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70-536 Training kit[edit]

.NET Framework Application Development Foundation Self-Paced Training Kit, Second Edition Tony Northrup Microsoft Press

We reference that book as the "training kit" since it is recommended by Microsoft as a training aid for the 70-536 exam (for example see MCPD).

If you use the training kit you might want to look here for a list of known corrections. Other potential corrections are listed in this wikibook.

C Sharp 2005[edit]

Visual C#: The language - 2005 Edition Donis Marchall Microsoft Press

Also recommended as a training aid for the 70-536 exam (for example see MCPD)

ECMA 335[edit]

If you want to go deeper into the definition of the common language infrastructure you can download the official specification

This is not required for the exam but we will use the specification a couple of times to clarify ambiguities in the MSDN documentation or other reference manuals.

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