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This template forms correct addressing for a plain link construction hyperlinking a Wikibook word or phrase to the TrainzOnline wiki (operated by N3V Games Pty., Ltd) covering the technical topic. It should be used in lieu of Template:TR when a Wikibook Trainz\reference\{{{2}}} page is not present on the Wikibook, and the desire or need is to link to the technical reference page.


This template forms a link between the Trainz Wikibook and a 'TrainzOnline' reference page on the N3V Games Mediawiki based 'TrainzOnline Wiki' web site using: http://online.ts2009.com/mediaWiki/index.php/ as a prefix for the default url or equivalent{{{1}}} parameter.

  • This template is used extensively in the Trainz Wikibook.

Adapted by merging logic in {{TBS}} to install underscores and {{N3V}} url formation, use the later for complicated links containing escape codes (i.e. pages with Quote marks in titles.)

Accessing links with certain punctuation characters will break the link parsing. If a formed url truncates when testing the link, the next character needs a UNICODE escape character.
  • The Prime case in linking N3V's TrainzOnline Wiki is pages containing the double-quote in the title such as ' "Trainz-build" tag ' which can be coded as '%22' for the quotes so using ' %22Trainz-build%22 tag ' will work well. For these cases, it is best to use CTRL-A+CTRL-C to capture the Unicoded pathspec and paste it (CTRL-V) into the {{N3V}} template directly.


Warning icon.svg
Warning:  All links formed using this template should be verified by actually clicking on and navigating the link to validate it before closing the edit!

 • This contra-indicates editing in Internet Explorer which won't like resuming the unchanged edit window!