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Annotations[edit | edit source]

L'art d'être grand...     (Errata) This should read: L'art d'être grandp.... The final p was present when an earlier draft of this episode was published in The Little Review.[1] L'art d'être grand is the French for The art of being great, but this erratum is included in the errata list that Joyce himself compiled for the fourth impression of the first edition of Ulysses (January 1924).

L'art d'être grandp...     (French) The art of being a grandf...[2] L'Art d'être grand-père (The Art of Being A Grandfather) is a collection of poems for children by Victor Hugo; they were written for Hugo's own grandchildren and published in 1877.[3]

buonaroba     (Italian) good stuff.[4] In Elizabethan England bona roba was a slang term for a showy wanton, a wench, a flashy girl.[5] The term occurs twice in Shakespeare's works, II Henry IV 3.2.26 and 3.2.217, though neither occurrence has any particular relevance for the point Stephen is making.

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