Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 1: Turnabout Trump

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The whole episode starts in an art room. We see a mystery person draw something, but it never shows who, or what.

We then cut to a game of poker. In the end, the two show full house. One of them wins and a bottle is picked up. It looks like a bottle is hitting someone. We then see cards drop and we see what looks like an unmoving body. A phone call is made. What just happened?

Case Information

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File:AJAA Case01crime.png
  • Time of Crime: April 17th 1:30PM
  • Location: Borscht Bowl Club,
  • Defendant: Phoenix Wright
  • Victim: Shadi Smith
  • Cause of death: Blunt force trauma to the forehead.
  • Murder weapon: Glass bottle
  • Defense Attorney: Apollo Justice
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Winston Payne


[edit | edit source]

Defense Attorney

[edit | edit source]

Apollo Justice

This is Apollo's very first case as a defense attorney. He didn't expect to defend a legend of his job, or a former legend anyways.


[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix is much more laid back than he was 7 years ago. He lost his badge sometime after the events of Trials and Tribulations. Now he works at Borscht Bowl Club as a pianist and undefeated poker player. Just what happened that made him turn in his badge? That's for later. What matters right now is you have to defend this man.


[edit | edit source]
File:PW shadi.png

Shadi Smith

A mysterious world traveler. He played poker with Phoenix at Borscht Bowl Club before he was murdered. Just who is he anyways?

Prosecution Lawyer

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File:AJ payne.png

Winston Payne

The rookie killer is back in action and yearns to see his enemy leave in cuffs. You only face him in this first case of the game. A tradition to the series.


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File:PW orly.png

Olga Orly

A waitress at Borscht Bowl Club. She claims to have witnessed the poker game that may have triggered the murder.

Other Characters

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Kristoph Gavin

Apollo's mentor, who is a defense attorney himself. Kristoph is highly experienced and sometimes sees things that Apollo doesn't. Kristoph is actually a friend of Phoenix, but why did Phoenix chose you to defend him? He will teach you about the basics of Court Mode in this case.

Phoenix's Daughter

A magician you'll briefly meet in this case. Just who is she?