Physical Chemistry

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Chains and Hoxton were all loading the van with the rare element, Europium, for a large payout, worth around $120,000. Dallas and Wolf were at the Jared Local Dentistry, a well-known company that also had a lot of cash stored in the basement vault. It was estimated, by a hidden Dallas, that the total worth of all of the money was around $350,000 per person. The only way to get in was to get keycard off of the Receptionist’s desk. GenSec happened to be headquartered on the other side of D.C., so this made for a heavy advantage for the two of them. Chains threw the last bag into the van while Hoxton was passenger’s seat. Chains quickly jumped in and drove off, right before one of the hostages was able to sound the alarm. But it didn’t matter anymore, as they were set to go to the dentistry. Dallas just got done putting the body bag in the dumpster. Suits on, guns silenced, alarms off. This the perfect way to go in. Wolf entered, followed by Dallas, as they slipped by like a spider in the straw. Chains and Hoxton were already past Heat Street, while Bain was giving the coordinates to get to the Dentistry. They arrived about a quarter-mile away, so that no one would see them. To Hoxton’s surprise was a Bulldozer moving towards the entrance. The only way anybody could have noticed is if they saw Dallas change into the outfit or if they found the dead body. Chains already had a LMG in the back, so he dove off to grab it. Hoxton tried to signal Dallas, but alas, an ECM jammer got in the way. In 20 seconds, the Dozer would of already been in the Dentistry, and there was no sign of Chains anywhere. All Hoxton had at the time was a Reinfield 880 with Slug ammo, so he wielded the gun and took the shot. Glass broken, Armor intact. Now that the Dozer had noticed, Hoxton needed to run back to the van. By this point, everyone heard the gunshot and got down. Even Dallas and Wolf were baffled by the noise, but they knew something was up. Somehow, someone was able to sound the alarm, also to add that the Titan camera’s live feed was being transferred to the GenSec surveillance. Dallas quickly pulled the drill out of the bag and he put it into place. Wolf held his cover by the Vault door, only able to get a little peak to either his right or left. Chains had finally returned with the Armor and the Brenner-21, but he just now noticed all of the problems going on. Hoxton was jammed up behind a sports car, with limited support. Chains had enough Armor to charge in, but it was too risky to do so. The Bulldozer had a lot of support with all of the armor on him, so taking him out would take a while. Meanwhile, Nobody came in or left the Dentistry, so all’s good for Dallas and Wolf at the moment, that is until 3 S.W.A.T. cars entered and blocked off the road. The parking lot was still only filled with Chains, Hoxton and the Dozer. Chains aimed at the head of the Dozer with Hoxton’s Shotgun and fired. Shell out, bullet lost, Dozer down. Wolf was able to finally get a peek at the GenSec Elite, and they looked vicious. Wolf murmured, “Veni, vidi, vici.” Chains rolled into the building, followed by Hoxton. The drill was finally done, and gate opened. What layed there was the grand stack of $350,000, exactly what they were looking for. But before they could enter, they had to have another keycard that inputed the last 4 digits needed to get their hands on the sweet cash. The keycard happened to be located in a metal basket in the mailroom. Dallas pulled out the saw and quickly grabbed it. They left the room, but not before the Elite were able to enter to hall. Dallas’s Mark 11 showed only a tiny sliver for they the GenSec to see, but it was enough for them to open fire. The way the hall was made is that they could go around into the conference rooms back toward the basement door. Dallas, Hoxton and Wolf all dashed for the conference room, while Chains covered with his Brenner-21. Guns pulled, cover fire, running ensues. Dallas and Hoxton were able to make it to the stairs, but Wolf was hit in the leg. Hoxton ran over to him. It was only a scratch, nothing too serious. He got Wolf to his feet and they ran down the basement steps. Chains was almost out of ammo for his Brenner-21, and his Bronco .44 only held 6 bullets per load, so he dashed back to the conference room, but a Cloaker snuck in front of him and knocked him down to the grown. He was put into custody, but they were willing to trade him for a hostage that Dallas had made earlier. The hostage was too far away for either the gang or the cops. Wolf made cover fire with his Stryker pistol, and Hoxton rolled over to a chair next to a hostage. He untied the hostage, but asked for Chains back. Chains, stripped of all of his weapons and armor, was shoved onto the basement door. The Brenner was still in the conference room, So Chains asked for the Reinfeld, while Hoxton got the Brenner. Wolf was still covering, but his ammo was depleting fast.

Dallas was still downstairs, waiting for the card to finish putting in the code, but to this process, it stopped. He started to work on it as Wolf started running down the steps. It had been 30 seconds, and Hoxton was still covering for Chains. Hoxton pulled out his CMP, that way he could save ammo for Chains’ use. Trade request, Chains attached, Stamina race. Two minutes in after Chains’ disappearance, utter silence filled the halls with eerie feelings. No one knew what was going on now, but the best they could assume was a retreat to bring in better troops. Out of nowhere, a beaten Elite came falling down toward the door. It resulted in Chains’ break for the dentist’s equipment. He used the equipment for cover. Wolf came dashing through the steps to the door, using his powerful Deagle to scare away any incoming cops. This made the run for cover to cover much easier for Chains. Chains and Hoxton swapped weapons quickly, Brenner for Reinfield. Finally, after much time, the code opened the vault door, showing about twice as much as they predicted. Behind the stacks of cash, hid another $250,000 in gold. The purpose of the gold was not known by Dallas, but what was the point. Wolf and Hoxton stayed downstairs to cover, while Dallas and Chains quickly grabbed and bagged the money and gold. Bain’s excitement over the hidden Gold made him very pleased, but it wasn’t over yet. The plan for the GenSec Elite was about to begin, which would most likely start another assault wave. 8 Bags, 8 Shoulders, 1 Plan. They jogged as fast they could to the Van, only to catch a glimpse of the S.W.A.T. vans. They loaded the van with the bags and whisked away un-noticed. Dozers, Cloakers, Elite and Tasers all entered the building, much to pure confusion. Perfection is just an understatement. And the rest is history, leaving us with the future of Payday. Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains still rob banks, perform heists and be the best at what they do. Old Hoxton is still in jail, Bain is still in on the action and the others go about their doings. This is just one of numerous heists that still leaves us with the question,” Doesn’t everyone deserve a Payday?” Well, its true, everyone needs a PAYDAY.


Rotational & Vibrational

Recommended Texts for further reading

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McQuarrie, A.D. "Quantum Chemistry" University Science Books; 2nd edition (2008)