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AI Art Generation Handbook

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This AI Art Generation Handbook purpose in basis is to provide basic guidelines for the users on knowledge how-to generate better images to fulfill the needs.

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General AI Art
<<How does AI generate art ?>>

An overall simple guide of how the AI Art is generated. You will be surprised of how much it goes into the AI Art generations

<<Latent Diffusion>>

Latent diffusion is a process that lets machines reveal their talent by gradually refining their artistic skills and creating impressive artworks.


Prompt-crafting is the overall basic general workflow of how to generate AI Art . Take note that it didn't matter of which AI Art tools are used


A list of communities that are related to AI Art are shared here. You are welcome to add in your channels (as long as it is AI Art related)

<<List of lists>>

All the giant list of lists are compiled here for ease of findings

Visual Arts and Creative Techniques
<<Art Medium>>

Showcases differences between various art mediums, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, and more.

<<Artist Style>>

Showcases different artistic styles from different eras and countries, including impressionism, surrealism, abstract, realism, and more.

<<Lighting Techniques>>

Showcase differences between various lighting techniques primarily used in photography, and other creative mediums.

<<Camera Shots & Framing Techniques>>

Showcase differences between various framing techniques in art and photography. Can be used for creative photography AI Art generation

<<Camera & Lenses Types>>

Showcase the different photography shot by different types of cameras and also some of the commonly lenses used

<<Fabric Patterns>>

Showcase the different fabric & textile patterns woven into the very fabric of our lives, transforming ordinary materials into expressions of culture, artistry, and personal style.


Inpainting is method where you replace anything undesirable in the images


Outpainting is where you extend the scope of the images

Stable Diffusion by Stability Ai — wordmark
<<How to install Stable Diffusion>>

You can learn on how to install Stable Diffusion web UI into the local PC here

<<Prompting in Stable Diffusion Style>>

In this chapter, we will learn on the basic of prompting in Stable Diffusion style

<<Negative Prompts>>

You can learn what is negative prompts here and how to use them effectively

Stable Diffusion settings

TBA - Extensions in Stable Diffusion let other developer to built on-top of Stable Diffusion Web UI for more artistic control

<<Model List>>

The default Stable Diffusion models are unable to cover some of the niche use case, therefore the fine-tuned models by other users helps to create images


ControlNet is a novel way to control on how the end result is going to look like (Especially for human pose , landscape and such)

<<Training/Fine Tuning>>

At times, you may need to train images or fine-tuning the models with your sample data, this is how you do it

<<List of Issues and possible Solutions>>

All of the potential issues and possible solutions that were encountered are listed here.

<<Limitations of AI Art Generation>>

Showcase some of the known fundamental limitations of AI Art Generation such as this images which shows limitations of concept transfer "


Since the AI Art is moving at the blazing fast speed, some of the materials are out-of-date but still useful for references.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Note 1: This Wikibook is not necessarily limited to DALL-E, and might include other publicly available AI Art Generation tools such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Craiyon, etc.
Note 2: This Wikibooks is created after the original DALL-E prompt handbook has disappeared off the Internet without a trace.
Note 3: All the images used are created exclusively using AI Art generation app unless otherwise stated.