then replaced the murder weapon with Phoenix's fingerprinted bottle, unaware that a card was inside the former. He then turned the body back around in the swivel chair, and left.

After Kristoph left, Phoenix came back down and found the body. Phoenix noticed that Smith's hand was changed. He worked here for seven years, so he knew about the secret passage way. Therefore, he pretty much knew what happened. He proceeded to tell Kristoph on his cell phone what happened and record the conversation. Here, Kristoph slipped up and mentioned Smith's "bone china pate", leaving Phoenix to know he had done it. Phoenix modified the crime scene and put the hat on Smith (so the crime scene pictures would contradict Kristoph's recorded phone call), and was then arrested when the police arrived.

Phoenix planned ahead for court. He asked his daughter to make a fake card for him to use. Phoenix then asked Kristoph for his student, Apollo Justice, to be his defense, because he knew Kristoph would not defend him properly on purpose. Phoenix would use Apollo to help him take on Kristoph and ultimately take him down.

Turnabout Trump: Epilogue

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You ask Phoenix a few questions: What was Kristoph's motive (reason) into killing Smith? What was that "power" you had just "discovered"? If the locket Phoenix is wearing really was Smith's (He tells you in this scene) why does he have it, and why was the picture his daughter in it? Phoenix won't say anything, as he wants you to find out for yourself.

Since your mentor is arrested, it looks like you're out of a job. Phoenix will invite you to work with him. (You know, at the Wright & Co. Law Offices) But he is not an attorney anymore, right? It may have something to do with that "legendary" trial 7 years ago. What verdict was given, and why did Phoenix leave court for that?

Phoenix will then reveal to you one thing though. One piece of evidence you presented today was forged! "A naughty magician's trick" he says. Present the Bloody Ace. His daughter did give this to you, right? Recall what Kristoph said. The card was fraudulent. Phoenix will say it was true. He forged the card! Apollo drops a hint about what really happened in that "legendary" trial 7 years ago before punching Phoenix.

File:AJAA Office Card.png

Phoenix will give you the address to his "office" and leaves, saying "I had a good time."

Apollo (that's you) narrates that all of the mysteries you discovered today were all connected to that case 7 years ago. You won't have to look into them right now, as the story of Apollo Justice is only getting started.