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OCR A-Level Computing H446

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This book aims to inform about the current content of the OCR A-Level Computing H446 Specification. It is not endorsed by OCR and is simply a collection of notes on the topic. This WikiBook may not contain completely accurate information, however it is intended as to be similar to a revision guide and as such the information contained within it may have been simplified to aid understanding.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Unit 1 Computer systems[edit | edit source]

Unit 1.1 The characteristics of contemporary processors, input, output and storage devices

Unit 1.2 Software and software development

Unit 1.3 Exchanging data

Unit 1.4 Data types, data structures and algorithms

Unit 1.5 Legal, moral, cultural and ethical issues

Unit 2 Algorithms and programming[edit | edit source]

Glossary of Terms[edit | edit source]