Energy Efficiency Reference/Industrial/General Assessment Concepts

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   * Preparation
   * Utility Cost Analysis
         o Energy usage trends:
               + heating and cooling loads - seasonally dependent
               + process loads - production dependent
               + fixed loads - base load
               + unusual changes
         o Rate structure interpretation - kW draw and kWh consumption
         o Incremental costs - projected energy costs
   * Energy Balance
         o End use breakdown
         o Do system models fit with annual records?
   * Mass Balance
   * Collecting Data
         o Anecdotal
         o Observation
         o Measurement
         o Estimation
               + Includes consulting plant personnel
   * "Making do with" (leveraging) available data
   * First Estimates (SWAGs)
   * Red Flags
   * Rules of Thumb
   * Seeing the Big Picture
   * A Critical Mind
   * Analysis
         o Understanding the level of analysis you are planning / able to do