A+ Certification/Exam Objectives/Life as a Tech/Safety and Protection

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Safety and Protection[edit | edit source]

As previously noted, safety includes your personal safety, equipment safety, environmental safety, and regulatory compliance. We start here so that you can know how you can protect yourself, your equipment, and your customer. Throughout the rest of the book, please keep your safety in mind while working on equipment. You will be better equipped to handle equipment so that you do not damage it or the environment. You will also know how to handle sensitive situations without compromising yourself or the data you are in custody of.

Personal[edit | edit source]

Personal safety covers proper procedures for working on equipment, safety equipment, and lifting equipment. This covers when to ground yourself, and when not to ground yourself. It will cover how to properly lift equipment, and when to know how much weight is too much. You will be made aware of fire safety, and what fire extinguishers to use. We will discuss cable management, which is the practice of routing cables neatly to prevent an accident. We will also talk about potentially hazardous materials, and how to handle them.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The next safety topic will be how to protect equipment from ESD, the environment, and electrical issues. You will learn the proper procedure for handling computer components, working inside of a computer case, and additional cautions to prevent components from failing just by touching them. You will learn how temperature and humidity can affect electronics, and why proper ventilation is important. Additionally, you will learn about the different types of electrical protection equipment designed to keep your electronics safe, and how to protect yourself from unexpected power events.

Environmental[edit | edit source]

Third, we will discuss conserving the environment with your role as a tech. We will discuss hazardous materials again, and your role in safely disposing of them.

Regulations[edit | edit source]

Lastly, we will help you cope with legal issues that will protect you from harm and help conserve customer data. We will briefly discuss regulations that may affect you, and your role in protecting customer data.

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