Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Episode 1: Turnabout Trump/Day 1 - Trial Former

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File:AJAA Autopsy Report.png
File:AJAA Crime Photo 1.png

Here is the list of evidence you hold right now:

  • Smith's Autopsy Report
  • Crime Photo 1

There is also one more thing, although it doesn't really count as evidence: your attorney's badge!

  • Attorney's Badge

The defendant's lobby looks more detailed than the last game doesn't it? Anyway, you will meet your mentor, Kristoph Gavin. He tells you that your client is a friend of his and he had dinner with him that night.

You will then meet the client himself. Kristoph is a great attorney and a friend of the client. But, why did he chose you to defend him? The client wants you to see for yourself. (By the way, does he look awfully familiar to you?)

Trial begins and you enter the courtroom.

Well, at least the old Judge is back, and so is your opponent, Winston Payne. The Judge questions the fact that Kristoph is the best defense in town, not to mention your client's friend, yet your client chose a greenhorn like you. Well, it looks like you have no choice. The Judge calls in the defendant.

Veterans of the Ace Attorney series will be in for an ultimate shocker. The man you are defending right now is none other than Phoenix Wright himself! That's right, the former protagonist of the series! But, now he is not a lawyer anymore, now he is just a piano player... though he can't play it! How did that happen!?

File:AJAA Deadly Bottle.png

But let's not look into that right now, what you should worry about is giving him the "Not Guilty" verdict. Payne will describe the basic details. Apparently, Phoenix must have killed a customer at Borscht Bowl Club. Payne will present the murder weapon, an empty bottle of grape juice. The Deadly Bottle is added to the Court Record. You can check it out at any time. Kristoph will tell you about the Court Record. Any time in the game, you can either touch the Court Record gauge on the Stylus or press the R button. You can look at the evidence there. You can learn information by opening up the description.

Payne will describe the victim. His name was Shadi Smith. He is a world traveler. He only came to this country just recently. His connection with Phoenix is unknown though Payne say Phoenix may had a motive: Phoenix was losing a game of poker to Smith, or at least that's what Payne says. Poker? Is that gambling!? Has Phoenix become a criminal!?! Kristoph will object (Ah, the good 'ol "Objection!"), saying poker is just a game, nothing illegal. However, make a note about how Kristoph described the cards, you'll learn why later on.

The Judge wonders how the game actually works. He will have Phoenix testify about the competition. Here you go, your very first testimony! Listen hard and well!

Phoenix's Testimony: The Competition

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Phoenix's Testimony
- The Competition -

  1. I am a pianist by trade... yet I can hardly play at all.
  2. My real job is to take on interested customers over at the poker table.
  3. The room where we play and the competition in there are the club's main attractions.
  4. The rules are simple: we play a game of poker using two decks of cards.
  5. That's all it is... a game. And our customers are happy.

Kristoph will offer a refresher for a cross-examination if you are a newcomer to the series, choose Refresher course, please!, otherwise, choose No thanks. Now begins your very first cross-examination.

The Competition: Cross-Examination

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Press on the 2nd statement, the one where Phoenix mentions his real job. He will say that he played poker for 7 years... And never lost! Quite an amazing feat to say the least.

Press on the 3rd statement. Phoenix says the room he plays in used to be a place for the black market. You know, illegal deals, dark hoodies, peering goons, the works. Now it's all just a play room. Take note about the window, it is a lookout for onlookers.

File:AJAA Red Poker Cards.png
File:AJAA Blue Poker Cards.png
File:AJAA Phoenix Phone.png
File:AJAA Olgas Photo.png

Press on the 4th statement. The club uses red and blue cards to avoid cheating. Those decks are alternated to keep people from sneaking in cards. There are five cards in each hand. The better hand wins.

After pressing those statements, The Judge thinks he is satisfied of what he heard about a game and now asks about the crime. Phoenix reminds The Judge that they are talking about the game, not the crime, and expected you to object to that. Kristoph will ask Phoenix for his connection to the case at hand. A new statement will be added to his testimony.

  • I plead silence regarding the murder. But I will say I never touched the murder weapon.

Time to see if Mr. Wright is right. Open up your Court Records and check the Deadly Bottle's description. It says the bottle has Phoenix's fingerprints all over it. A contradiction! Present the Deadly Bottle to the Court. You will learn from Payne that Phoenix held the bottle upside-down, his reason? To knock someone upside the head!

Uh, oh! It looks like you have just made Phoenix look more like the murderer. Phoenix will again plead silence. Kristoph will then mention that Phoenix was the one who called the police with his cell phone! Why would he do that if he is the real murderer? The reception wasn't good enough, so he had to go upstairs. It looks like he called the authorities rather than running for it! Looks like Phoenix is still a nice guy. Wright's Cell Phone is added to the Court Record.

Payne looks certain that Phoenix was in the room when the murder occurred. Perhaps he has a decisive witness? Payne will call in his witness to the stand.

After cowering a little, the witness will introduce herself as Olga Orly, a waitress at Borscht Bowl Club. She has brought a camera with her, as she brought has a photo of Phoenix and Smith at the night of the crime! Olga's Photo will be added to the Court Record. So there were three people at the murder scene (The Hydeout), Phoenix, Smith, and Olga. If Phoenix didn't do it, then it could have been perhaps Olga! Olga will testify about the events that happened that night.

Olga's Testimony: That Fateful Night

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Olga's Testimony
- That Fateful Night -

  1. That night, customer asked me to deal cards for game.
  2. It was cold... Both players played with hats on, dah.
  3. The victim, he plays whole time with his hand on locket at his neck.
  4. Then, last hand is done! But something terrible has happened, dah!
  5. That man flew at victim, and is strangling him to death!
File:AJAA Chip Photo.png

Olga will say that the winner of the game was Smith. But Phoenix never loses! Payne will present another crime photo, which shows the outcome of the game. Payne will say that Smith had more chips than Phoenix did. It looks like Phoenix DID lose. The Chip Photo will be added to the Court Record.

That Fateful Night: Cross-Examination

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File:AJAA Crime Photo 2.png

Check Smith's Autopsy Report. It says that Smith died from a blow to the head! Smith didn't die of strangulation! Present it to the court on the 5th statement. Looking at the Crime Photo, it doesn't really show the wound. Payne will then show another crime photo, which shows the hat removed. It looks like he was hit in the head. Crime Photo 2 will be added to the Court Record.

File:AJAA Locket.png

Present Crime Photo 2 on Olga's 3rd statement. Olga says that Smith was wearing a locket, but in the photo, there is no locket. Perhaps someone took it? Maybe Phoenix took it, rather than strangling Smith. Phoenix is called up again. The Judge notes that Phoenix is wearing a locket. Phoenix says that the locker contains the picture of his daughter... Phoenix Wright had a daughter!?! Payne confirms that she IS his daughter!

So both men had lockets? This can't be just a coincidence. The Judge has Olga testify about the outcome of the game.

Olga's Testimony: Serious Competition

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Olga's Testimony
- Serious Competition -

  1. The game began with 3,500 point in chips for each man.
  2. House chips come in two size: small and large.
  3. The one who was winning... dah, it was victim!
  4. For last hand, defendant play with all chips on table and lose.
  5. The moment loss was decided, defendant grabs bottle and...

Serious Competition: Cross-Examination

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Press on the 2nd statement. You ask if the chips in the photo are all that were used. Olga jumps upon hearing this. When given the option, Press harder. Olga will say that one type is worth 100 points, the other is worth 1,000. Kristoph will say that what she just said was important. When given the choice, say Add to testimony.

File:AJAA Chip Photoa.png
  • One kind of chip is worth 100 points, other kind is worth 1,000. Two kinds in all.

Present the Chip Photo on this or the 3rd statement. Each men started with 3,500 points. Add them up, and you will get 7,000. Now count the number of chips. If the big ones were worth 1,000 points and the small ones were worth 100 points, then if you add up the chips, then they all could be worth 10,600 points! They don't add up! You are now asked to explain the contradiction. Say that Both were right. It is just that the values were the other way around. If you add the smaller chip worth 1,000 points each and the big ones worth 100 each, this is what you will get, 7,000! Now that adds up!

Now let's add up the chips Smith and Phoenix had. Though Smith had more chips, he had 2,900 points. Phoenix had less chips yet he had 4,100 points! So, it looks like Phoenix had won the game after all!

So does that mean Phoenix didn't have a motive? Not quite, as Olga will come up with a new one, Phoenix had cheated. Sounds like another testimony is afoot.

Olga's Testimony: The Final Hand

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Olga's Testimony
- The Final Hand -

  1. The last hand... both men had "full house".
  2. There is four of each card in deck, from ace to king.
  3. If you look at both men's hands, cheat is more obvious!
  4. The next moment, game becomes argument, dah! The defendant's trick was exposed!
  5. He took bottle in his hand... Poor Mr. Smith!

For those who don't know what a full house is, it is when a hand holds a pair, and a three of a kind at the same time. A pair is two cards of the same number, while a three of a kind is three cards of the same number. The card photo shows that both men DID have full houses! So does that mean someone did cheat? If Phoenix did cheat on the last hand but lost the hand, why?

The Final Hand: Cross-Examination

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File:AJAA Chip Photob.png
File:AJAA Victims Hand.png
File:AJAA Victims Hand2.png

Press on the 3rd statement. How can you see the cheat in the picture? Olga says that Smith had three aces, while Phoenix had two! That makes FIVE aces! This will be added to the testimony.

  • Mr. Smith's hand has three aces, and Mr. Wright's two. ...It is five aces in all.

Present the Chip Photo on that statement. The Judge wants you to show what contradicts the statement. Present the victim's hand (The one near the bottle). If Olga says there were three aces, then why does the photo show two? Phoenix doesn't have two, so there were four aces on the desk! Olga says she was sure she saw five aces. She looks serious. Kristoph requests that you should examine the cards. When asked whose card you would like to examine, View victim's hand. The Victim's Hand will be added to the Court Record.

You will now begin your first evidence checking of the game. Turn to the back side of the hand. Is one of the cards blue, unlike the other four red ones!? Present the blue-backed card. Seeing this, Olga will inadvertently say that she thought she put it in Wright's hand. She did what!? It looks like Smith had Olga help cheat. The reason, Kristoph says she is a dealer. She tried to help Smith cheat, but did so poorly! You finally come to the conclusion that Olga is the real murderer! Olga faints upon hearing this.

Well it looks like you managed to get our ex-hero off the hook... until Phoenix objects (Don't you just miss that "Objection!"?) He doesn't want the trial to end yet. He reveals that the last game was played by red cards, so the blue one was somehow swapped in. Phoenix wants you to answer when the cards were swapped. Say that the card was swapped After the murder, because you'd be in a world of hurt if you swapped a card and pulled it during the game. It sounds quite ridiculous indeed, as Smith could have been murdered by then! You are now asked who swapped the cards. Smith was already dead by then, so this leaves two possibility, Phoenix or Olga. Say that the one who swapped the cards is someone else.

Phoenix couldn't have swapped it, because he wasn't the one cheating, and Orly couldn't have done it as well, because she made a mistake. This only leaves one conclusion, someone else was in the crime scene that night! Phoenix will mention that the "fourth" person had made a mistake. The first is that he didn't count on seeing that there were decks of two different colors. The other is that he might have replaced one of Smith's cards with a King. This probably means Smith did have a fifth ace. This probably means that there really WAS a fourth person.

Note Kristoph's opinion on Phoenix's claims.

The Judge will call a recess. He also calls for Kristoph to go to his chambers.


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Kristoph asks Phoenix to leave the defending to you.

You ask Phoenix about the locket he is wearing. He shows you the picture of his daughter. You then ask him if he really did cheat. Phoenix will ask if you know what he did 7 years ago. What happened?

Phoenix reveals to you his secret for going undefeated at poker: your opponent's body language. You can find people fidgeting to get a hint of what they are thinking. This can also happen in court. This even happened recently, Olga rubbed the back of her neck on part of her testimony. But you didn't notice that. Phoenix also reveals to you that he hasn't told the whole truth yet. He wants you to drag it out to the light of day, he wants your "power" to help you do so.

You head back into court.