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Àlŏ, Jonathan!

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Àlŏ, Jonathan! (Hello, Jonathan!) is the story of a young Englishman who goes to visit his friend in another European country. It is written entirely in the language Guosa. It begins with very simple language. The words the reader knows are repeated and new words are added slowly and in context, so that no dictionary is required to read it.

Bàbí[edit | edit source]

Ìkòndá nkè Ùkí’sén[edit | edit source]

È míji kùndé nà ne gàrí. Ó kòdé jarida. Né míjì hùnrí gàrí.

Mèshè né miji kùndé nà…. è míjì? Bãtì, kò kùndé nà míjì. Ó kùndé sí nà gàrí