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Analogue Electronics

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This Wikibook is about analogue electronics. It will begin by examining the bipolar junction transistor (BJT) and the field effect transistor (FET). The two classes of device are used in the vast majority of electronic devices, and form a stepping stone to more complex circuits. We will begin by examining the diode and operational amplifier, look at the BJT and FET as simple amplifiers and switches, and we will move on to more complex circuits after that.


This book relies heavily on results shown in the Semiconductors Wikibook - we will not spend much time in this book re-deriving characteristic equations of the devices. A detailed knowledge of semiconductor physics is not required, and basic results will be derived here. A knowledge of basic circuit theory is essential, and can be found in Circuit Theory.

The Circuit Idea book provides many alternative methods of viewing the results found in this book in an intuitive, rather than formal, context.



Bipolar Junction Transistors

Field Effect Transistors

Differential Amplifiers