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Introduction - Ancient Greece

The history of Greece is undoubtedly that of one of the most influential civilizations in the history of mankind. This tiny region at the southern tip of the Balkan peninsula produced or improved upon democracy, the alphabet, philosophy, theater, and the sciences. Even the word history itself comes from the Ancient Greek word ιστορία.

Map of Greece

Chapter 1 - The Minoans 3000-1100 BCE

from Prehistory to the Minoan collapse

A Minoan vase

Chapter 2 - The Mycenaeans 1600-1100 BCE

from the decline of Crete to the Dorian invasions

Funeral mask of Agamemnon

Chapter 3 - The Greek Dark Ages 1100-750 BCE

from the decline of Greece to the rebirth of writing

Dorian hoplite

Chapter 4 - Classical Greece 750-336 BCE

from the rise of the polis to the conquests of Macedon

The Parthenon

Chapter 5 - The Hellenistic Period 336-146 BCE

from the empire of Alexander the Great to the Roman conquest

Alexander the Great

Chapter 6 - Greek Culture

The cradle of the Western Civilization

Parthenon, Greece

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