A+ Certification/Exam Objectives/Life as a Tech

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Life as a Tech[edit | edit source]

Before we dig into the hardware aspect of A+ Certification, there are several things we should discuss that will affect your life as a tech. This covers safety, customer service, and legal concerns. Starting here will help you keep in perspective how you will handle issues as they arise, and keep you safe throughout the learning process.

Safety and Protection[edit | edit source]

Safety includes your personal safety, equipment safety, environmental safety, and regulatory compliance. Personal safety covers proper procedures for working on equipment, safety equipment, and lifting equipment. The next safety topic will be how to protect equipment from ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), the environment, and electrical issues. Third, we will discuss conserving the environment with your role as a tech. Lastly, we will help you cope with legal issues that will protect you from harm and help conserve data when you come across illegal activity.

Customer Service and the Tech World[edit | edit source]

Customer service includes how to manage your interactions with the customer, how to present yourself, and what to do if you come across an unexpected issue. As a tech, there can be many different levels of customer interaction. I can tell you from experience, do not be afraid to talk to someone! When you are helping someone, they may be frustrated because of a problem, but they know that you are there to help. Communicating effectively with the customer is crucial to maintaining a business relationship with the customer and your own tech career.

Prohibited Content and Activities[edit | edit source]

Legal issues refer to keeping yourself out of legal problems related to accessing information and how to protect information when you are called to assist with an investigation. You will be provided with general guidelines on what is considered illegal, and what is not. You will also be provided with tools to document and handle evidence.

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